Chapter 1 - Don't Escape, My Doctor!

City A, hospital

Julia Hill took the diagnosis of pregnancy and thought the words of the doctor,”You are indeed pregnant. But your progesterone is a little low. I suggested that you should rest more and pay attention to nutrient intake.”

Was she really pregnant?

Today Ian Wilson’s critical illness notice had just been withdrawn, and then she was pregnant, was it good thing comes in pairs? Would everything become better?

She couldn’t resist to his ward to tell him the news.

“Ding~” the elevator opened.

Julia raised her head but looked into a pair of cold and fierce eyes.

It was her expectant mother-in-law. Seeing her, she trembled all over and protected her underbelly subconsciously.

“Mom.”Julia’s voice was shaking. The style of Gu Mulan was known in the whole city.

Gu Mulan didn’t response her but robbed her diagnosis.


“Pah!” Before Julia’s words finished, a slap had fallen on her face. Her mind became blank suddenly

after being hit. The face was burning pain.

“You bitch don’t deserve to call me Mom!” Gu Mulan stared at her fiercely,”Do you still want to harm my family now? Do you want to take advantage of the baby to marry in Wilson family? They are all your dreams! Abort this baby!”

Her voice was cruel. Julia protect her belly and stepped back,”No, you can’t be so cruel, he is your family’s children, he is your biological grandson!”

“He is just a bastard! You don’t deserve to bore a baby for Wilson family!” Gu Mulan became more fierce, she ordered the bodyguards behind her,”Drag her to the operation room!”

“No! no!” the husky bodyguards walked forward and withheld her. Julia resisted violently ,”Let me go! Let me go! You can’t do this. If Ian knew it, he would never forgive you.”

Saying this, Gu Mulan slapped her again,”Dare you mention Ian? Who make him like this? Who make me nearly lose my son? You jinx! I even want to break your bones, let alone abort your bastard in your belly!”

“Mom!” Julia was so desperate. She directly kneelt in front of Gu and begged her,”Please, don’t abort my baby. It is my fault, it’s me made Ian like this. But he needs me now, I can’t leave him alone, I can’t leave him alone......”

Gu Mulan kicked her on the ground ruthlessly,”You don’t have the right to raise me a condition. Now there is only one choice for you: abort the bastard and get away from my world. Never appear in front of Ian Wilson!”


“Don’t call me!” Her voice became more fierce and cruel,”Quickly, drag her to the operation room and abort the bastard, then throw the woman out of A city.”

“No, nobody can harm my baby, nobody can harm my baby!”

Julia got up and rushed out as hard as she could. However, she was caught sooner by two bodyguards. They clasped her arms backwards and pressed her on the ground tightly.

Julia screamed helplessly and resentfully,”Gu Mulan , you can’t be so cruel, Gu Mulan!”

Julia’s struggle was weak in front of two strong men. Gu Mulan was a totally ectotherm without any humanity. She was dragged to the operating room and taken in anesthetic, then her awareness became weaker and weaker.....