Chapter 10 - Don't Escape, My Doctor!

Julia thought it was the most embarrasing meal in her life. she didn't raise her head all the time and only put food into her mouth. She ate as fast as she could, and looked up at him and found his steak was not be eaten. What was she going to do? Did she wait until he finished or go on? Julia Hill really felt overwhelmed, she did really not know how to serve this man. She never thought he was so bad before. “Mr. Wilson, How about I speak while you eating?" Julia thought it was quite reasonable, and she took out his examination result again before analysis, "I just mentioned that you have chronic stomach disease. The gastroscope result shows that your stomach mucous membrane is too few, and still have a few numerical anomalies in the blood routine. But this problem is not big. The more serious is . . . . . " “Six years.” Suddenly he said these two words to interrupt Julia. Julia Hill felt heart tighten in a flash. She looked at him astonishingly. She found his eyes slowly changed hated from clam. Why did he suddenly say this? “how much can a person change in six years?”Asked by Ian Wilson. Julia stunned. These words were like a punishment to her conscience, and a torture to her soul. After that, Ian Wilson smiled coldly. He was a bit self-deprecation and contempt. "How can a coward who was afraid of black, ghosts, blood and everything, be a surgeon? Have you changed too much or have I never understood you? " When Julia heard these, her eyes were getting wet and her hands were clenched . Yes, she was a coward when they were together. She had changed was not because she was strong. Because she has no alternative after leaving him. Julia Hill bit her lips, as if to bite to bleed. Then his cell phone rang again, he answered. The person on the other side was particularly urgent, so the voice was loud: " boss, Xing Shan is too sinister, and he secretly intercepted our goods . " When she heard, Julia had a strong heart beating and inexplicably flustered. Did his business get something problem? She took a glance at him secretly. His face was darkened, as if it were frozen. He looked want to kill.

She was afraid because she had never seen him like this before. “Find out where Xing Shan is, and I will be back right now.” Ian hung up the phone, and Julia quickly followed him to stand up. It was his business, so she did not ask any more. “I have something to do. Let’s finish.” Ian Wilson said. “All right.” Julia said when he left, " the number I called you this morning is my phone number, if you have time, you can contact me again . " Ian Wilson was hesitated for a second, and then perfunctorily responded. He paid the bill and hurried out. Julia put his results, and her phone rang at once. “Hello, Dr. Hill, where are you now? It’s an emergency that a jumper who was seriously injured . " “Okay, ten minutes . I will be back.” Julia was out of the coffee shop fast, while Ian Wilson just got in. Julia looked around that she could not find a taxi, then she ran to his car. “Mr. Wilson, I have an emergency patient. I must get back immediately ,so can I catch a ride.” Julia said too sudden, he also was in a hurry. She quickly said again not until he responded : "I take the taxi. " Julia was about to run away, he said coldly: " Get in! " Get in ?He agreed? Julia hurried to open the door and get in. Ian Wilson drove out at full speed. Although she was in a hurry, she was worried about his speed, especially he ran a red light. She could not help saying, " You ran a red light . " “Are not you in a hurry?”Asked by Ian Wilson. Uh... “safety is first.” In particular, he had a serious accident before, how can he forget that? “ I think you had better have the driver.” “It does not seem to be a doctor's job.” Uh... “you arrive.”Julia felt just in a flash. Arrive?

“Thank you.” Julia Hill held the file, she reminded something before she getting off, and she hurriedly took out her hand-written conditioning plan from the file bag. "Mr. Wilson, this is the conditioning plan I wrote for you. It’s very helpful for your recovery, and you can have a look . " Julia Hill handed to him, but Ian Wilson did not pick. He said coldly: " If I need, my personal doctor can write me a dozen . " Julia Hill did not know what to do, Ian Wilson said: " if you still waste the time, your patient will die . " Julia Hill came to herself fast, she hurried to put these things into the file bag, and then quickly ran into the hospital. The man who jumped was a young man under the age of 30 . After check, Julia Hill insisted, " The liver is broken. Perform operation immediately . " Julia Hill changed clothes as fast as she could, and entered into the operating room. It was hardly six hours. Although the person had to take a wheelchair in the rest of his life, fortunately the life was saved. Julia Hill left the operating room, and sat on the ground powerlessly. She was so tired. She called Lianyi. "I can not go back tonight, so you have to work all night . " Lianyi put down the phone and said to Rain, "your mommy will not come back tonight . " Rain also felt very sad: " I also think summer vacation is very boring . " “Me too.” and she said quickly, "Do you want to go out with me tomorrow? " “Good. Good. I am going to get a job, too.” Rain said innocently "I can save money with my mom to buy a big house . " Lian yi heard what was she said, and said happily, " you are too young . What can you do? " “Do not look down on me, I can do a lot of things.” Rain said, " I can be a plane model and a singer . " Ha ha ha... Hearing Rain say, Lian YI laughed so strongly, and Rain still seriously said: " Don’t laugh. I am very serious. Tomorrow I can find a job, then I can help mommy . " “Oh, dear.” Lianyi was so greedy, " you mommy is so lucky that she has such a cute daughter. I’m very jealous, we go out to find a job tomorrow. Not with your mother. "