Chapter 6 - Ex-husband, Please Respect Yourself

Not long after, the representative of the other side came.

He was a French,while his assistant and another bosses were not. Cathy felt a little bit familiar with one tall man,but she was not able to recall where she had met him.

But that man definitely recognized her,and called her with smile:" sister Cathy”.

Finally Cathy recognized him,seeing his smiled gentle eyes.

He was her fellow brother Matt Spenser,who once was her father's student and had worked in the court. But later he moved to Switzerland because of his family's business,never coming back.

"Matt." Cathy replied him with smile.

They didn’t continue talking with each other while in business negotiation,even if they know each other.But they can communicate when free in private.

Cathy sit behind Mr. Bruno,listening carefully what the counterpart is saying and translating it to Mr. Bruno.Then she translated his reply in French to the other side.

That requires a high ability of listening.Besides,every country’s language is different. That means translating one language to another will make a little differences.Cathy managed to make the translation brief to make sure both sides could understand.

During the middle of the negotiation, everyone was interested in toast.Cathy drunk the toast on behalf of Mr. Bruno.She was in her period.Continuous drink of cold wine make her uncomfortable,as her face

turned pale.

Matt Spenser had seen that.He turned to the representative’s ear and said something.Then they drunk less wine and instead ate more dishes. Cathy took a relief and felt much more comfortable.

In less than an hour and a half, the negotiation was basically over and both sides signed the contract.

There being nothing to do with her, Cathy consulted Mr. Bruno and went out to the bathroom.She intended to have a smoke but found she didn’t bring her bag,so she just washed her hands and left.

In the corridor, She met Matt Spenser.

Cathy proactively said to him: “Thank you for what you have done just,brother.”But for his help,she would have been over-drunken to vomit over the toilet.

“All right.”Matt Spenser gently laughed.Seeing her hands wet,he took out his handkerchief and handed to Cathy Lawson, “Don’t keep your hands wet.It’s easy to catch cold.”

With no restraint, Cathy took over the handkerchief and wiped her hands. “I often saw you bring a handkerchief with you. I just do not think you keep the habit all along.”She quipped.

“I’m used to it.and it is cleaner.” Matt Spenser followed Cathy to the catering room,shoulder by shoulder. “I heard about teacher’s issue,but I couldn’t contact you because I didn’t have your phone number.”

“He deserves it.”She said with no impression, “He doesn’t deserve your sympathy.It was he didn’t cherish the chance of sitting in such position and he was insatiable that leaded to this result.”

Matt signed softly, taking out a business card and delivered to Cathy, “I heard teacher hasn’t be sentenced.If you need any help,you can tell me.After all,he had taught me for years.”

Being hesitated, Cathy accepted the card.

When meeting him,Cathy indeed thought of borrowing money from him,for 200 million dollars is a big amount.But she is too shameful to say that,and what made her feel more shameful was that her father was his teacher.

“I will ask you for help if I need.”Cathy gave up the idea of borrowing money.She turned to another topic, “I’ve heard that you got married short after you moved to Switzerland. How are you doing?”

“Not good.” There was a bitter smile in his cool face.He slightly said: “My wife is too hedonic and out of control.I can not stand her being called by men every day,sometimes even 3 men a I asked for a divorce.” “...” Cathy had not expected that his life would be in such a condition and could not recovered from what he said. “I heard you have a child.What about the child if you are divorced?

“I’m afraid that she will spoil my daughter ,being her personality.So I gave her half of my prosperity and got the custody.I bring my daughter back as well and we will stay some time there.”

Seeing Cathy frowning, as if she felt sorry about asking that,he smiled: “You don’t need to feel sorry.That wasn’t a big issue.It’s just a common thing for inharmonious couple-----get divorced.”

Cathy slightly grinned,not saying anything.