Chapter 9 - Don't Escape, My Doctor!

Julia Hill really didn't want to cry, but she was so sad. She packed up his medical records, took the test list, and left the hospital in a hurry.

When she arrived home, Lian Yi was telling a story to Rain, and when Rain saw her coming back, she rushed over to her and hugged her: "Mummy, you are finally back."

"Yeah, how can a doctor be so busy? You even don't want your daughter, do you so trust me that I can take care of your daughter?" Lian Yi couldn't help but complain, she called her so many calls yesterday, and no one was answered. .

Julia Hill was really out of spirits at this time, just gave a perfunctory explanation: "Last night, there was a car accident, so I was very late for work overtime."

Julia Hill’s voice now seemed to be a little hoarse. Even though her face had been washed, her eyes were still red. When they saw her, they would know that she had cried. Lian Yi saw her face, she was so frightened and asked quickly: “What happened? Did you make a mistake at work?"

Julia Hill just shook her head: "No, just i'm too tired, Lian Yi, thank you so much for these days, you need to quickly go back to rest."

When Lian Yi looked at her, she knew that she was not happy, but she also saw that she was really tired, so she did not ask her for more details.

"Rain, you need to be obedient, your mommy is very tired, don't make mommy angry."

"Do not worry, godmother, I will be happy with mommy."

Lian Yi kissed her face before leaving, and then left.

"Rain, you can read books here first, mommy goes to take a shower."


Julia Hill went to take a shower, but her brain was full of his medical records. They were all descriptions of the wounds on the papers. They were all horror scenes that came in the night of the car accident. They repeatedly flashed in her mind, like to tear her apart.

When she walked out the bathroom, Rain was still reading, and Julia Hill walked over and closed her book: "Baby, go to bed early today."

Julia Hill took her to the bed, closed the bedside lamp, and sang a lullaby. Rain liked to listen to her singing since she was a child.

"Mummy, are you in a bad mood today?"

Julia Hill shook her head: "No, it is busy day and night, I'm a little tired."

"Then I want to do a massage for you." When she said that , Rain got up and squatted in front of her, she just wanted to massage her back and Julia Hill took her little hand: "Thank you my little baby, but don't, I just need to sleep."

"Then we sleep together."

After saying that, she closed her eyes. She was really like a little angel, a little angel who came to save


Soon Rain fell asleep, Julia Hill could not help but kiss her face, she was really a good love to love her little Rain.

Julia Hill looked at her like this. She looked like that man when she was asleep. She gently touched her little head and couldn’t help thinking, if she resisted the pressure of the demon six years ago, and didn't leave, what would they be now?

However, if she still needed to make a choice between Rain and him, she would not hesitate to choose Rain. Therefore, the world had neither "if", nor regrets, but can only look forward.

Julia Hill covered Rain with a quilt, then went out of bed, opened the desk lamp on the table, and continued to look at his medical record. After reading it, she spent almost an all-night time writing a few pages of conditioning program.

The next day was Friday, it was the day of her consultation, the patient was still in a long line, and she couldn't be free at all. After a busy day, she stretched out and looked at her file which was marked with "Ian Wilson", then unnaturally she was touching the phone.

Yesterday, he said that he would contact her if he had time. Julia Hill thought about it, then she can wait him, but three days passed.

Julia Hill knew that he could not contact her first. After several struggles, she found his mobile phone number from the patient's data. When she saw this familiar number, she stunned.

For six years, he still used this number. Although this number had been deleted in her address book, it was already familiar.

She first dialed in the office's landline, but he may have been busy , so he hung up, and after about half an hour she dialed again with her mobile phone. Ian Wilson just saw a customer when the phone rang.

"Hi, Mr. Wilson?" After the call was connected, Julia Hill asked politely, but obviously with tension.

Ian Wilson was quite unexpected to hear her voice, but his tone was very calm: "What's wrong?"

"When will you have time? It has been three days, I want to tell you about your physical condition in detail."

While Julia Hill was talking to him on the phone, she kept writing on the paper with a pen to cover up her inner panic.

If Julia Hill didn't call him, Ian Wilson couldn't remember it at all. He raised his hand and looked at the time and said: "At 11:30, Lan Ning Road No. 180 passer-by coffee shop, expired not to wait."

"Okay, I will arrive on time, then you can do your things first."

Julia Hill’s voice just fell, and the phone was already hanging up there.

After putting down the phone, Julia Hill quickly walked out of the hospital and took the taxi to the coffee shop he mentioned. What surprised her was that he had arrived when she arrived.

He just sat in front of the floor-to-ceiling window and could see him from outside the cafe. He naturally overlapped his legs, and the coffee on his hands braved the heat. Under the illumination of the sun, his charming and pleasing were magnified.

She quickly hit herself a few times, let herself be awake, and walked in with her portfolio.

"Mr. Wilson, hello." Julia Hill’s attitude was like that she was treating a VIP customer, very respectful.

Ian Wilson looked up at the time and was very dissatisfied with her work efficiency: "You are two minutes and fifteen seconds late."

"I'm sorry." Julia Hill quickly apologized, then sat down opposite him, opened the portfolio, took out his inspection results from it, and the conditioning plan she had sorted out.

"Mr. Wilson, I will tell you that your body is not recovering very well. Maybe you are always busy, the strain is serious, and your stomach is not very good. The stomach mucosa is very..."

"First having lunch." Ian Wilson interrupted her, and he seemed that he did not listen to what she was saying.

Having lunch?

Julia Hill said quickly: "I am not hungry, you can eat first, I will tell you about your physical condition first."

"I'm hungry."


Julia Hill really felt so embarrassed and quickly apologized: "I'm sorry, my fault, then let's eat first."

Ian Wilson ordered the meal without asking her advice. After that, Ian Wilson had been answering the phone. They were all about his work and she could not understand at all.

When the meal came, Julia Hill began to eat. She probably never dreamed that after six years, they could still have lunch together.

However, she knew the actual situation very well. She was also very self-aware. Their current relationship was simply a doctor-patient relationship, and nothing more.