Chapter 7 - Dauntless God Of War

While Harold was waiting for Isabella at home, he received a video sent by Logan.

“The Turner family is going too far!” Harold yelled angrily after watching the video.

The video sent by Logan contained a scene of Isabella and her family of three standing in front of the Turner residence while they were being humiliated by the butler. Then, it turned into an argument.

When Harold got to know that Isabella was actually that girl back then, he had arranged for Logan to protect her in the dark.

“Logan, I'm giving you two missions now. Purchase Turner Corporation within two days. Then, on Bella's birthday, I want to give her the company as a birthday gift. After that, go ahead and teach that old fart, Philip, a proper lesson.”

Making my woman apologize to him like that? I'm the God of War! The Larson family will never be able to handle it!

Harold hurried to the Larson residence just in time to see Isabella and her family coming out of the residence with disappointed expressions on their faces.

It seemed that the housekeeper was the only person present.

“Bella, are you okay?”

As he watched the exhausted look on her face, Harold felt a stab of pain in his chest.

“You sure have the guts to be here! It's all your fault, you piece of trash! We're all being chased out of the door, and Bella's life has been ruined by you. Are you happy now?” Pauline pointed at Harold's nose as she yelled at him.

“I'm sorry. Give me two days. I promise you a satisfactory outcome.”

A look of guilt flashed across Harold's eyes.

Indeed, he had been careless. He didn't expect that old man to be so cruel that he would disown his son for the sake of the Turner family.

Harold's answer made Isabella's parents feel that he was boasting again, so they regarded him with even more disdain and dissatisfaction.

“Your apology means nothing. You couldn't even afford a betrothal gift of 300 thousand, so what kind of outcome can you even promise? What makes you think that you're in a position to promise us anything?”

Pauline was heavily frowning as she cursed at Harold. She even wanted to slap him right on the spot.

“Mom, stop blaming Harold. I'm the one to blame since I was too stubborn. It has nothing to do with other people.” Isabella stood in front of Harold while explaining things for him.

When Pauline saw how her daughter was shielding him, she almost had a seizure due to her anger.

With her finger, she poked at her daughter's head as she snapped, “We're already in dire straits now, yet you're still standing on this braggart's side? Are you trying to anger me to death?”

“Stop quarreling. The Larson family isn't at home, so let's go home first. Go to the market and get a whole chicken. Bella needs some nutrition.”

When Benson saw that they were about to keep on arguing, he forcefully stopped them.

After hearing his reminder, Pauline was reminded that her daughter was currently pregnant.

Hence, she took a deep breath to suppress her fury. “Go back home first. I'll make a trip to the market.”

Pauline was worried that she would lose control at Harold again, so right after she said that, she hailed a taxi to head to the market.

“Let's go as well.”

There was a pained expression on Harold's face as he hugged Isabella while rubbing her shoulder to comfort her.

Since her father was there, Isabella was worried that things would get exposed, so she could only let Harold keep on doing what he was doing.

At the market, Pauline realized that she had run out of money in her digital wallet, and her bank card had been frozen as well.

“That old man is too brutal! Is he trying to shove us into our graves?” Pauline was so frustrated that she clenched her teeth.

“Madam, we're already at the market. It's a total of 68. Please pay.”

The driver sounded somewhat displeased when he reminded her to pay.

“Sir, I don't have any money in my digital wallet, and I don't have any cash with me. I'll go to the ATM in front to get some cash to pay you.”

Pauline was embarrassed.

There were a few other cards in her purse, and she hoped that those cards weren't frozen as well.

“What a bummer. Go quickly! I have to go to my next customer!” The driver sounded even more displeased now.

The driver's attitude was bad, but she was indeed wasting his time, so she forced the frustration within her back before getting out of the car to line up at the ATM to withdraw some cash.

The driver was worried that she would escape, so he got out of the car as well to follow her.

There were more people lining up at the ATM, so Pauline went straight to the counters to make a withdrawal.

“Hello. Please help me check if I can make a withdrawal with these cards.”

Pauline gave the staff about six cards in one go.

The role of banks had been greatly affected by online payment systems, so the staff's service attitude

seemed to have improved a lot.

The staff politely took Pauline's cards and tested all of them. It was discovered that the first five cards were all frozen.

When the staff saw the final card, which was rose gold in color, she nearly gasped.

She had been working in the bank for so many years, yet it was her first time seeing such a limited edition card issued by an international bank.

There were only ninety-nine of these rose gold cards, and basically, all of them were in the hands of royalty.

It was a symbol of status, so ordinary people couldn't even apply for it even if they were rich.

In the card right before her eyes, there was a balance of 100 million in Anglandur currency.

“Madam, only the final one of your cards is usable. May I ask how much you would like to withdraw?”

The staff had a look of shock on her face when she asked Pauline that question.

She was wondering about this woman's status since she seemed pretty ordinary, yet she was holding a rose gold card.

“I'll withdraw the full amount.”

Pauline didn't notice the color of this card. She wanted to stop Edward from freezing this card as well, so she directly told the staff to withdraw everything.

“M-Madam, are you sure you want to withdraw everything? The amount in it is too great, and we don't have that much cash at our branch. Since the amount really is too big, i-it'll take quite some time even if we were to transfer cash over from other branches.”

Pauline's words shocked the staff so badly that she was stuttering while she spoke.

“Your branch keeps way too little liquid cash. You have to transfer cash from other branches just for this tiny amount?”

Pauline was already in a bad mood, so she complained about it quietly. She remembered that the balance in each of her cards was at most 300 thousand. Surely, it's impossible that the branch doesn't even have 300 thousand in cash?

However, Pauline's complaint made the staff's jaw drop. There's a whole 100 million in Anglandur currency here, which is equivalent to 700 million in local currency, but it's only a tiny amount for this woman?

“Fine. If you don't have that much cash, then I'll withdraw a thousand for now!”

When she remembered that the driver was in a hurry, she could only withdraw one thousand first to pay for the taxi fee.

Pauline's words made the staff breathe a sigh of relief. She initially thought that her service attitude wasn't good enough, so that was why Pauline was trying to make things difficult for her.

“A-All right, madam. Please enter your password.”

Pauline had all her bank card passwords unified, so she entered that password without even giving it a thought.

Unexpectedly, a message indicating that the wrong password had been entered appeared.

Even after entering the password twice, she still got the same results.

Now, Pauline was starting to get nervous.

If she were to enter the wrong password one more time, the card would be locked.

This was her final card, so if it were to become locked, she didn't even know if she would be able to unlock it with her current situation.

She turned around, only to meet the look the driver was giving her, obviously telling her to hurry up. Thus, she had no choice but to enter it once again.

Nonetheless, the result was simply as expected.

Surely, this woman isn't using a stolen card?

The staff had watched every single move of Pauline, so that suspicious thought crept into her mind.

“Madam, please show me your ID card.” The staff demanded Pauline's ID card, her face

expressionless as she said that.

Pauline initially thought that the staff wanted her ID card so the latter could help her to unlock it. Hence, she handed in her ID card without giving it a second thought.

After the staff checked the information on the card, she immediately called security.

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