Chapter 2 - Contraclockwise

It’s been years now since I and Abstract were friends but up until now I can’t still say what I feel for her. That I don’t look at her as my friend anymore, that I’m in love with her. The fact that the first time I saw her, I am attracted to her already but I thought it will only stay as attraction I didn’t know I will feel this towards her.

“Where will I drop you?” I ask Abstract while she’s busy eating pizza.

“Whoa! You are already thinking about going home, Terric! Eat first.” She replied while she have food inside her mouth.

I can’t help but to laugh, I didn’t expect her to talk that clear while she have some food in her mouth.”I’m already asking because I don’t want to drop you off on your apartment wherein you’ll go home in your parent’s house.”

She get the pepper sauce and pour it on her pizza. She bite it and look at me. “Drop me at the apartment, I’ll clean it tomorrow.” She said while her face blushed.

“Why do you eat pizza in an upside down manner?”

She looked at me with confusion then she think. “How do you want to answer your question? With sense of human at first then will get your bored or you’ll get bored first then have the sense of humor?”

“Your answer, what’s the connection of my question?” I asked with crooked forehead.

“Just answer.” She commands while busy eating.

“Of course, the one that is boring at first then with sense of humor.”

“Exactly!” she replied then plays the bread knife. “I’m eating pizza upside down because the crust doesn’t have any favor then at the end of it, I’ll be able to taste the pizza. Gets?”

I don’t get it but I just nod because I know she’ll be able to answer long sentences that will be more complicated that it should be. “By the way, I saw the result of the board exam, and it turns out th—”

I stopped talking when she raised her spoon. She looked at me then she swallows what she was eating. “Really? I’ll ask for a leave in the hospital today so I can go see it myself.”

I crooked my forehead. “Just look at it on the internet.”

"No! I have to see it with my own eyes and not just in the monitor!” she said with conviction.

"Okay." Can I change her mind? Of course, I can’t! When she said it, she’ll do it.

“And you will fetch me tomorrow.” She said with authority.

I sighs. “Can I say no?” she glared at me. Oh, I really don’t have a choice.

“Before you drop me off to the apartment, let’s go to the hospital first.”

“Even if I don’t want to, I don’t have any choice.” I said.

She smiled at me. “You’re the best, Master!”

Okay, I gave up! She always wins, in my mind and not to mention in my heart but how can I say it to her if until now it’s her ex-boyfriend that she always see. What was the name of that bastard who left her broken? It’s starts with letter R.

“Come on, Ters! So I can ask for permission in the hospital.” She said.

“What was the name of your ex-boyfriend again?” I ask with thinking.

She smiled at me. "Radiance, why did you asked suddenly?"

"Nothing... Come on!"


Abstract got an approval from the hospital, oh well… that’s what she said that’s why I’m driving right now.

"Rackie, the thing that happen last nig—”

“Oh, forget about it, Master!” she said without expression on her face while her eyes were looking straight on the road. She turn to look at me. “Master, focus on driving!” she irritably said.

‘I can’t focus, okay! How can I forget about it if it was just last night and now I’m with you!’ Honestly, that is what I want to say yet all I can do was to keep quiet. I saw she get her phone from her pocket, that means she wants to have a quiet moment, and oh how can I forget that she doesn’t talk when I’m driving. I looked for a near parking lot when I parked the car, she immediately get out of the car after I unlock the door.

“Just wait for me here.” She said then walk away to look for the board exam.

*She went downstairs from her apartment then went back to the car. She knocked at the window, I open it. “Why are you still here?” she asks.

“Waiting for you to go inside your apartment and lock your door, why did you come back?”

She smiled. “The doorknob is broken, I can’t come in. The landlord is already asleep, can you fix it?”

I went down the car. “You said, that broken doorknob was fixed last time? Why it is broken again?”

She shrugs then she went up first. I followed her until we reached her apartment. “Do you have hairpin?” she started to look on her bag then gave me a hairpin. The hairpin broke. “Where’s your key?” she gave the key on her hand. “Do you have card?”

She looked at me. “What card?” she asked full of confusion.

“Credit card? Identification card? ATM? Anything, as long as it’s card that you don’t use for swiping.”

She searched in her wallet and looked for what she can give. “Advantage card will be okay, right?”

I get it and try to open the door from its corner. I pulled up my long sleeves because it’s getting hot to the point that I removed my polo because I’m sweating a lot.

“Wait, why removing your shirt also?” she asks when she saw I’m about to remove my t-shirt.

“It’s so hot…” I said then wiped my sweat on my face using my shirt. “Okay, it’s now open.” I said then open the door. She went inside and switch on the light. “You won’t be lock In here, right?”