Chapter 2 - Ex-husband, Please Respect Yourself

After a time ,Cathy got up slowly,Calmly went to the kitchen and wash the dishes.After cleaning,she changed her clothes,then went to the garage to get her car .Half an hour later, she arrived at the company .

Employees greeted her when they saw her,“Good morning, manager”

“Good morning "Cathy smiled and nodded.She walked into the office and took off her coat, asked the assistant: "Does Mr.Browne come ?"

"yes,he is in the office."

She knocked at the door and entered his office.

"Hey."Mr. aBrowne immediately put down his folder when he saw her.He made tea for her and asked,"what's up?"

"I came here for money."Cathy confessed,"Mr.Browne,I have worked for the company for three years.You must know about me,so I hope you can lend me two million dollars."

He was surprised and looked embarrassed,"Cathy ,sorry,I can't decide.That's a lot of money.Even if I agree, the other directors will object.

"I understand.May I borrow it from you?"Cathy said,"I'll pay back the money in six months and plus five percent interest"

"I have no idea. My wife is in charge of all the money.She won't agree."

Suddenly, he remembered something and asked,"Your husband is an investor,two million dollars is a small sum for him."

"He?He doesn't earn much."Cathy felt sad.

She married for three years,but she knew nothing about her husband. Nothing. She didn't know where his company is and how much he earns each month.

"My hands are tied"Mr.Browne poured her a cup of tea,"I can give you a raise. After all, you work hard"

Cathy knew all is in vain." I'm sorry to trouble you.Thank you all the same."She was going to leave.

" Why don't you try to borrow money from the bank?"Mr.Browne suggested.

"Thank you."

Walking out of his office, she felt irritated, so she went into the toilet, took out her lighter and cigarette, and started smoking.

She's not addicted to cigarettes. It just for fun. She hasn't touched them since she married Tyrone Raman ,because she knew he hated the smell. Recently she started smoking again and became addicted to it.

She sat on the toilet lid, smoked with a slightly dignified face.

She has been proud all her life for having a father who is a judge. In college, she thought about applying for the major of justice, but she was not interested in it. Finally, she chose finance.

In fact, a long time ago, she thought that her family was too 'rich', that her dowry was large enough when she got married, and that the family had moved into a three-story villa, and she thought her father made too much money. But she did not doubt her father.

It wasn't until a month ago.When her father didn't come home, that Cathy was informed her father had been arrested after the news was broadcast.

Her mother was almost blind from crying and her hair was gray.

She was calm, reassuring her mother while she contacted a lawyer and tried to pay back money.

Several apartments were sold, including her dowry and car,but there was still $2 million short.

All the relatives are running away from them. What's worse,she move into Tyrone Raman's apartment with audacity.

During half a month, she asked all her friends to lend her some money, but nobody help her.