Chapter 5 - Don't Try to Escape, My Wife!

Samuel let out a soft sigh and squatted down. The kid had fine features and was considered nice looking. Based on his usual behavior, he would definitely not waste his time to do such a thing. Yet at this moment, he felt that he was no longer himself. “How old are you? Why does your mom let you wear this kind of pants?” He frowned when he saw the zip of his pants was actually stuck.

Lucas said with a low voice, “I'm already a big boy! lm four years oldt”

“So a big boy like you carr! even solve the zip problem yourself?” Samuel would not talk that much to anyone during normal! days, yet he did not know what had gone wrong to him. He solely felt that the kid before him made him comfortable and he was willing to talk to him more.

There was a quick change in Lucass expression, so quick that Samuel did not notice that. “tts all done.” The moment Samuel fixed the zip, Lucas yelled, “Oh! Mister, I can’t hold it anymore!”

“What?” As Samuel just finished asking, something warm with odd odor was splashed right onto his face.

“I didn't mean it! Sorry!” Lucas quickly apologized. He darted into one of the cubicles like a loach and closed the door. Samuel then realized what was actually being splashed onto his face. Damnl! He was the president of the Green Group, but now he actually got peed by a boy on the face?

His anger surged. “Come out, you little bastard!" He had not gone that mad for many years.

Lucas hid inside the cubicle and smiled in victory. Yet he sounded he was going to cry, “i'm sorry, Mister. I really can't hold it any longer. Wait a minute. Please wait here and I'll ask my mom to compensate you. Ór you may pee back at me in return, is that okay?” His words nearly suffocated Samuel. Peeing at a child as the president of a company? How ridiculous was that? Samuel felt that he was out of way to vent his anger, and the urine on his face made him more uncomfortable. He quickly washed his face with clean water but the discomfort did not go away. He had rubbed his face with the hand wash three to four times continually but still doubted the odor had disappeared any.

Paying attention to the commotion outside, a smile broke upon Lucass lips. That's what happened to you when you bullied mommy and abandoned us! I'll just teach you a small lesson today as the interest for all these years. Well slowly deal with you regarding the debts you ve owed us in the future! An excited victorious look flashed across his face, but he still mourned, “Mister, please dorït beat me. Just pretend you ve been peed by your own son. l really didt do that on purpose, please don t tell my mom. She'll beat me to death!” He then pretended to sob after finishing.

Samuel stopped whatever he was doing. His own son? lIf Nicole had not died back then, would their son be of his age now? He stared at his own reflection in the mirror. He had not looked that pathetic

before. His hair was drenched and locks of hair were clinging to his forehead. His eyes with dark circles were filled with rage.

Eyes? He then realized the kid just now had the exact same eyes as his. ltwas no wonder he would feel familiar towards the boy, it was actually because of his eyes. There were not many people in the city who had had the same eyes as him, and it could be because of this, he had extra patience towards the kid. He sighed and said coldly, “don't tell anyone about what's happened today, including your mom, you hear me? And don't say you know me when we meet again in the future.”

“Okay, I get it! l promise Í worft say itf” Lucas quickly spoke. He was so obedient that Samuel could not criticize him any longer. He was destined to swallow his grievance today. He then glanced at the cubicle one more time gloomily and left the washroom in annoyance. “What's happened to you? Mr. Green." The exclamation of the assistant was heard from the outside yet Samuel left with strides.

Lucas only got out of the cubicle when there was no more sound being heard from the outside. Watching the direction which Samuel left, the corner of his lips curved. He took a mini spy camera out from below the basin and put it inside his pocket. He only walked out of the washroom after washing his hands.

Nicole had long gotten out of the washroom. Without seeing Lucas anywhere, she began to feel slightly worried. As she was going to check out on him, she saw Samuel getting out of the washroom in

exasperation. His hair was wet as if he had washed it before. Samuel was a man that paid great attention to his image when in public and Nicole knew that very well. Having seen him behaving like a drowned mouse, she was slightly startled, but she still hid at the side subconsciously to avoid getting his attention.

She had returned, and she would slowly make him pay for what he had owed them five years ago. She did not need to rush.

Lucas came out of the washroom after Samuel had left the scene angrily. “Lucas.ˆ Nicole grabbed his arm and examined him from head to toes. She was only relieved when she noticed he was not injured. Lucas certainly knew what she was worried about, but he pretended that he did not know anything and asked, “What's wrong mommy? l was only going to the washroom, why are you so nervous? Oh yes, the Mister I met just now was so handsome. What do you think mommy?”