Chapter 3 - Dauntless God Of War

“That's right! I'm here today to call off the engagement. Please stop harassing me, or I'll sue you for sexual harassment. Let's go, Hubby.”

Without hesitation, Isabella took the marriage certificate and held Harold's arm as they left.

She disliked playboys like Daniel the most, who would casually change the woman beside them like clothes and were full of themselves simply because they were wealthy.

On the contrary, her ideal partner was a hero like the God of War, who protected the country and defended the people.

She had always fantasized about the mysterious God of War riding a great stallion and proposing to her.

Regardless of how long one wished for it, dreams remained just that.

Not to mention the fact that she had no idea what the God of War looked like.

“Brat, name your price!” Daniel said as he clenched his teeth.

To him, there was nothing in the world that money couldn't buy. So long as he proposed enough money, he would get anything he desired.

Daniel had never failed to settle things with money in his entire life.

Nevertheless, he was dealing with Harold at that moment. Harold was the most powerful and wealthy

man in the world. His principle of money supremacy was doomed to fail.

Isabella, on the other hand, was shaken by Daniel's words.

Harold wouldn't break the deal for the money, would he? Then again, he was just humiliated by the Xenos family for financial reasons. He should be desperate for money right now.

“Keep that filthy thought to yourself, Mr. Larson. Our relationship isn't something that can be bought and sold.”

Harold's tone was determined and powerful as it put Isabella at ease.

“Isabella, no one in Dellmoor has ever humiliated me in such a way. I guarantee you that the Turner family will be turned upside down in three days because of your stubbornness.”

When the two left the mansion, they could still hear Daniel screaming hysterically.

Isabella froze as she began to panic and regretted it.

Am I being too reckless? I was only thinking about myself and didn't consider that the Larson family would seek vengeance. The Turner family is only a second-rate family in Dellmoor, but the Larson family is the most prominent. They're the head of this city. If they genuinely want to seek revenge, it'll be the end for the Turner family.

As much as she regretted it, the moment she threw the marriage certificate in front of Daniel, it was too late to turn back.

At that moment, her excitement at breaking off the engagement was overwhelmed by her worries.

“Don't worry. The Turner family will be fine. Trust me!”

Harold noticed Isabella's gloomy expression and held her arms as he comforted her with a face full of confidence.

“All right. Let's take one step at a time.”

Even though she knew he was just comforting her, she was still moved by his confidence and nodded.

After sending Isabella back to the rented room, he returned the rented bridal pickup car.

At eight o'clock in the evening, the Turner residence was brightly lit and incredibly lively.

Except for Isabella, who had moved out, the Turners gathered after having dinner to discuss Isabella and Daniel's upcoming wedding.

Edward Campbell was born into a family in the countryside. With a strong determination, he left his village and went to work in a garment factory in Dellmoor.

He put all of his savings on the line at the age of forty to open his own garment factory. After twenty years of hard work and unwavering resolve, he finally achieved a stable status in Dellmoor as a second-rate family.

Since the Turner family lacked connection, being a second-rate family was their limit.

Should they aim for a higher position, only a miracle could make it happen.

At that moment, the richest man in Dellmoor, Philip Larson, suddenly made a marriage proposal to them, giving them hope.

Without hesitation, Edward agreed to marry Isabella into the Larson family.

As the wedding day neared, the atmosphere at the Turner residence was even livelier than a New Year celebration.

Isabella's parents were pleased beyond words.

The Turner family had three sons, and Isabella's father, Benson Turner, was the second son. He only had a daughter and no sons.

As a conservative family, not having a son to continue the family's bloodline was considered unfilial.

On top of that, Edward was biased against Isabella as her position in the family was no different than that of a servant.

However, Benson could finally heave a sigh of relief now.

He would become the in-law of Dellmoor's wealthiest family as long as Isabella married into the Larson family.

By then, he could do as he pleased in the Turner family and even in Dellmoor's street.

“Congrats, Benson! Isabella found a wonderful family to marry into!”

“That's right. Isabella is a great daughter, unlike our money-wasting punks! I'm jealous!”

The elder brother, Bradley Turner, and the youngest brother, Brandon Turner, looked at Benson enviously.

They used to look down on Benson and mock him for not having a son in front of Edward.

However, they began to butter up Benson since Isabella marrying into the Larson family would bring them tremendous benefits.

Not only would they lose one capable competitor for the family's legacy, but the Turner family could also rise to a higher position by relying on the Larson family.

For instance, not long after the news that Isabella would be marrying into the Larson family got out, her competitors on one of the big projects stepped back one by one.

None of them dared to compete against the Turner family anymore.

It was great news for Bradley and Brandon that they were even happier than Isabella's parents.

“Benson has indeed made a great daughter. Our family will be counting on Bella to see if we can rise to a higher level,” said Edward as he laughed happily.

At that moment, Benson's phone rang.

“Everyone, quiet down. My ideal son-in-law is calling to greet me again.”

Upon glancing at the phone number, he smiled as he made a hushing gesture.

After everyone had settled down, he answered the call.

However, his smiling face gradually froze as his phone fell to the ground. As if he had lost it, he fell and sat on the floor.

“Benson, what happened?”

“Benson, what did my grandson-in-law tell you?”

Everyone was baffled by his reaction as they pondered what had happened.

“Dad, Mr. Larson told me that today Isabella went to City Hall and registered for a marriage with a wild brat. She then went to the Larson residence and called off the engagement. Mr. Larson is now threatening that the Turner family will go... bankrupt.”

With a devastated expression, Benson repeated what Daniel had said to him.

“What? What the hell is Isabella, that silly girl, doing!”

Upon saying that, Edward couldn't catch his breath and fainted.



“Call the ambulance!”

Chaos fell upon the Turner residence in an instance.

Twenty minutes later, Edward was sent to the hospital.

Meanwhile, Isabella had left her phone at the Xenos residence. She was oblivious to the chaos in the Turner residence, which started because of her.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Someone knocked on Isabella's rented room door at ten o'clock at night.

When she opened the door, Harold was standing by the door, sillily. He was also carrying a suitcase.

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