Chapter 9 - Dauntless God Of War

After Isabella's parents were chased out of their home, they could only crash at their daughter's house.

“Dad, you and Harold move the luggage while I head in first to tidy your room for you.”

Isabella was worried that her parents would get suspicious if Harold slept in the study. So, she offered to tidy up the room. But in actuality, she would take this opportunity to be the first to reach home and move all of Harold's items from the study to her room.

“Okay, stay safe on the road!” The three of them then moved their separate ways.

After half an hour, Benson received a phone call from Pauline when the former was loading their luggage into the car.

“What? The bank personnel had hit you? Which bank are you in now? We'll be there!”

Benson was shocked when he heard his wife sobbing on the phone. Immediately, he and Harold got in the car and rushed to the bank.

When they both arrived at the bank, Harold kicked the bank manager's door open violently.

Surprisingly, the thick and heavy door shattered into pieces after Harold's powerful kick.

“Who are you people?” the manager shouted toward Harold and Benson.

The manager and the security guard were initially shocked at his sudden entrance.

After snapping out of his daze, the manager yelled in a loud booming voice that attracted the attention of the visitors and the bank staff present at the scene. In no time, a crowd of curious onlookers was formed.

Despite that, Harold and Benson strode by without even sparing the bank manager a glance and arrived in front of Pauline.

Both men flew into a rage when they saw Pauline's red and swollen cheeks.

“Mom, who did this to you?” Harold asked while he turned to look at the bank manager and the security guard with a menacing glare.

“Get the hell away from me! I'm not your mom! What criminal acts did you do for the bank staff to interrogate me after they saw the bank card...” Pauline pointed at Harold and cursed him.

Pauline's sudden outburst puzzled Benson and Harold, so they looked at the bank manager for answers.

Before the two men could ask, the bank manager spoke up.

“Are you the maniac that stole the rose gold card for this woman to withdraw money? Security! Tie him up and send him to the police station!”

Based on what Pauline had said, the bank manager was able to identify Harold as the card thief and immediately ordered the guard to seize him.

Instantly, Harold's brows creased. Then, he raised his arm and pushed the guard, sending the latter to

the corner of the room. Afterward, he walked and arrived in front of the bank manager.

“This is my card. Why do I have to steal someone else's?” Harold questioned calmly.

“Ha! You're still stubborn at this moment! Do you know what kind of card the rose gold card is?” The bank manager scoffed before starting his introduction, “This is a limited bank card issued by International Bank Union. It includes a main and supplementary card. The credit limit for the supplementary card is a billion, while the main card doesn't have a credit limit. Only ninety-nine cards are circulating worldwide, most of which are in royal family members' hands. Like this one, the remaining balance is 100 million, and they're Anglandurn currency.” Then, the bank manager tapped the card on Harold's cheek. “May I ask which country's prince are you from?”


After listening to the explanation, everyone sucked in a sharp breath.

Isabella's parents especially had despair on their faces.

It was no wonder the bank had taken action this swiftly and forcefully. The owner of the rose gold card had to be a person of prominent status.

Benson and Pauline now fear for their daughter since Harold had stolen the card from who-knows- where. Moreover, their daughter was married to a criminal like him. So, they were afraid of Harold implicating their daughter in the crimes he had committed.

“This won't do, Hubby. When we return, we have to get Bella to divorce this man and abort the child. If not, I'm afraid he'll ruin Bella's life in the end,” whispered Pauline to Benson with a pained expression.

Crippled with fear, Benson nodded his head repeatedly.

“I'm not from any royal family, but this doesn't erase the fact that this supplementary rose gold card belongs to me. As for its authenticity, you can check it yourself,” he informed and proceeded to give his PIN to the bank manager.

Next, he brought out his ID card and primary rose gold bank card from his wallet and threw them on the bank manager's table.

“Still trying to decei—”

Initially, the bank manager tried to deny Harold's words but abruptly stopped after he saw Harold's ID card and the primary rose gold bank card.

Coupled with Harold's calm and confident conduct, the bank manager suddenly felt his heart skip a beat in fear. He had a bad premonition of what was going to happen.

Immediately, he grabbed Harold's ID card and checked Harold's profile with the one on the rose gold bank card.

In less than three minutes, the manager was so shocked that he fell off the chair.

“M-Mr. Campbell, please forgive me! It's my fault for being blind! I didn't know the rose gold card was yours! I deserve to be punished!”

With staggering steps, the manager rushed forward and groveled before Harold.

Never would he have thought the young man in front of him would own the rose gold card that even the wealthiest tycoons couldn't get their hands on.

Everyone was shocked by this sight.

The curious bank staff at the door stared at them with their mouths agape.

It was shocking that a reputable bank manager like him was on his knees and begged for mercy like a worm in front of a young man.

It was a terribly shocking sight.

Additionally, Isabella's parents were equally shocked by the sudden turn of events. They were at a loss on what to do.

They never thought the rose gold card that symbolized wealth and status was indeed Harold's.

He wasn't bluffing after all! But if he's this rich, why couldn't he come up with the 300 thousand betrothal gift and was subsequently chased out of the Xenos family?

Isabella's parents were getting more confused by the minute.

“It's good that you own up to this. Okay, let us settle the score. Now, who hurt my Mom this badly?”

Harold swept his gaze toward the manager and the security guard.

“Sir, I-I was only carrying out my orders... This has nothing to do with me!”

As the security listened to Harold's question, he looked at the kneeling manager. Then with a staggering gait, he emerged from the corner and kneeled on the floor with a loud thud.

“No one can hit my mom! I don't care whether you were under whose orders or did it of your own volition. Those that have offended me must pay the price! Break the hand that has hit my mother. As for the manager, cutting off his tongue should suffice,” Harold declared.

After saying those words, Harold escorted his parents-in-law out of the manager's office.

The moment the trio left the bank, Logan emerged from the crowd and did what he was instructed to do.


“Oh my god! Someone chopped off the security guard's hand!”

“This is scary! The manager's tongue has been cut off too!”

When Harold and Isabella's parents reached the bank entrance, they heard the customers' screams behind them.

After that, one after the other, they ran out with hands covering their mouths. Some even puked when they reached a safe distance outside.

As Isabella's parents heard the screams and cries of the customers, their bodies shivered involuntarily. Then, they turned and stared intently at Harold's face.

“Mom, how dare they hit you! They should count their lucky stars now that I've spared their lives. Let's go back. I don't want Bella to wait for us anxiously at home.”

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