Chapter 7 - Ex-husband, Please Respect Yourself

She thought about her marriage with Tyrone.They have been married for three years, but nothing has changed in their relationship.They are like strangers living under the same roof, bound by a contract.

Sometimes she wondered why she could face Tyrone for three years.After all, he was so ruthless.

At this moment, Cathy's lower abdomen came fits of throbbing pain.Her face was pale, her legs weak, and she nearly fell.

Matt Spenser caught her at once,looking at her pale face,”Are you all right? Shall I take you to the hospital?”.

“It's nothing.”.She waved the hand to refuse, smile sadly," in fact, I envy you very much, you can divorce an unsuitable person.”

“Oh?”Matt Spenser asked. Although he hadn't come back for a long time, he kept in touch with her father and learned that she was married to someone else.And it is said that the man comes from a bad family background."He treats you badly?”

Cathy shook her head.

She preferred him to be unkind to her rather than always cold.To him, home did not seem to exist.

Cathy was about to say something when she looked up and saw a line of people coming towards her.

Several men in suits seem to be business elites,The man at the front of the line was dressed in a black suit and had short, clean black hair. What is hard to forget is his temperament.

Beside him stood a slender woman in a gray dress, the cool color on her was very bright. She is white and delicate, with a slight smile on her lips.

Cathy stood stiffly. She thought the woman next to him must be the one who answered the phone last time.It must be!

Tyrone, who was walking towards her, also saw Cathy.

Tyrone frowned when he saw her standing beside a man.When he was about to say something, the woman beside him opened the door,"Mr. Raman,Please.”

According to the woman's voice, Cathy knew she must be the woman who answered the phone last time.Her voice was even better than on the phone.

Tyrone passed her without a word! She clung to the bottom of her dress.

Just as she was about to leave smartly, her lower abdomen was throbbing with pain. She fell down.


Tyrone heard his voice as he entered the room. He looked out and saw that Cathy was lying on the carpet with a pale face.He pushed away the people around him and ran to her.

“Stay away from her”He pushed Matt Spenser, picked her up and walked out of the hotel with a grim face.

Matt Spenser guessed who he was, and did not run after him.

Tyrone carried her to the hospital emergency room.

While he was waiting, he called Marian Johnson and ordered her to cancel the meeting tonight.

About ten minutes later, the door of emergency room opened.

The doctor took off his mask and asked him directly,”Is she your wife?”

“Yes.”He nodded.

“Take good care of your wife, don't let her smoke and drink.”

“If she doesn't adjust her sleep schedule and take good care of her body, it will be difficult for her to have a baby in the future.I gave her some medicine and you reminded her to take it on time”The doctor scolded him.

“Thank you.”

Tyrone thought of what the doctor had said and rubbed between his eyes.

Because his family forced him, he had to marry Cathy, naturally also is very antipathy to this marriage. He asked to sign a contract when got married , their own affairs are apart, in case of having any pester when they divorce.

But he saw Cathy lived a bad life with a disease, he felt sorry. After all, she was a girl in her twenties, and he had to take care of her somehow.

Tyrone went downstairs to the hospital supermarket to buy a hot porridge.

When he entered the ward, happened to see Cathy wake up, seems to struggle to sit up.

"Don't move."Tyrone put the porridge on the table, slipped a pillow into her back to make her feel comfortable.

“I thought you were just smoking for fun. Why are you addicted?"Tyrone said.

Hasn't he left yet?