Chapter 2 - Dauntless God Of War

Surprise flashed across Isabella's eyes.

Harold's change of mind was too sudden and outrageous.

Brittany and her family were dumbfounded.

The crowd was utterly stunned upon seeing that.

The Xenos family thought Harold would call his family and friends to ask for money for the sake of not breaking up with Brittany.

After all, all the guests present were looking forward to witnessing the completion of the wedding ceremony.

The Xenos family threatened Harold fearlessly, knowing that the latter would be ashamed if the bride refused to walk down the aisle.

Unfortunately, things didn't go as they had hoped.

Instead of compromising on their precondition, Harold confessed to the bridesmaid.

He would be a laughingstock if people found out about it.

“Haha! You must've gone crazy, Campbell! My daughter was so silly to fall for you with your shabby, poor look back then...”

Mandy halted her words as she saw Isabella, who was always cold, reach out her hands and accept the banquet.

Isabella's movement left Mandy embarrassed as though the latter had told a joke of the century.

The crowd was stunned by Isabella's reaction and started wondering what she was up to.

Meanwhile, Brittany was infuriated. “Isabella, you b*tch! How can you be so shameless!”

She flung her hands and wanted to slap Isabella in the face.

Isabella was literally embarrassing her and her family.


A loud crisp slap rang in everyone's ears.

However, Brittany was the one who was slapped instead of Isabella.

Harold had pulled Isabella behind him in the nick of time.

Dead silence blanketed the room.

“How could you hit me for that b*tch, Harold?”

Brittany covered her swollen face. Her sharp voice broke the silence in the room.

Never had she expected that the man, who had always pampered her, would slap her to protect Isabella.

Even Isabella standing behind Harold, widened her beautiful eyes in shock.

She found Harold's counteract more astounding than his sudden confession.

Harold has always treasured Brittany, treating her as his precious. I can't believe someone like him actually slapped Brittany for me.

“From the moment Isabella accepted my bouquet, no one in this world will be able to hurt her one bit!” Harold declared in a domineering and cold tone.

His current demeanor was totally different from before.

“D*mn you! How dare you hit my sister! I'll beat you to death,” Gordon Xenos, Brittany's younger brother, shouted upon seeing Harold slap Brittany. He grabbed an ashtray and dashed over.

However, he returned to his original position swiftly.

In the blink of an eye, he was sent flying into the air like a launched cannonball and was slammed onto the couch hard.

Everyone was shocked upon seeing the one-sided scene. They were only aware of Harold having served in the military back then. Nonetheless, Harold's intimidating retaliation was out of their imagination.

The frightened crowd then watched Harold hold Isabella's hand and leave the room.

“Can you let go of my hand?” Isabella wanted to withdraw her hand from Harold's when they had reached downstairs.


Conversely, Harold tightened his grip on her hand.

He exerted so much strength that it hurt Isabella.

It was the reaction of him being flustered, realizing that he had loved the wrong person over the past five years. Nevertheless, it was normal even for the God of War, who was always composed despite having confronted numerous intense fights, to get nervous after knowing the truth.

Harold carefully observed Isabella from the corner of his eye.

She had a tall, slim figure and a pair of gentle, clear eyes, looking exactly the same as when they met each other eighteen years ago.

Her skin was soft and clear despite her not putting any makeup on. Moreover, she had a sharp nose and luscious, red lips.

Her beauty was mesmerizing and outstanding.

It's all the d*mn walnut bracelet's fault! It misled me and caused me to have made such a huge mistake!

Having noticed that Harold was throwing a tantrum and unwilling to let go of her, Isabella stopped struggling and asked, “Do you really want to marry me?”

Despite her cold appearance, she was kind. At first, she stepped in as she couldn't stand to watch the Xenos family bully such an honest man like Harold, hoping to prevent him from ending up embarrassed and miserable.

However, a new idea then struck her mind.

I'll consider this as us helping each other.

“We can go to register our marriage right away if you want to.” Harold's expression softened and became gentle as he revealed his true feelings.

However, Isabella frowned upon seeing that.

How could he show such a passionate gaze to me when he had just broken up with Brittany? As expected, all men are liars!

“My grandpa has arranged an engagement with Daniel from the Larson family for me. Aren't you afraid of the Larson family causing you trouble?”

Isabella told Harold about her situation truthfully, attempting to test his sincerity.

“It's just an engagement. You guys aren't married yet. We can call off the engagement if you wish to,” the latter answered calmly and confidently.

At the same time, a thought flashed across his mind. Philip, that old geezer, should be still shivering in front of Logan now. I'm being reasonable for not bringing him any trouble. The Larson family will never have the guts to cause me any trouble.

“Okay then. I'll draft the agreement. We can go to City Hall to register our marriage right after you have signed it.”

Isabella was quite satisfied with Harold's answer.

“As you wish.”

Half an hour later, in a café, Isabella gave the drafted agreement to Harold.

The latter signed his name without looking into its content.

“How could you sign it without reading through the content?” Isabella was stunned.

“It's all right. I'm happy even if you're trying to sell me off.”

As long as I can stay with Isabella, signing an agreement doesn't mean anything to me. I won't waver the slightest bit even if she orders me to walk through hell.

“I hope you won't regret your decision.”

It was Friday. The two then hurried themselves to City Hall, which was only open during weekdays, and

had their marriage registration done.

Holding the marriage certificate in hand, Isabella dragged Harold to the Larson residence, excited to call off the marriage between her and the son of the Larson family.

The mansion with the sign No. 1 located by the seaside belonged to the Larson family, which was acknowledged to be the wealthiest in Dellmoor. The only son of the family was crowned as the Prince of Dellmoor.

At that moment, Daniel Larson, the carefree Prince of Dellmoor, was lying in his bed, naked. There was a beautiful young model in his arms.

“Mr. Larson, Ms. Turner is here. She's waiting for you in the living room.” A maid's sweet voice rang up outside Daniel's room.

“Bella is here! Tell her that I'll come over right away.”

Daniel was taken by surprise.

First, Dad has just called me over the phone, saying that he'll be traveling to the north region for the time being. I can do whatever I want while he's away. Now, surprisingly, my fiancée took the initiative and came to see me. I received two good news today! Isn't this the best?

Daniel became aroused just by imagining Isabella's icy face that had captivated every man, tempting them to conquer her.

“You did great today, Honey. This is your allowance. Leave through the back door. We'll get in touch by


Daniel threw a card at the young model, changed into an elegant tuxedo, and quickened his pace to the living room.

Isabella was the icy beauty every successful man in Dellmoor wished to conquer.

Daniel and Isabella's very first encounter was at a party. The former, who had always treated pretty women casually as though they were his collection of clothes, fell for the latter at first sight.

Hence, growing impatient, he eagerly asked his dad to visit the Turner family and ask them for Isabella's hand in marriage.

The wedding had been planned to be held early next month according to his wish.

“Bella, you're here... Who is he?”

Upon seeing Isabella holding a man's hand, Daniel's smile stiffened, his tone turning cold.

“Let me introduce him. He's my husband, Harold Campbell,” Isabella said point-blank, as usual.

With that said, she threw the marriage certificate onto the table.

“So, you're here to call off our engagement?”

Glancing at the marriage certificate, Daniel was in a fit of fury.

I, the son of the Larson family, have been cuckolded?

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