Chapter 6 - Dauntless God Of War

In the hospital ward, Edward had already woken up, and there was no major injury to him. However, he lay on the hospital bed in worry.

Sparing no concern as to whether Edward was capable of handling shocking news, Bradley approached Edward's bedside. Putting on a pitiful facade, Bradley uttered, “Dad, Benson's family caused us, the Turner family, huge trouble this time. The marriage between Isabella and Daniel was announced last week. The Larson family had sent out wedding invitations to all the influential families. But now, Isabella had canceled the engagement. It's largely considered an insult to the Larson family. She's smeared their reputation in front of all of Dellmoor. The Larson family will never let this go so easily. This morning alone, there were already three clients who had terminated their cooperation with us. We must come up with a way to remedy the situation!”

“That's right, Dad. To this day, no one dared to humiliate the Larson family. They won't ever forgive us this time. If we don't come up with a solution, The Turner family will be done for.”

Even though Brandon detested Bradley's indifference to their father's health, the Turner family was in a predicament. He had no choice but to join in.

“Whatever has happened, has already happened. Do any of you have a good solution?” Edward asked as he let out a sigh.

“Grandpa, I believe that this is all because Uncle Benson failed to raise his daughter properly. Not only did they offend the wealthiest family, the Larsons, but Isabella decided to marry an abandoned man. They've completely ruined our family's reputation! We should just chase them out of the Turner family as punishment. This way, not only can we cut all ties with them, but the Larson family would also no longer blame us.” Harvey, Isabella's cousin, took the lead and proposed his solution in front of

everyone present.

Alas, the conversation was planned. It began with Bradley, which would then be followed up by his son, Harvey. Their goal was to appease the Larsons' anger by chasing Isabella's family out and freezing their assets.

Edward took a deep, meaningful glance at Bradley and Harvey. He then turned his head toward his youngest son, Brandon. “Well... Brandon, what do you think?” Edward asked.

“I...” Brandon hesitated momentarily upon hearing Edward's question. Then, he answered honestly, “I agree with Harvey's opinion. If we cut all ties with Benson and his family, the Larson family will have no reason to come after us.”

“Alright, so be it. Let's proceed as per your suggestions. Harvey will be the one to take over Isabella's work. I'm exhausted. Please leave, all of you.”

With how his two other sons agreed to oust Benson out of the family, Edward had no choice but to concede to Bradley's and Brandon's proposition for the sake of the Turner family.

Hearing Edward's decision, Bradley and his family rejoiced. On the other hand, Brandon's family appeared dejected.

By right, when they purged Benson's family out of the Turner family, the remaining power within the family should be equally split between Bradley's and Brandon's factions.

However, Edward had entrusted Isabella's work to Harvey. It essentially indicated that Edward had placed the future of the entire Turner family in Harvey's hands.

After all, Isabella was in the midst of preparation to sign a huge contract two days prior. The individual backing the collaborator was Craig McGowan, the man referred to as the Underground King of Dellmoor, a figure on par with Philip, the wealthiest man.

As long as the Larson family brought them no trouble, the Turner family could potentially close the deal, and they would no longer have to worry about money for the next two to three years.


Brandon huffed at Bradley, then took his leave from the hospital room.

Having gotten what they desired, Bradley's family spared no concern for Brandon's attitude.

Once everyone had left the hospital room, the expression on Edward's face wavered. Nonetheless, he soon steeled himself.

The Turner family was the fruition of his entire lifetime's effort. He couldn't let it all be for naught solely because of Benson's family.

The moment Bradley left the hospital room with his family, he swiftly contacted the bank to freeze the assets of Benson's family. It included their bank cards, automobiles, estates, and more. Bradley then announced to the public that Benson and his family had been kicked out of the Turner family by Edward.

The next phone call was made to their butler, with Bradley instructing him to toss out everything belonging to Benson and his family.

Only when Isabella arrived at the Turner residence did she finally catch up with her parents.

“Girl, why are you back again? You must be careful for the time being and should stop running all around!” Pauline chastised, her face full of worry.

She had just gotten out of her car when she noticed that her daughter had followed them back.

The first trimester of pregnancy is extremely important. It carries the highest risk of miscarriage!

“Dad, Mom, you guys rushed back too quickly! You've forgotten your bank cards. Also, you've misunderstood...” Isabella stuffed the three cards directly into her mother's bag.

Just as she wanted to explain that she wasn't pregnant, the butler led several housekeepers to toss their luggage out of the Turner residence.

“Mr. Ferguson, what are you doing?”

No longer having the spare time to hear her daughter explain, Pauline turned around and questioned the butler out of fury.

“Mr. Bradley informed us that you've brought shame and crisis upon the family. You've been kicked out of the family by Old Mr. Turner, and we're only following orders. Also, those two cars need to be returned since they were issued to you by the family,” answered the butler. He then called out, “I need two men who can drive. Take these cars into the garage!”

Edward had never held Isabella's father in high regard. Hence, not even the butler paid any importance to Benson and his family back in the days. Then, as they were being ousted out of the Turner family, the butler behaved more haughtily. Having hurled the Bensons' belongings out, the butler immediately sent for the housekeepers to drive Isabella's and Benson's cars away. He then closed the main gate and locked it.

“Y-You're going overboard! I'll be having a discussion with Old Mr. Turner soon!” Pauline was fuming with anger, having been humiliated by a subordinate.

She turned around, determined to make her way to the hospital to confront Edward and the two cold- hearted brothers of Benson.

“Hold it! Let's say you go looking for Dad now. Do you believe that my brothers will allow us to meet with him?”

Benson held Pauline in place. Even though he was furious, he understood Edward's character. Whatever decisions the latter made, he would never change his mind. On top of all that, Benson knew that it would be meaningless to meet with Edward then. Contrarily, Bradley and Brandon might mock Benson's family.

“Then, tell me. What do we do? Those two cruel brothers of yours are bullying you! Yet, you're still just taking it in? Why did I fall in love with such a worthless person like you in the first place? I want a divorce! I can't continue living like this!”

Pauline was utterly disappointed at her husband's cowering behavior even as things had come to that point, and the couple began bickering right at the main gate.

“What can I do but endure? I have no standing in the family because you couldn't give birth to a boy! The reason why Dad treated me the way he did and the reason why my brothers are tormenting me is all because of you! It's all on you!”

Benson had lost his temper as well. All the pent-up rage he had within him against Pauline was unleashed in an instant.

“Dad, Mom, please stop fighting. It's my fault! My stubbornness dragged you into this mess. I'll apologize to Mr. Larson now.” Isabella then turned around and left for the Larson residence to issue her apology.

Seeing her parents fight, Isabella suddenly wondered if she had been too selfish. Her heart was instantly filled with remorse, and her tears unwittingly streamed down her cheeks.

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