Chapter 5 - Dauntless God Of War

“Who are you trying to bluff? We've investigated you thoroughly. If you have 100 million, would you be kicked out for being unable to afford 300 thousand for a betrothal gift?”

Pauline glared at Harold and continued, “Though we did hear about the black cards which could only be requested by the richest, as for the rose gold or whatever, I bet you got scammed.”

Harold's background was investigated thoroughly by the people the Turner family sent this morning.

Isabella is a brilliant girl, but why is she making a stupid choice this time? If she doesn't want to marry the casanova from the Larson family, then she should at least find someone with a clean history to be her shield. Why did she find this unwanted, idiotic trash of a man? This is too embarrassing!

“Black cards are for the typical wealthy families. My rose gold card is a limited edition distributed by the international bank. There are only ninety-nine of these cards in the whole world, and most of them are in the hands of royalties. It's a symbol of status and not something you can get with money easily,” Harold explained patiently when Isabella's parents didn't seem to know about the rose gold card. However, what he received in return was their disdainful look.

“What a load of nonsense! A symbol of identity and only possessed by royalties? Tell us then. Which country's prince are you?”

After ending his sentence, Benson threw his cigarette butt on the ground and stomped on it as if the cigarette butt was Harold himself.

“Dad, I'm an exception. I'm not royalty, but... Nevermind. Let me prove it to you.”

Harold was about to phone Logan to bring a million in cash for him to prove himself. However, Isabella happened to come back home at this moment.

“Dad, Mom, why are you here? Why didn't you notify me in advance?”

The moment Isabella stepped into her house, she saw her parents, and they were looking at Harold angrily. Hence, she tried to diffuse the tension.

“Look at what idiocy you committed! How can we not come here?” Pauline reproached Isabella with an angry face while Benson remained silent.

“Harold and I are genuinely in love with each other, Mom. He's honest and treats me well. Please don't mind the rumors outside.”

Isabella defended her relationship, but the words she said made even herself flush red from embarrassment.

Last night, she had already thought up the scenario where Daniel would call and threaten her parents and that her parents would investigate Harold later. However, she didn't expect them to come so soon.

Looking at how Isabella defended the useless man, Benson and Pauline exchanged worried glances.

Pauline immediately brought Isabella into the bedroom, then asked the latter an embarrassing question straightforwardly, “Bella, are you pregnant with his child?”

“Mom, a-am I that kind of person to you?” Isabella stuttered a response with a red face.

After she answered, she turned away from Pauline and dared not look at the latter.

It was too awkward for an adult woman like Isabella to suddenly chat about this topic with her mother. She needed to do mental preparation for this talk.

When she saw how the usually composed Isabella stuttered, Pauline was shocked.

No wonder that guy doesn't care about 500 thousand. Why would he when the rumors the Xenos family spread is true? Bella had sex with him and is pregnant with that his child. It makes sense why she doesn't want to marry into a wealthy household and ignores the family's safety to marry this guy directly.

“This is awful!”

Pauline sighed before she left the room.

Then she warned Harold menacingly, “Brat, if I see you hurting Bella the slightest, my husband and I won't let you off the hook even if we have to sacrifice ourselves. Hubby, let's go!”

Since the deed was done, Pauline gave up disapproving of their relationship. After giving out the threat, she pulled a puzzled Benson with her and left.

Pauline's words confused Harold. Does this mean she consents to our relationship?

Inside the bedroom, Isabella was contemplating how to answer if Pauline asked these difficult questions again. She didn't realize that Pauline had left.

After drafting out her answer in her mind, she turned around and found no one in the room.

Walking to the living room, she saw only Harold and asked him dubiously, “Where are my parents?”

“They left. What did you tell your mom in the room? It's very effective. She came out from there and gave me a warning before taking your dad out of the house with her. Oh, they didn't take the bank card either.”

Harold was curious about what method Isabella adopted to appease Pauline. It was too easy and effective.

“Oh no! Did she miscomprehend my words?” Isabella shrieked when she seemingly understood the situation. She grabbed the three bank cards from the table and ran outside to chase after her parents.

“Hey!” He saw that Isabella also took his rose gold card and was about to stop her, then decided against it.

It was a subaccount, and there were only 100 million in there. Benson and Pauline worked hard to raise Isabella, so he thought it was only right to give them some money.

On the ground floor of the residential area, Pauline wordlessly dragged Benson to the main gate.

Benson wore an upset expression as he questioned Pauline, “Darling, what's wrong? Why did you suddenly approve of their relationship?”

“Our daughter is pregnant. What else can we do besides agreeing?” she uttered helplessly.

“What? She did such a shameful act? Let me go back and punish her.”

Once he heard that Isabella was pregnant, Benson was infuriated. Now, the chance to establish a connection with the Larson family diminished. The Larson family was a distinguished family, so they would never embarrass themselves by raising someone else's children.

Seeing as Benson wanted to go back to lecture Isabella, Pauline's expression turned cold, and she scolded, “Hold up! She got her impulsive nature from you. If only I were more cold-hearted and rejected you, I wouldn't be living a tough life as I do now.”

In the past, she stayed with Benson because he impregnated her. Even now, she regretted it.

“T-There are a lot of people here. Let's go back first,” Benson meekly replied with a lowered head after getting scolded.

He pulled Pauline into the car and quickly drove away from the residential area Isabella lived in.

When Isabella arrived at the ground floor, they were long gone. She immediately went to the underground parking to get her car and gave chase.

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