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Synopsis about Contraclockwise

Read Contraclockwise by HaelEdNoel. Genre: Chinese novels. Read the full novel online for free here“Is this true?” I asked. I can’t believe of what I have read on the posts on the social media account of the two writers that I met, Sketch and Doodle. I read again the post of Sketch. Guys, there will be no update for this coming weekdays, I’ll try on weekends. Sorry, I’m quite busy in school. I thought of something, not because there will be no update on his story but because of his post however I can’t remember where I read it before. Then, I read what Doodle had posted. No update for today because I am not done but I might update tomorrow however it wasn’t that sure. I suddenly remember my story and I read the last scene that I wrote; same words, same scenarios and same comments like how I read their posts. I doubt quite a bit but really it amazed me which I don’t know why. That is why I read some of their last few posts and it was quite surreal which leads to a coincidental from the turn of events on what their real life is and on what I wrote. I won’t pay any attention to what is going on because I know it wouldn’t happen however my attention was caught on one of the comments under the posts of Sketch that truly made my heart pound and I can’t just push it aside. I also looked at the last live video that Doodle with his best friend which made me to get nervous. It seems like my suspicion is true… the things that I’m writing is coming true when there are real people that’s involved on my story however I need to investigate this.*Cataclysm Chapter  02Cyclone decided to message Avalanche and Sandstorm the famous writers to have a brainstorming about her story. She decided to show herself to the writers she really salute even though she doesn't want to. After a week, no reply from Avalanche, which is, she's used to but she saw a response from Sandstorm. "Why meet? If we can just chat?" Sandstorm says. "Oh, yeah! Why meet, Cyclone?" she sarcastically asked herself. She starts to type and sends her message. "I need your ideas and I need your reply immediately so bad!" "I see... Its fine with me but when?" replied Sandstorm. She felt delighted. "As soon as possible, please. Can I ask a favor?"  "What is it?" "Please, convince and bring Avalanche with you. Thank you."* I already saw Sketch and Doodle sitting on the cafeteria that we talked about. I can see Sketch getting impatient already. “Are we going to wait for so long on this Abstract? I still have a lot of things to do.” Sketch said in annoyance. I am sitting on the empty side of where they are sitting at. I noticed that Doodle just look at him. The truth is, I’m already waiting for them for a long time yet because they were late, I decided to walk outside for awhile. Sketch was about to stand when Doodle stop him. “Let’s wait for awhile.” Doodle said which made Sketch sit irritably. I inhale to boost my confidence. I’m near Doodle a few inches away from him. “I’m already here, waiting for you about two hours ago.” I said without even looking at them. Honestly, it was more than two hours already to be exact yet I understand why they were late. I looked at them, it was obvious on their reaction that they are stunned, maybe because they didn’t expect that it’s a girl that they were about to meet. I smiled. “Hi! I’m Abstract. Abstract Wrightwood.” I said as I wave. “What’s this about brainstorming that you are talking about?” Sketch asked right away. “For my story, it has been a week that I haven’t able to finish.” I replied. “It’s a bit difficult to explain but the events that I write were actually coming true.” I hesitantly said. Sketch sigh. “It’s just all coincidence, don’t take it seriously.” he said then stood up and walk away. Doodle look at Sketch and follow where he go until he is out of sight. I smile and chuckle a bit. “He’ll be back, around five minutes he’ll be here again.” I said to Doodle confidently without looking at him.  “How sure are you?” Doodle asked. I reached something on the table and showed it to him. “He forgot this. How will you drive if you forgot the keys on your car?” I asked with a smirk. Sketch gasped and out of breath when he came back and tried to snatched the key that I hold. “If you get this, for sure the car near your car will explode and before you’ll be able to get out of the parking. Now, sit and listen to what I’m going to say.” “And why would I listen to you?” Sketch asked. I smile. “You went out annoyed because you really don’t want to go here but when you were near your car you found out that you don’t have your keys so you said to yourself ‘Come on! How can I forget my keys on the table! This hobby playing the keys on my hands should stop.’ am I right?” I saw how shocked he is just by looking his eyes. “Now, when you sit, that waitress will accidentally bump a customer, and there will be a commotion over there. They will ask for manager and the manager will apologize to the customer.” After stating it, Sketch sat down and everything, what I said came true. I witness how amazed Doodle is while I saw how confused Sketch is. I stood up. “Come on, let’s go out.” after saying that I pulled Sketch to stand. “This is your key also give us a ride. We will go somewhere.” Sketch wasn’t talking while driving, I can see on Doodle eyes how amazed he is while we travel, seeing a fine nature is really amazing while I seldom talk just to point where we have to move. I noticed Sketch glanced at me. “Do you have anything to say, Mr. Driver.” I joked. “Where are we really going?” Sketch asked. I smiled. “I’m actually kidnapping both of you and you two are willing victim.” Sketch stepped on the breaks and it made a big screech of the car. “What?!” they both asked.
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Chapter 01

“Is this real?” I ask myself. I can’t believe what I’ve seen. I saw the name, Abstract Wrightwood on thelong lists of the names who pass the board exam. I went back to the parking lot as if nothing, I saw myfriend Master who’s leaning on his car while smiling. “I told you, you’re going to pass!” he said. “Yes, the name of Abstract Wrightwood was there.” I commented as if I am not happy. “Hmm? Why are you sad

Special Chapter 01 Master Meander Part 1

It’s been years now since I and Abstract were friends but up until now I can’t still say what I feel for her.That I don’t look at her as my friend anymore, that I’m in love with her. The fact that the first time I sawher, I am attracted to her already but I thought it will only stay as attraction I didn’t know I will feel thistowards her. “Where will I drop you?” I ask Abstract while she’s busy eating pizza.

Chapter 02

The party poppers that the patients popped the moment I went inside the hospital startled me. Mypatients were smiling at me. "Congratulations for passing the board exam, Dra. Rackie. You really bring the bacon!" the nurseshappily said. I chuckled when they used the Filipino accent because they don’t speak that way. “Don’t English me, I’m nosebleed.” I replied in broken English. “Thank you. Now, kids go back

Special Chapter 02 Master Meander Part 2

“No, it’s just difficult to open the door from outside.” She replied then put down her bag. “Come in, youmight get rape from my neighbors if they saw you.” She said with seriousness. I immediately obeyed her because she’s not kidding when she said that. I sat on the sofa, she gave mea warm glass of water. I looked at her. “Don’t be confused, drink the warm water slowly.” She said whilepulling out the things

Chapter 03

-- "Dr. Wrightwood, sorry to interrupt your celebration, Storm is experiencing severe headache. There'sno available doctor to check him." That was said from the other line, I am in the middle of the road and I don’t have the chance to make aU-turn, so I don’t have any other choice but to way. I drove faster I should be, I don’t care whetherpolice will follow me from driving fast, all I am thinking is to get

Special Chapter 03 Radiance Wilton Part 1

I really hate being linked by someone whom I don't know. Who is this Abstract that they always put nextto my name? “Dude, I saw your girlfriend at the cafeteria outside the school. I didn’t know that kind of girl is yourtype.” one of my peers said. I crooked my forehead. Before I’m being linked to this girl, now she’s mygirlfriend? I wasn’t able to contain my anger and went out of the campus to look for my ‘

Chapter 04

I stare blankly from the things that happened today. I am now sitting inside the office of Director Artwhile listening to the debates from the doctors who are my senior here. "Dr. Rackie, should know how to place herself!" Dr. Heart yelled. The truth is, the Neurological Department rushed to the office of Director Art and now shouting andyelling. "Dr. Rackie, did the right thing as a doctor." Dr. Red calmly

Special Chapter 04 Radiance Wilton Part 2

I was awake with my ex-girlfriend next to me, Abstract shouldn’t know this. If she knew, she’ll leave me.Wait! How did we end up like this? I just helped her to rush her mother in the hospital. What will I do?No one should know this. "Babe, are you tired of me?" she asked unexpectedly. We were in the mall and buying the materials forher artworks. I stared at her, she’s serious, she doesn’t have the smile on

Chapter 05

As I wait for my clothes, I'm preparing for the meal I’ll eat for breakfast. The doorbell rang. I look at thewall clock, its only 7 o'clock in the morning. "Good Morning, Sandy!" Snowflakes' greets. "Oh, good morning Nowee." I greeted back. "What did you came for?" "Rude!" she said then step inside the house. "I'm here to help you with your household chores." "Well, if that's the case... it'll end up you doi

Special Chapter 05 Radiance Wilton Part 3

"I'm killing my characters right now. Do you know what am I thinking? Can you read what's on mymind? I think, you can't how can you say I'm easy to read?" I just looked at her; she’s staring at me as ifshe’s waiting for me to talk. She threw my car keys on me and left. It’s been few minutes before Irealized that I won’t be able to see her after. I was late, I wasn’t able to see run after her from the KTV, Ij