Chapter 6 - Celebrity Crush Turned Deadly Love!

Akshitha's PoV

This girl is tiring. She woke me up at 6am saying it is a trial run for tomorrow! 6AM!? She says it’s a practice day. We got ready just like we will go to the office. We stepped out of our PG at 8.30. We boarded the right bus at 8.35. We made sure that this bus's timing is the same everyday. We got down like a soaked paper, at our destined stop at 9.15am. We started walking to our office building from there and reached it at 9.30am! Bingo! We are here before 10!

"I think we should start a little early tomorrow. We should be here by 9am. If we are here by 9am then we can leave by 5pm. It takes almost an hour to reach. So, we can reach our PG by 6pm safely."

I just threw her a look. She is ridiculous. We woke up at 6 to reach here at 9.30. She wants me to wake up at 5.30? No way. Besides, I was living in paradise for so long. This Chennai is like Oven. It literally cooks me inside out. I truly wonder how people here survive. I mean it's really hot, very crowded.

"No way! 6 o'clock is the earliest I can wake up. Not a minute before. Besides, no one will eat you if we go half an hour after 6pm to our PG. "

"Pch, New city. Are you not afraid? Everyone here looks like an accused to me."

"Shhh, Quiet! Someone may hear you. You are inviting trouble for us. See we are already out now. Come let's go to the beach. I have never been to Chennai before. There are many places here that are worth seeing. Including ECR."

"Ni thirundhavey matta! (you will never change!)"

"Pch! Va de! (Pch! come already!)"

Our office is in Sholinganallur. We took the bus to Marina beach. We played there in the water for a while. We walked along the waves until our clothes dried. We took the bus to our PG. Yeah, She said a

big no to ECR. We had our tummy full in a restaurant near our PG.

"Hey wait here. I will pay the bill and come." Kavi said.

I was standing outside when a Porsche car came by. Wow! Yash has a Porsche in his collection. Is this the one? I forget to even blink when that car stopped near me. But all my enthusiasm died when a lady got down. She must be of my mom's age or even bigger. But she is so beautiful.

She went past me to the building next to the restaurant with a huge dog. It's a pet clinic. That huge dog sniffed me when it came near me. I'm a dog lover. I instantly knew that this was a Rajapalayam dog. A very wealthy woman grows our native fierce dog instead of some foreign breeds. I sat down and let him sniff me.

"Hey Bruno, No. Sorry ma!" that lady spoke to me.

"Oh, it's ok aunty. I love dogs. He is magnificent! He is just curious about me."

"Oh, you are not afraid of him? Strange!" she said.

I smiled at her and started petting Bruno. He wags his tail at me like a baby. Awww he sure is terrifying. But with his antics, I know he likes me too.

"Haha I don’t know, aunty. Dogs usually like me. I have a special connection with them." I told her.

"Nice meeting you, dear. I'm running late for his appointment."

"Sure aunty. Carry on!"

But then Bruno sat on the spot and refused to walk.

"Come on, Bruno! Please!" She looks like she is not used to bringing him here.

"um... aunty! If you don’t mind, shall I bring him in?"

"Yes, please dear. He is my son's responsibility. He is out of station today. So, he asked me to take him to his check up."

"It's ok, aunty. I can help. My friend is here, aunty, let me inform her. I will be here in a minute." I ran in to inform Kavi.

When I came out Bruno was still sitting in the same spot. I think he knows why he is here. He is scared of the doctor. I took his leash from aunty and asked her to go to the clinic. After she went in, I sat near him and started petting him.

"Come on, Bruno! I will give you a treat if you listen to me now. Be a good boy. Come on!"

He put his face near me wagging his tail. I kissed him on his head and got up. Strangely, he got up too and complied with me. We went in and the doctor brought the muzzle, Bruno freaked out again.

"Do you use it on him every time he visits you, doctor?" I asked him.

"No, madam. Usually Rishi sir will hold his mouth tight."

"Oh! I will hold him today. Don’t use that on him."

"Dear, don’t take risks. He is in for his shots today. Let him muzzle up." Aunty said.

"My name is Akshitha, aunty. Trust me. Bruno will be fine."

"Oh dear, I'm talking for your safety."

"I can handle him aunty."

I patted Bruno and he nuzzled his nose on my face. I hugged him with his face on my shoulders and started to soothe him by caressing him. When I felt him at ease, I asked the doctor to inject him. Bruno took it with just a jerk and a little whine.

"You are amazing, Akshitha. I really can't believe that Bruno is this calm. He never let anyone touch him except for me, my son and my husband. Our maids are very scared of him. But he obeys you like a little puppy. Thanks for your help dear."

"Thank you, aunty. It just takes a little trust. I love dogs, aunty. Don’t mention it. It's my pleasure to help you today. Nice meeting you, aunty. see you Bruno."

I sat down and kissed him on his head.

"Here, Take my number, Akshitha. I totally like you. Give me your number. You are coming to my home this weekend."

"Oh! um... It's ok, aunty."

"Where do you stay dear?"

"Um... I'm staying in that PG aunty. We are new here. Our office is at Sholinganallur. We are yet to join." I said pointing to our house.

"Oh, then what is your native, Akshu? Can I call you that?"

"Sure, aunty. I'm from Coonoor. My friend is from Coimbatore."

"Wow, My native is Coimbatore too."

"Haha I can see that with your accent, aunty!"

"I will send you a car on Saturday at 10am. You are having your lunch and dinner with us. I will drop you safe at your PG. If you want me to take permission from your parents, I can talk to them."

"It's ok, aunty! Do you mind if my friend joins me?"

"Oh no problem. You both are welcome. Besides, Bruno will be happy too."

"Haha sure, aunty!"

"Ok Akshu, Will see you on Saturday."

"Ok, aunty. Bye! Bye, Bruno!"

They left leaving me in awe! She is an amazing person. She talked like we have known for years. She doesn’t seem to show off her wealth. I like this aunty so much.