Dauntless God Of War

Dauntless God Of War

Author:Novel Square Bookworm
Chapter: 472
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Read Dauntless God Of War by NovelSquare. Genre: Chinese novels. Read the full novel online for free hereHe has both beauties and the whole world in his hands. After keeping a low profile for five years, he returns to the battlefield in all his mightiness, and no one dares to disobey him!
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Chapter 1

Wedding events across the country gradually increased during fall. A high-end Mercedes-Benz was parked on Purdina Street, Dellmoor, and it was blocking the way of abridal car. An arrogant-looking elderly man in a suit was standing between the two cars and was talking to HaroldCampbell, who was dressed in a groom attire. “After the family discussion, we had decided to make anexception and let you return to th

Chapter 2

Surprise flashed across Isabella's eyes. Harold's change of mind was too sudden and outrageous. Brittany and her family were dumbfounded. The crowd was utterly stunned upon seeing that. The Xenos family thought Harold would call his family and friends to ask for money for the sake of notbreaking up with Brittany. After all, all the guests present were looking forward to witnessing the completion of the weddi

Chapter 3

“That's right! I'm here today to call off the engagement. Please stop harassing me, or I'll sue you forsexual harassment. Let's go, Hubby.” Without hesitation, Isabella took the marriage certificate and held Harold's arm as they left. She disliked playboys like Daniel the most, who would casually change the woman beside them likeclothes and were full of themselves simply because they were wealthy. On the con

Chapter 4

“What are you...” Isabella arched her brow, feeling puzzled. “I wrote Brittany's name when I bought the house. Since they kicked me out and I have nowhere to gonow that it's late, so...” Harold replied with a look of embarrassment. Although he was driven out of his house by the Xenos family after they had occupied it, he didn't feelangry. On the contrary, he felt a little grateful to them. Because of this, I

Chapter 5

“Who are you trying to bluff? We've investigated you thoroughly. If you have 100 million, would you bekicked out for being unable to afford 300 thousand for a betrothal gift?” Pauline glared at Harold and continued, “Though we did hear about the black cards which could onlybe requested by the richest, as for the rose gold or whatever, I bet you got scammed.” Harold's background was investigated thoroughly by

Chapter 6

In the hospital ward, Edward had already woken up, and there was no major injury to him. However, helay on the hospital bed in worry. Sparing no concern as to whether Edward was capable of handling shocking news, Bradleyapproached Edward's bedside. Putting on a pitiful facade, Bradley uttered, “Dad, Benson's familycaused us, the Turner family, huge trouble this time. The marriage between Isabella and Daniel

Chapter 7

While Harold was waiting for Isabella at home, he received a video sent by Logan. “The Turner family is going too far!” Harold yelled angrily after watching the video. The video sent by Logan contained a scene of Isabella and her family of three standing in front of theTurner residence while they were being humiliated by the butler. Then, it turned into an argument. When Harold got to know that Isabella was

Chapter 8

“Lady, we suspect that you're involved in fraudulent use of a third-party's bank card. Please come withus to our office for further investigation.” Two security guards appeared out of nowhere and held Pauline captive there before hauling herforcefully into the office. “Let go of me! What are you guys doing?” shrilled Pauline. She was so taken aback that she had noidea what to do. The commotion attracted the

Chapter 9

After Isabella's parents were chased out of their home, they could only crash at their daughter's house. “Dad, you and Harold move the luggage while I head in first to tidy your room for you.” Isabella was worried that her parents would get suspicious if Harold slept in the study. So, she offeredto tidy up the room. But in actuality, she would take this opportunity to be the first to reach home andmove all o

Chapter 10

When the trio returned home, Isabella noticed Pauline's face was red and swollen. Startled, she quicklywent forward and pressed for an answer. “Mom, what happened to your face? Who did this to you?” “I'm fine. Don't worry! It's just that I got into an incident with someone when buying groceries. Luckily,your dad and husband arrived in time. All these were just some superficial injuries. The other party'sinju