Chapter 9 - Contraclockwise

As I wait for my clothes, I'm preparing for the meal I’ll eat for breakfast. The doorbell rang. I look at the wall clock, its only 7 o'clock in the morning.

"Good Morning, Sandy!" Snowflakes' greets.

"Oh, good morning Nowee." I greeted back. "What did you came for?"

"Rude!" she said then step inside the house. "I'm here to help you with your household chores."

"Well, if that's the case... it'll end up you doing all the household chores." I grinned.

"Then, do your laundry; I'll help you with cooking and cleaning."

What else can I do? I can't say no when I really need a helping hand. "Okay."

After all the chores, I checked my Facebook. "Wow!" that's the only word I can say to describe how surprised I am.

My story that I post on Facebook got not only hundred, thousand likes and comments in just one night. I saw Avalanche's post, he shared my story last night and this is the result. In just one night, instant followers and readers came.

"Why so serious?" Snowflakes' asks then sat beside me.

"Look at this, Nowee. I can't believe I had this much in one night. I mean, I just sleep then now, surprisingly its wow!"

"Speechless?" she asks while grinning, she tap me on my shoulder. "Look, you are good in writing, your stories are awesome. So, it’s not surprising if you get those numbers of readers."

"Even if you say so, I still can't believe it." I said then decided to message Avalanche. 'Lance, you made busier than ever.'Avalanche really is an awesome man! Now, I have to work hard for my story and be more creative. He gave me a work that I really love to do and I can only pay him by writing the best story I can ever write. "I’m being press on!" I commented.

Snowflakes laugh. "You'll be busy from now on."*

I held the wheel tight when I parked the car. I felt my body trembling from the nervousness.

*I drove fast after I did the U-turn, doing the zigzag mode each cars I passed by just to get back immediately to the hospital. I heard siren from the police mobile, I passed the check-point, I violate all the road rule just to see what’s the condition of Storm.

The police cornered me on the high way. “Tss… it’s been years since I’ve done this jumping tricks using cars, I hope I won’t make a mistake now.” I prayed. I am so ready to pass by the high way where the checkpoint is, when I saw a narrow hallway, which I think my car can go through. I smiled when I saw how near I am to the hospital when I got through the narrow hallway. When I finally parked my car, I ran immediately to enter the hospital. Because the ladders are narrow, my legs can’t avoid to bump on the edge and sometimes stumble on it. It’s tiring but I can’t stop, I immediately went inside Storm’s room. I saw how he struggle from the pain, he was screaming and squirming from the pain while holding his head.*

I stopped reminiscing from what happened earlier when I heard someone knocked on the window. I turn my head and saw Paint; I went out of the car.

“They said you stayed there for so long, Mom is calling you.” Paint said then left.

After I went inside the house, relatives from the mother side were here. Mom was looking at me as if saying “Let’s talk later!” that is why I avoid her gaze.

“Have you eaten?” everyone asks. I shake my head. I smile timidly when I saw the food that they prepared for me. I was able to control my tears that fell from my eyes because of the overwhelming feeling. “Thank you!” that’s all I could say.

When we finished eating, unending chitchats and the visitors went home… I know, what will happened next.

“Rackie, we saw the news earlier.” Mom starts. “What if you got into an accident? Can you bring back everything?” she heave a sigh. “Thankfully, no casualties from what trouble you did. Thankfully, the hospital was able to pacify the trouble you made! Goodness! You aren’t a licensed doctor yet and you want to be unemployed!”

“Mom, I’m a licensed doctor, but general doctor.” I corrected.

“See? What if you’re licensed as a doctor will be terminated because of what happened?” she asks.

“Then, I’ll go back to be a painter.” That’s the only answer I thought of.

“Goodness, Rackie! Are you going to waste all the efforts and time you have spent for studying medicine just to paint?” she raise her voice.

“Mom, it’s not like tha—, ouch!” I yelled out loud when Hue accidentally touch my injured legs. My eyes got teary from the pain. Hue looked at me with confusing.

“You’re reaction is too much…” Hue commented.

I unconsciously lift up my pants to see my legs. Too late for me to cover it up and hide it when I realized what have I done, I was trying to keep these bruises from them. Dad suddenly went to get an ice immediately and crashed it into pieces then covered it when clean cloth and put it on my legs.

“Why do have those?” Hue asks.

“When I went upstairs to the hospital.” I shortly replied.

They doubt my answer but they didn’t ask for more. “Now, what does your employer say to you?” Mom asks with a worried tone.

“I’m not allowed to come becau—”

“This is what I am afraid of…” Dad suddenly said.

“Because I can’t work properly with this kind of bruises on my legs and they just gave me a whole week to rest because they can’t afford to lose a doctor. My one week sick leave is paid.” I explained.

“Because of that special report earlier, the network stopped the series I’m watching.” Dad commented.

We all laughed. “Your concern was really the series you watch, eh?” Paint suddenly said. “Rackie, I saw your car, so ugly. I want to borrow it…”

“The insurance for that car isn’t expired yet, just go to the car shop and show this to them.” I said then give a piece of paper.

“Oh, why would I do that?” she joked on reply. “What will I say?”

“Just show that, they will already know. I already called them earlier.” I said then give the keys.

She nods then left. Honestly, they don’t know the activities I’ve been doing when I was in my first three years of college life just to earn money because we can’t afford for my studies. They only give me money for me to buy some food so we can make it on our daily needs. My sisters and I were studying college at the same time at that moment, therefore… I worked hard. The car that I use, I didn’t bought it… it was given by the sponsor I worked with when I’m a car racer before that is why the insurance always void.

“Mom, I’ll just rest. Promise, I will never do what I’m done earlier.” After saying it, I went upstairs and locked myself in my room. I lie down and look at the glow in the dark stickers that has a big star shapes that I put on the ceiling. “I missed you.” I whispered.

I remember Storm again. I crawled for me to get my pillow and curl myself like a fetus. “Be strong, Storm.” Then I hugged the pillow tight.


"But Dr. Red..." I protested.

"You can't, yet... When it’s okay, then you can disclose result.” Dr. Red said. “So, what’s your findings?”

"Malignant Intracranial Neoplasm, chemotherapy won’t work anymore; impossible for radiation therapy, only positive process is surgery. Medulloblastoma is spreading throughout the craniospinal intradural axis but of course need to ask his cardiologist first on what's the heart condition of the patient."

"Impressive, Dr. Rackie! So, there's no way to disclose the patient's condition yet, right?"

"No, it can be disclosed by the family. For surgery matters, we need to talk to his cardiologist first." I replied. He smiled. I can’t do anything anymore, he’s the boss.