Chapter 1 - Contraclockwise

“Is this real?” I ask myself. I can’t believe what I’ve seen. I saw the name, Abstract Wrightwood on the long lists of the names who pass the board exam. I went back to the parking lot as if nothing, I saw my friend Master who’s leaning on his car while smiling.

“I told you, you’re going to pass!” he said.

“Yes, the name of Abstract Wrightwood was there.” I commented as if I am not happy.

“Hmm? Why are you sad?”

I smiled. “Who’s sad? It’s not just Abstract Wrightwood who’s name was on the lists, not on the list of top ten of passers for Pediatric Neurology Licensure but top five, five!” I said proudly.

He smiled sweetly at me. “By the way, who’s this Abstract Wrightwood, are you talking about?”

“I don’t know but I’m super happy for this Abstract Wrightwood.” I reply with my lips all smile.

“Let’s stop this crazy conversation Dr. Abstract Wrightwood! Treat me!” he said then he open the car for me.

I glared at him. “Next time Architect Master Meander, you’re the one who’s working for so long already.” I complain.

He chuckled. “Fine, it’s always on me, hop on.”

While on the way, a long silence will be heard between us so I smiled at him, he smiled back and sighed. “Tell me, Rackie! If you think I don’t notice, you always glance at me. You’re hungry, right?”

I look at him. “Your quiet…”

He laughed. “I just don’t know if I’ll say what I have in my mind.” He said then he stop because of the indicator of the traffic lights. He look at me. “This is your fault! I told you, I saw your name on the internet where they posts the results, you don’t believe me. You sure want to be certain!”

He drive again. “I have to!” I shortly replied. Since the ride is long and he knew I won’t talk to him while he drives, he turn on his playlist. The first song played, Passenger Seat by Stephen Speaks and I sang while writing story.

I hissed. “Oh, please Rackie! It’s okay to be quiet the entire journey, just don’t startle me.” Master commented.

I sigh. “Sorry, it’s because the flow of the story I am writing is lame.” I sadly said. He glance at me so I read the story out loud.

*Cataclysm Teaser

Avalanche is currently writing a thrilling story, which made him known and had a lot of readers and fans in an instant while he's chilling and reading the story of Sandstorm, he fell asleep. Avalanche is a fan of Sandstorm which he doesn't deny, he even introduce Sandstorm to his readers just to continue what Sandstorm's begun.*

I saw that he think of something. “Why don’t you do the style you usually do? It seems like your narration style there isn’t you.” He said.

“I have one but it’s already chapter one.” I said hesitantly.

“Read it for me, please…”


I'm walking on the hallway of the school to pay the books I need. Everyone is busy talking to their old friends, some for their newfound friends and what makes me agitated is it seems someone is following me and it seems someone is watching me every corner of the school. It makes me feel uneasy.


After paying off the books I needed, since I don't have any class anymore and I hate staying on the campus on first day of class, I drove home. My energy evaporated by introducing myself earlier, in addition to that, some of my fellow students asks me about my name, why am I quiet? Do I have a girlfriend? And way a lot than I imagine.

I'm finally home, no one's at home today so, I'm alone but this is just occasionally. I sat on the couch and lean, look up the ceiling and close my eyes. I can feel the air coming from the windows; it’s refreshing, natural air makes me calm. I suddenly open my eyes; I didn't expect I'd fell asleep. I felt someone is looking at me so I turned my head 12 o'clock to look at the open window there. A sound of a car begun and drive away instantly. I had an headache from the sudden turn I've done. Maybe it’s just my imagination so I lean back to the couch and close my eyes.

"Lance, remove your eyeglasses if you want to sleep and go to your room." I heard my mom's voice.

"I'm not sleeping mom." I replied.

She sighed. "Look Avalanche, if you don't change and remove your shoes don't go home yet." she sounds pissed.

I smile. "Mom, is anything wrong?"

"Lance, your father--"

I stood up. "What happened to dad?"

"No, not your dad but your father--"

"Stop right there!" I said without thinking but I realized what I've said. "I'm sorry mom, I didn't mean to say that." I apologize. "Look, that man has nothing to do with you and me. My dad is my only father,

period." I said. I gather all of the things I brought home from school then went upstairs to lock myself on my room.

"Sorry guys, no updates for now... I have a lot on my plate right now that I need to finish, maybe this weekend but I'm not sure." this is what I post on my Facebook account.

I'm not in the mood to study nor to write story because I'm thinking what does this so-called my biological father wants? Why now? I don't need him, we don't need him. He left without a word for years, he promise not to contact us and never see us but what now? I felt someone is watching me from afar but I guess, my imagination once again. I remove my shoes and change my clothes. I smell something good so I went downstairs, I felt hungry so my feet knew where to go. I saw my mother cooking, she cried its noticeable. "Mom, don't waste your time talking to that man ever again, he'll just hurt you, us if we'll trust him again."

"You don't understand, Lance."

"What doesn't I understand? It’s obvious, mom!"

She starts to cry. "Your father saved me from shame! He's not your real father. Your biological father is your dad!"

I can't believe what I've heard. I just can't.*

“We’re here.” He said.

“So soon? Anyway, I’ll just re-write this…” I said.

He smiled. “You don’t have to… Meeting Avalanche is nice. I have to go now, I’ll treat you next time, I have a meeting with a client.”

I just nod. I smile to myself. “Nice meeting you, Avalanche! Let’s start your story this week.”

It seems that there’s someone following me recently.

This is what I read on Sketch post on his social media, the handsome famous writer I’ve known.