Chapter 10 - Contraclockwise

"I'm killing my characters right now. Do you know what am I thinking? Can you read what's on my mind? I think, you can't how can you say I'm easy to read?" I just looked at her; she’s staring at me as if she’s waiting for me to talk. She threw my car keys on me and left. It’s been few minutes before I realized that I won’t be able to see her after. I was late, I wasn’t able to see run after her from the KTV, I just send the things she bought from the mall earlier, thinking I might be able to see her and talk to her but her mother said she left again and said that she might not be back right away. At that moment, I knew it... I will never see her.

I was stunned when I saw her on my graduation day. I didn’t expect her to come and do what she have promised that she’ll be on one of the important days of my life. We were on our garden after my graduation party when she gives something. I saw that she’s giving back the necklace I gave her when we celebrate our 5th anniversary. It seems she have read the question in my eyes why she’s giving it back to me. She smiled at me then left. I run after her but again I wasn’t able to catch up. “I wished that you end up this relationship with an anger and not with a smile. I wished you end it by cursing or punching me, not this way... you made a closure showing your sweet smile that I don’t deserve. You are too sweetly cruel, now how can I let go of you?” I whispered into the thin air.

I was so shocked when I saw her in our hospital. Dad was talking to her as if he’s guiding and giving her a tour in the entire hospital. Hospital tour? “Excuse me, do we have an international visitor?” I ask the head near on the lobby.

“No, Doc.”

I’m confused, she’s with my dad personally guiding her. “Who’s with them?”

“Uh... I heard that was the intern that they pull out from the government OJT just to be here.”

The confusion is now written on my face. “Why? What’s with her?”

“The news, the intern is really good. Every hospital wants to have her.”

“Hmm... why is that intern is here?”

“She’s bribed that our resources here is complete.”

“We really are complete. Even I will be bribed, right?”

“Yes doc. However, the intern have a condition and that condition is she can do whatever she wants.”

Whoa! Up until now, she didn’t change. “Like?”

“We’ll allow her to say her diagnosis and analysis on the patient and if she’s right, she’ll do the duty of a doctor but if she’s not, she’ll go back from studying.”

I can’t help but smile, she really didn’t change. “Where did you get that?” I suddenly ask.

She tapped her lips. “Doc, the thing is...”

I chuckled. “It’s okay, Dad won’t hear it from me just make sure that I’m the only one whom you talked to about it.” After four long years, I finally saw her again. She’s still beautiful and she was whiter than before but her body built didn’t change and it seems she got thinner than before.

She’s been two years intern and she gain a lot of enemies already? I only visit the hospital when I need to, I was force to study Neurology because of mom. I can’t see her often even though I want to. I’m about to enter the Neurological Department to get the things I forgot when I heard someone yelled inside her department.

"How can you be so reckless, Dr. Heart?" the head of the department asks. “If only you listen to the intern, you should have double checked it instead of us having major mistakes.”

I was shocked when there’s someone who came to enter the department and went inside the office of the department head without knocking and my eyes widen when I saw who it was, it was Abstract. She said something to the department head, which makes the person calm down. She went out of the office with Dr. Heart.

“It’s okay, Doc. We aren’t perfect. The patient is now okay and there’s no major problem at all.” She said. Dr. Heart went out first, he suddenly look at me. I noticed that he was a bit stunned but he was able to cope up.

"Hi!" I greet with smile.

She smiles. “Hello.” She greeted back. “I have to go now because I left the thing I’m doing earlier.” She said then immediately left. I felt my knees lost the strength from that smile. She always has the sweetest smile I’ve ever seen. It’s been years since I’ve regret what I’ve done however I still can’t forget the pain and bitterness I made her feel.


“Red, please help me... my mom, she can’t breathe.” Shine said while crying over the phone.

I turn to look at Abstract which is currently busy tasting the food we order. I heard the hiccups of Shine over the phone. “Hmm, call the emergency number I gave you right now, that was our hospital, I’m on my way now.” I said with a bit of panic when I heard a moan from the line.

I sat down in front of her. “Babe, you should try this. You’ll like this, promise!” Abstract said to me with full of happiness.

“Uhm... babe can I go now? A friend of mine had an emergency and his mom wa—”

"Sure, go he needs you." She said without blinking her eyes.

"Is it really okay?" I hesitantly ask.

“Yes, it’s okay. Go!” she said with a smile on her face.

I went straight to the hospital and asked my dad for help, the nurse told us that Shine could go home to get some important things for her mom and for her to get rest. I gave her a ride because she looks

exhausted. I was about to go when Shine hold my hand tightly.

"Stay, please?" she begs.

I pity her situation so I stayed. I wait for her to fall asleep so I can go home but I fell asleep and a kiss went to blown off my senses. “Rackie?” I ask and all I heard is moan as an answer.

I sat up right away when I saw Shine beside me, I immediately put my clothes on. “Did you enjoy our night?” she asks with a smirk on her lips.

"No!" I replied and immediately went out of the place. The moment I went home, I immediately take a bath. “This can’t be! Rackie can’t know about this!” I chant as I wash my crotch with soap and water multiple times, thinking I could erase what I’ve done.