Chapter 5 - Celebrity Crush Turned Deadly Love!

Akshitha's PoV

Yay! Finally, in Chennai. My mom and Kavi's mom came along with us to settle us down in a house as Paying Guest(pg) in Chennai. Kavi and I are going to share our room. We are going to work in the same company.

Our moms stayed with us for a day and showed us around the place we are going to live. Our PG provides us with breakfast and dinner. We have to manage lunch in the office. They will provide lunch during weekends. We also have many good restaurants around our PG. We have a grocery market nearby too.

My mom has shipped my two-wheeler (scooty) here for our use. It will reach us by this weekend. Anyways, we have decided to get to know the places around first by travelling by bus. We still have 3 days for our joining date. We are now getting ready for bed. Our first night in Chennai, all alone.

"Hey Akshu, I'm already missing my home. How the hell did you manage to stay in a hostel for 4 years?" Kavi asked me.

"You will get used to it, Kavi. Don’t worry. New place, New office, New work. The time we need to settle in those things will make you forget about home. Anyways, we will talk to our moms everyday through Video call. You won’t miss anyone. Besides, you have me, babe!"

"Yeah, It's because of you, my mom agreed to send me to work. That too just for 2years."

"Hey Kavi, Don't over think! We have 2years of lonely bachelor life. No mom. No pestering. No one to question. We have to enjoy it!"

"Haha, Ni thirundhavey maatta! (haha you won't change!)"

"Pch, now stop your melancholy! Hey, we have 3 days before going to the office. How about we go and see Mahabalipuram and ECR?"

"I know what you are up to. I'm not coming anywhere."

"Please, de. Yash's house is in ECR. Beach house! We will just go and roam around that area. I may get a chance to see him. What do you say?" I asked her excitedly.

"Are you going to sleep now, or do you want me to call your mom?"

"Cha, My mom is far better than you. Bad Night. Devil Dreams!"

I pulled my blanket over my head and switched off the lights. Kavi is a strict officer. Our 4years of friendship is so strong that she just reads my mind through my eyes. I have to do something to make her accept to go to ECR. I don’t exactly know his address. But I have seen his house on the internet. That's not a house. It’s a palace. I totally wish I could see him once. He is totally a charmer.

I have to call Jamin uncle tomorrow. He is totally out of his mind. He is selling a beautiful property because he feels lonely? I mean who in the right mind would do that? I tried talking him out of this stupid idea. But he didn't even nudge a bit! So, I have decided to talk to him on a regular basis to stop him feeling lonely!

He was right in something. I won't be there as I used to be. If he sells his estate, then I should be more careful in taking corn. Stealing is a strong word. We just take 3 or 4 corn every other day. Now, only if I go there. That's not huge!

Yadav's PoV

I have always wanted to buy a property in hill stations. We do have a resort, kind of an extended stay in Kodaikanal. But this pestering media knows about that place. I now need a quiet get away place for

myself where nobody knows who I am. I have made Shiva look for some hill station real estate agents. It will be registered in Shiva's name to be safe! We are now going to Ooty in Shiva's car.

"How many properties are we looking at, Shiva?" I asked him.

"Our agent said there are 7. 3 mansions, 2 tea estates and 2 estates with mansions."

"We will skip the 2 tea estates. We are not here for farming. That would be another task in my regular work."

"Will see da. We can appoint a manager to look after it. We shall visit whenever you feel like. Why are you shutting it out before seeing it?"

"Dei you know the purpose of looking for a property? These reporters are becoming a pain in the ass. It's because of them, I get lectures from you all. It's because of them we are now going in your car like an accused fearing for cops!"

"Hahaha, You give them hot cheesy stories. If you stop giving them chances, they will leave you alone. People are not very much interested in your other good works. Eventually the pain in your ass will subside."

"Nakkal ah? (Enough of your Sarcasm!?)"

"Nope! That's the fact!"

"pch, How long are we yet to reach?"

"3more hours!"

"Ok! I will check my mail. I have some work too. If you want to switch, let me know." I told him and immersed myself in my pile of work.

"No problem. I can drive. But while returning you have to drive."

"Ok ok!"

I was totally engulfed in my work until he called my name.

"Yadav, We reached. Get down. Just relax your muscles. I will call the agent."

I got down. I love this climate. The chills made goosebumps on me. This will be my perfect getaway place.

"Yadav, that guy is on his way. He will be here in 5minutes."

"What the hell!? We told him the time already and he is making us wait?"

"Relax man! Enjoy the climate."

The real estate agent came running to us.

"Sorry sir. I came here early. Just went for a tea. Shall we go sir? The first property is just 10minutes away."

"10 minutes? This place is very crowded and commercial." Shiva said.

"Yes sir, that is why this property is a hot one in the market now."

We went there. I disliked it at once. Actually, I disliked every other property he showed. Ooty has become very populated. Shit!

"Sir, we still have 2 more properties. One in the outskirts of Ooty and one in coonoor."

"Both of them have mansions with it?"

"No sir, the one here is tea estate. The one in Coonoor has a mansion, tea estate and a corn field."

"Then we will go to Coonoor." Shiva said.

We headed to Coonoor with the agent. I don't have high hopes now after seeing everything he showed. I think this trip is a waste of time.

Whoa! This is it! I instantly liked the surroundings and the mansion. This place is very quiet and not very populated and not commercialized like Ooty. The scenery is serene. The tranquility gives me inner peace. Climate is awesome too. We had a tour of the estate and the mansion. We spoke to the owner Mr. Benjamin.

"Hi sir, your estate is awesome. This mansion is a plus. I totally like it. Why are you selling it? I mean this place is so mesmerizing."

"Thank you, Mr. Yadav. Yeah, This place is my home. This holds many memories. I don’t have descendants to look after this estate after me. This place needs love Mr. Yadav. I started feeling lonely here. I'm planning to go somewhere where there are more people."

"Oh, It must be very hard for you to leave this place."

"Oh yeah, But I'm selling it wholeheartedly."

"Thank you! I love this place. We are in. Rest will be handled by Shiva."

"I'm glad! Thank you, Mr. Yadav!"

Ok, All set. I'm happy with this purchase. This place is going to be my paradise.

"Mr.Benjamin, I'm planning to make this place like an extended stay. I will appoint a manager to look after this place. What I mean to say is, there will be people here for your company. You can still stay

here. I can allot a room for you!"

"Wow, Thank you for the offer Mr. Yadav. I will think about it."

"Sure, Mr. Benjamin. See you on the date of registration. Shiva will take it from here."

Job done! This trip is not a waste of time after all!