Chapter 1 - Ex-husband, Please Respect Yourself

In the middle of the night,Cathy Lawson seemed to be immersed in a dream,the man's heavy body is closing to her. It is so hot that she could not help shivering.

"Aha" stuffiness let her cannot help opening eyes.

It wasn't a dream.

The man that comes back only once a week originally is bedside her at the moment. Dim light from the lamp spraied on his body,the muscular texture of the upper body is clear, what is more,his arms are slender, even have a kind of aesthetic feeling extremely.

Cathy Lawson was stunned.

Isn't it Saturday? Why is he back?

"Awake?" The man's voice was low but offish.

The next day, Cathy Lawson was waked up by the sound of the car downstairs .

She put her arms around the quilt and sit up from the bed, stunned for more than ten seconds, then she heard something in the kitchen .She walked out of the room, seeing a slender figure working in the kitchen.

The man was wearing casual clothes , with slender waist and long legs

.But he didn't look weak last night.

Oh my god, what was she thinking!

Tyrone made breakfast and came out from the kitchen, caught sight of her still in sleeping skirt .He knited his brows, "Go and change your clothes."

"well...Ok."She wore a sexy silk nightdress.She looked down to see herself and blushed involuntarily,so she run into the bedroom hurriedly.

After she washed out, Tyrone had sat at the table to eat breakfast, Cathy sat down opposite him.

The sandwiches and Fried eggs made by the man look good and smell attractive. Cathy was taking tiny bites of the eggs and neither of them spoke. The only sound on the table was the clash of knives and forks.

Cathy had already get used to this kind of life.

After breakfast,she cleaned up and accidently kicked the door on the way came out from the kitchen.

Seeing this,Tyrone took the band-aid from the cabinet and handed it to her.

"Thank you."Cathy Lawson knew that he was always unconcerned,but she still felt down.

All the other couples were in love and cared about each others.But they are the exception.They were like strangers although under the same roof.

Tyrone did not say anything , just turned back to take the suit jacket and put it on.

It has to be said that some men are naturally suitable for wearing suits, especially Tyrone, a slender figure, who looks particularly good in suits, and is full of air just standing there.

Do the dishes after you eat, don't leave them in the sink." When he was saying, Tyrone already put on the leather shoes.

After her reacted, all that remained was the sound of closing the door.

She kept squatting there. If he had just let her down, then she was now invaded bone marrow by the cold and she felt more disheartened.

She knew that Tyrone had married her but was forced by his father.The man didn't love her at all.

What is worse, when they got married, Tyrone asked her to sign a contract, including before marriage and after marriage.

The contract includes that the cost of living is divided into half and half,no children within four years and they have to divorce at the end of four years.

She signed the contract.She innocently thought she could melt his cold heart.But he's like an iceberg.

Three years later, his attitude is still very cold, all she has done is in vain.

From last night till now, he has only said four sentences.He was distant and defensive.

What a ridiculous marriage she has!