Chapter 2 - Don't Escape, My Doctor!

Six years later ---

An apartment in S City:

After Julia Hill finished her breakfast, she simply made a light makeup and asked for a lucky kiss to her little cute.

“Mummy, you must work hard for your interview today.”

“Don’t worry, Mommy will work hard. Today, your godmom will accompany you to the tutorial class. I will pick you up after the interview. You shall be good!"

“Well, I am waiting for the good news of Mommy. Don’t let me down.” Rain reminds her mom seriously, like a small adult.

After Rain was picked up, Julia Hill took a taxi to the Guangming Hospital. Guangming Hospital is a leading hospital in China. It was Julia Hill’s dream to be able to work here.

Coasting through the examination, Julia Hill entered the final interview with the first score in the written examination, for the interview today she has also done enough preparation, so she is confident to win.

Sitting in outside the interview room, Julia Hill is more calm than others, but the nervous atmosphere will be contagious. When she arrived, she went to the bathroom before the interview.

“I am in S city now... well, see you tomorrow.”

The man’s low voice outside the bathroom attached to a few magnetics, so familiar. Hearing this voice

Julia Hill was like being shocked. After a second stagnation of the action, she ran out and saw a tall figure disappearing at the end of the corridor. .

She ran a few steps and wanted to catch up, but the next second she laughed at herself.

How is that possible?

How could he be here?

Julia Hill settled down and returned to outside the interview room again, where several little girls were talking excitedly about something.

“Have you seen the interviewer who just went in? So handsome!”

“Yeah, but he doesn’t look like a doctor, how can he be an interviewer here?”

“It doesn’t matter, keep your eyes on the line, remember to go in and see more.”


They excited me with one sentence and one sentence, Julia Hill did not care to listen, and finally shouted her number, she took a deep breath and pushed the door to go in.

But the smile on her face was frozen when she came in. He was different from other interviewers who were wearing white gown, and he was wearing an ink-colored suit , which was particularly eye- catching.

She looked at his face as if nothing had changed, the beautiful outline, the black eyes, the thin lips, but it seemed that everything had changed.

The name that was familiar to her, but now stayed in my mind for a few seconds to be clear.

Ian Wilson...

It’s really him, but isn’t he the president of Lu’s International? How would he appear here?

Julia Hill was there as if she was stupid, and his gaze was only passing through her face, and it was not intended to be with the cold, eagle-like black eyes. Her heart was like what was being smashed. .

However, compared to her shock, he did not seem surprised at all. Afterwards, his eyes are cold like a pool of ice water. He seems to have never cared about her current embarrassment. In other words, six years later, for him, Julia Hill is just a stranger.

Julia Hill walked slowly to the middle and bowed to them: “Hello, examiners, my name is Julia Hill.”

The interview officially began. The questions asked by the interview are nothing more than those. What should be done if there is some kind of accident during the operation, how to treat the relationship with the patient, and the treatment plan for a certain case.

These professional knowledge is nothing difficult for Julia Hill, which should be spoken out fluently and confidently, but become a little flustered because the man.

Hearing her answer, several examiners nodded, whispering like affirming her, and Julia Hill secretly sighed and thought that the interview was over, but Ian Wilson opend his mouth: “Why did you choose

to be a doctor?”

Looking straight into his eyes, Julia Hil’s heart beats so faster that it wants to jump out.

Why did she want to be a doctor?

If she told him it was because of him?

Julia Hill tightly squats and shakes her hand. She is afraid to cry when she releases it. She is pretending to be calm, but it is counterproductive.

She also has a perfect answer to this question, but at the moment it is blank, and the mind can’t control her confused heart.

“Because...because...being a doctor can save lives and heal wounds.”

When she said this, several examiners laughed on the spot, but he did not. The cold eyes passed over her pale face, and Julia Hill’s heart tightened. He then asked:

“What do you think is the most important thing to be a doctor?”

Julia Hill bit her lip tightly, as if to bite the bleeding, and the voice trembled with two words: “Medical virtue.”

“Then do you have it?”

It was very strong, and the atmosphere was condensed. The examiner who was still laughing became serious, in the side with caution.

Julia Hill hung her head, and the corner of her clothes has been smashed by her. She has never answered this question.

Ian Wilson’s cool mouth was slightly tilted, and her information was thrown into the trash can: “A person who doesn’t even know her medical ethics actually runs to be a doctor. It’s ridiculous!”

“I have!” Julia Hill blurted out, “I can be a good doctor!”

“Is it?” Ian Wilson sneered. “Miss Hill really thinks that a person who can even leave her savior alone deserves to be a doctor?”

This sentence like a hand to hold her heart, the pain, the pain of living, the six years, the thing she did not dare to think most is the look he lied on the bed badly wounded.

The hand is still squatting tightly, but still can’t control the tears. At this moment, she can’t wait to disappear here right away.

The atmosphere was dead silent, and the other interviewers did not dare to speak out. The air was quiet and seemed to hear Julia Hill’s sobbing soely.

Ian Wilson frowned, she will cry too? When he was in danger for saving her life, did she cry?

“I think that Miss Hill is more suitable to be an actor.” Ian Wilson mercilessly said, “Next!”

Julia Hill was embarrassed to run out. Before she came, she was confident that she would be comfortable regardless of what kind of accident in the interview, she would deal it well. What she thought was just a presence other than him. He is always an accident that she could not reasonably treat.

Julia Hill ran to the bathroom, opened the faucet, slammed her face over and over again, and was weak. She sat down on the ground against the wall. The drops of water on her face fell to the bottom, and it was impossible to tell whether it is water or tears.

Julia Hill stayed in the bathroom for a long time before she recovered, then she speeded up to escape from the place, but just walked to the hospital gate, she was stopped by a young man.

“Hello, Miss Hill, my name is Lin Wei, I am the assistant of Mr. Wilson, and Mr. Wilson wants to talk to you alone.”

Ian Wilson is looking for her?

“I am out of the game, there is no need for this.” It seems that I have not had a brain, instinctively evaded and blurted out, bypassing Lin Wei to leave quickly.

“Miss Hill.” Lin Wei stopped her again. “Whether you leave or not, it is decided by Mr Wilson. If I were you, I would not refuse.”

The implication is that this is her last chance.