Chapter 10 - Dauntless God Of War

When the trio returned home, Isabella noticed Pauline's face was red and swollen. Startled, she quickly went forward and pressed for an answer. “Mom, what happened to your face? Who did this to you?”

“I'm fine. Don't worry! It's just that I got into an incident with someone when buying groceries. Luckily, your dad and husband arrived in time. All these were just some superficial injuries. The other party's injuries were much more serious than mine.”

Pauline didn't tell the whole story.

While the security guard had his hand broken, the manager had lost his tongue. Indeed, they were more seriously injured than her.

Pauline didn't want to tell Isabella about what had happened in the bank until she figured out Harold's identity.

After listening to Pauline's words, Isabella turned to look at Benson and Harold.

The two naturally nodded in unison to support Pauline's statement since they had already discussed it beforehand.

Only after hearing confirmation did Isabella heave a sigh of relief.

“Come and help me in the kitchen. We haven't cooked together for years after you had moved out.”

Pauline showed Isabella the chicken in her hand before dragging the latter into the kitchen.

“Let's have a talk on the balcony.”

Benson walked to the balcony as he spoke.

Knowing that Benson wanted to ask about his identity, Harold promptly followed him. He had no intention of hiding it from them, anyway.

“Here, take one.” Benson handed him a cigarette.

Harold smoked only occasionally. Still, he reached out to accept it.

Both the men then puffed on their cigarettes on the balcony.

After finishing the cigarette, Benson stubbed it and looked up at Harold intently. “Who exactly are you? What's your motive in approaching Bella?”

There was a hint of murderous intent in his eyes. If Harold dared to harm his precious Isabella, he would risk his life to protect her.

“Have a look at this.”

Harold didn't answer Benson's question directly. Instead, he took out the walnut bracelets with a missing piece of walnut.

“Isn't this Bella's walnut bracelet? What does this bracelet have anything to do with your identity?”

Benson was puzzled.

Harold didn't answer but asked, “What's with the missing piece of this bracelet?”

“That's because Bella has had a kind soul since she was young. When she was still a kid back then, she saw a pity little beggar on the roadside. She sympathized with him and gave him her cotton jacket together with a piece of walnut. However, it was so cold that her lips turned purple from the cold. She had a fever for three consecutive days after coming home, freaking her mom and me out at that time.”

Benson began recalling what happened in the past.

“Is this that missing piece of walnut?”

Harold removed a small walnut threaded with a necklace from his neck and handed it to Benson.

The walnut had the same shape and size as the others on the walnut bracelet.

The only difference was that its surface was much smoother than the others.

That was because Harold often caressed it.

The man had been through many life and death experiences all these years. He would take out the walnut whenever his life was on the stake. The walnut never failed him, though. It blessed him to overcome all obstacles until he earned the name of the God of War.

Meanwhile, Benson put Harold's walnut and Isabella's walnut bracelet together. He was surprised to see them matched perfectly and asked uncertainly, “Are you that little beggar on the roadside back then?”

“Yes, that's me. Even though wearing the female cotton Bella had given me had caused others to give me a strange look, I survived. This walnut has given me strength and support over the years. Without it, I wouldn't have become God of War. No matter what happens, I'll never let Bella down in this life.”

Harold's eyes were full of gentleness, and his tone was firm.

“What? So you are the mysterious God of War?” Benson subconsciously took a few steps back, shocked.

“Otherwise, why else would I have this rose gold card?”

Harold immediately took out his rose gold card look when he saw Benson was in disbelief.

“But... If you really are the legendary God of War, why couldn't you afford the 300 thousand betrothal gift and was subsequently chased out of the Xenos family?”

Benson raised the biggest question in his mind.

“That's because Bella had given this walnut bracelet to Brittany six years ago, leaving me to believe Brittany was the Bella eighteen years ago. It was not until yesterday I knew the truth.”

Surprisingly, Harold lowered his head out of awkwardness.

How embarrassing! I am the God of War! How could I make such a fool out of myself?

“No wonder! Kind people will be blessed. So it was good fortune from the good deed Bella did when

she was still a kid, huh? Wow, I can't believe my son-in-law is actually Harold, the God of War.”

Taking into account the walnut and rose gold card before him, Benson was finally convinced by Harold's explanation.

Excitement instantly coursed through his veins. He even regarded Harold as his son-in-law now.

Oh, my! It turns out the useless son-in-law we were despising is the most influential man, the God of War!

Benson's mood instantly brightened up right away.

If it was said that he could do as he pleased in Dellmoor after Isabella married Daniel, then having a God of War as his son-in-law would make him call the shots in the world.

The might of the God of War intimidates the world!

As this thought swirled in Benson's mind, his heart was beating fast. He even looked twenty years younger.

“Dad, I heard your bank card was frozen by Old Mr. Turner. Here. Just take this card as your allowance.”

Seeing Benson acknowledging him, Harold was delighted and directly handed the former the supplementary rose gold card in his hand.

In fact, he had always wanted to give Benson and Pauline the money inside the card since the beginning.

“But this is a rose gold card!”

Benson took the rose gold card and studied it with a look of excitement.

Just when Harold thought Benson would accept the supplementary rose gold card, the latter handed it back to him.

“I appreciate your kindness, Harold. Although our bank cards are now frozen, I am a finance major and have some insights into stock speculation. I still have some personal savings. It's not as much as the Anglandur 100 million in your card, but it's more than enough for both of us to retire. Just keep this money for yourself, or buy something good for Bella so that she lives more decently, not to be looked down upon by her cousins,” Benson said confidently.

“All right. Just let me know if you're short of money.”

Harold wasn't wishy-washy about it and took the bank card back.

However, the scene of him receiving the rose gold card from Benson happened to be witnessed by Isabella when she came out of the kitchen to serve the dishes.

She couldn't help but frown as she thought Benson was giving Harold the money.

“Nah, you don't have to be on ceremony with me. In fact, I have the most admiration for you guys who went to the battlefield. Hmm... We shall have a similar status. The meals are ready. I'm getting two

bottles of wine after this. We shall have some drinks tonight, Harold.”

Benson then excitedly went downstairs to buy wines.

However, his excited voice still reverberated around the house.

Both Harold and Isabella were at a loss for words.

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