Chapter 6 - Don't Try to Escape, My Wife!

Lucas glanced at Samuel's direction after saying that. Nicole felt her heart skip a beat.

“Boys shouldn't stare at boys even if the other person is handsome. Let's go.”

Nicole lowered her body and picked Lucas up.

There was a hint of dejection in Lucas's eyes when he found Nicole wasn't willing to elaborate more on the matter.

He put his small arms around Nicole's neck and said playfully, “Well, I was just looking for a man for you, mommy.”

“Cheeky child. Don't stick your nose into the adults matter. I came back this time to ask Olivia to get you a place at the kindergarten. You'll start your schooling there. I feel more at ease knowing that Olivia is watching over you.”

Nicole walked out with Lucas on her arms. Her hands were trembling ever so slightly.

Why did Lucas think Samuel is good looking just now?

They looked rather alike as father and son, but the fact that Samuel caught Lucas's eyes so quickly made Nicole a bit worried.

He was her son, her son that she risked everything to give birth to. It had nothing to do with Samuell

She wouldn't let Samuel snatch her child away from her.

There was a hint of determination in Nicole's eyes, though she didn't notice that Lucas was staring at her concernedly.

He was young, but he knew that his mom often woke up from nightmares during midnights. He didn't know what Samuel did to his mom back then and she was rft going to tell him anything. He acted like he didn't know anything since she didn't want him to know about it anyway. But he already had plans in his head about how to avenge his mom.

The mother and son each had different thoughts in their minds as they left the airport.

Nicole hailed a cab and brought Lucas to where Olivia lived.

It had been five years and Olivia still lived in the same place. Her key was also hidden in the same spot.

Nicole took out the key familiarly and opened the door. She walked into the place with Lucas.

lt was a three-bedroom apartment. lt wasrrt large, but the decorations made it cosy.

Lucas briefly surveyed the apartment and asked in a quiet voice, “Mommy, which one is your room?”

“The second one from the right. I used to stay in that room.”

Nicole smiled.

Olivia and she studied at the same university and they were best friends. Back then, Olivia would often take her in when she got bullied by her stepmother. This place was just like her secret safe house.

Lucas dragged his suitcase with him and opened it in Nicole's room.

The room was filled with photos of Nicole when she was younger, but Lucas couldrt recognize her. From the moment he was born, this was how Nicole looked like. Though Nicole's eyes started to turn red as she stared at the photos.

The person in the photo was left as flawlessly pretty as she was right now, but the person was overflowing with youth and happiness. That was a face that would never be seen again.

Nicole reached out her hand and gently touched her photo. She felt miserable.

Lucas noticed what Nicole was doing and asked puzzledly, “Mommy, who is the person in the photo? Is it Olivia?”

“No, this is a photo of mommy from before."

Nicole sounded like she was going to choke up, but she tried to hold it in as muụch as she could.

The air around her was filled with sorrow. Even though she tried to hide it from Lucas, he was a sensitive child and he could clearly sense that Nicole was very emotional right now.

All of a sudden, he grabbed onto Nicole's hand and said, “Mommy, l'm getting hungry. Can you go to the kitchen and see if theres something to eat? Quick, l'm so hungry l'm going to starve to death.”

Lucas pushed Nicole out of the room as he was talking.

Nicole's sadness was immediately washed away.

Nicole remembered that Lucas didn't eat much on the place. She took off her jacket and rolled up her sleeves, “Yes yes, l'll go make you something to eat. You entertain yourself now, and don't mess up Olivia's place okay?”

“Yes yes, I know.”

Lucas pouted and closed the door on Nicole.

He stared at Nicoles photo on the wall. He took out his phone and swiftly took some pictures of them. He then turned on the computer in the room.

He transferred the photos to the computer and soon he found information on Nicole.

Including the news about Nicoles and Samuel's wedding and the incident 5 years ago, where Nicole met up with a lover and they got engulfed by a fire.

Lucas's eyes dimmed.

Mommy had a lover?

How could it be?

Ever since he was born, he knew that there was only one man in his mommy's heart, and the man was Samuel. She wouldrt say anything, but Lucas could feel the hatred in her heart.

lt had to be that Samuel did something bad to his mom.

Lucas swiftly searched for information about Samuel.

He had already looked Samuel up after he heard Nicole mumbling the name in her sleep. He knew everything about his background, his power and his marital status.

Suddenly, Lucas found a picture of Samuel holding a boy.

The boy was around his age and he looked very similar to Samuel. Samuel was staring lovingly at the boy in the picture.

Who was this boy?

Lucas squinted his eyes abruptly.

He quickly looked up the boy and found out that he was the oldest grandson of the Green family, .Joseph Green. And .Joseph was 4 months older than him!