Chapter 6 - Falling For My Mysterious Wife

Chapter 6

“I never joke around.” Elaina gave a faint smile, brimming with confidence.

Marie was fated not to die. If Elaina had not divorced Jalen, perhaps Dr. Gainsford would have been retired and wouldn’t have had a chance to save Marie.

It was probably fate.

After learning about Marie’s condition, she and Jalen walked out of the ward. The smile on her face disappeared, and she became serious. “You should have asked her to do the surgery earlier.”

“I know.” The man nodded. “But I just learned about you.

“I’m not the only one in the country who can do this operation.” Elaina looked at him, not understanding why Jalen asked her to do it.

“Yes, maybe other doctors can do it, but…” Jalen was silent for a moment and then said, “I don’t dare to take the risk.”

Dr. Gainsford was a famous top brain surgeon, and it was not an exaggeration to say that she was the best brain surgeon in the world.

Therefore, he would rather wait until he found Elaina than put Marie at the slightest risk.

Elaina understood what he meant, and her heart sank. So that was the case.

Jalen, for your little lover, you put in so much effort.

I wonder if you have considered your wife who you have never seen when you are thinking about this.

No, your ex–wife.

She was angry, but it was not that she liked Jalen, but that she simply felt humiliated.

Elaina had been strong since she was a child. She had always been the first in everything. She had never been bullied. Only when she married Jalen, she felt that she had been insulted.

Jalen did not like her, but he disdained seeing her. This was unacceptable to Elaina who had been proud since she was a child.

It was fine if they divorced. In the future, they would not interfere with each other, but he took the initiative to find her. The reason was to save his little lover.

It would be strange if Elaina could endure that insult.

However, she must treat her patient, which was a dilemma for her.

“Mr. Halton, don’t rejoice too soon. Although I promised to save Ms. Dunston, it is not without conditions.” Elaina felt she should make Jalen spend a lot of money, otherwise, she would suffer a terrible loss.

“Please speak.” What he was afraid of was that Elaina didn’t ask for anything, and it would be much easier if she made the request.

Elaina thought for a moment and said to him, “I am building a laboratory. I need funds and equipment.”

“No problem. Everything will be provided by the Halton Group,” Jalen replied.

“Northwestern Memorial Hospital is lacking the latest surgical equipment,” she added.

“The Halton Group will provide it.” Even if Elaina did not mention it, he would have considered it. After all, he

could not let Marie take too much risk.

He agreed so straightforwardly. Elaina glanced at him. She could not tell what she felt. Anyway, she was not comfortable. “Mr. Halton, you are willing to do anything for Ms. Dunston.”

Yes, because she is very important to me.” He nodded without hesitation. After all, Marie was the one that Jalen’s savior entrusted to Jalen before he died. How could she not be important?

It turned out that Jalen was not as heartless as the rumors said. He was just ruthless to Elaina.

Why would Elaina care about this? Anyway, they were already divorced. After this operation, they probably wouldn’t talk to each other again.

“In that case, Mr. Halton, you might as well donate a building. The hospital is short of an impatient building.”

Northwestern Memorial Hospital was just passable. The beds in the inpatient building were limited, and

many patients could not be hospitalized. She asked Jalen to donate an inpatient building, which would

benefit the patients in New York.

Jalen’s face immediately darkened. He gritted his teeth and was a little annoyed. “Dr. Gainsford, you care

about your hospital so much.”

Just the equipment would cost at least millions of dollars. Now, Elaina even asked him to donate a building.

It could cost way more.

Knowing that Jalen was unhappy, Elaina did not care. “Mr. Halton, you seem to be reluctant. If you don’t want

to, I won’t force you. But Ms. Dunston…”

“I will donate!” Jalen gritted his teeth. Elaina was sure that he would agree.

As he thought, Elaina was not worried that he would not agree. The person Jalen loved, presumably, was


“Dr. Gainsford, do you have any other conditions? Say them all in one go.” His face was livid, and his body was emitting a terrifying aura. He had an expression that said, “If you dare to ask for more money, I will

strangle you.”

Elaina knew when to stop. Moreover, even if Jalen was unwilling to give anything, she would still save her

patient. Therefore, she was satisfied with this outcome.

She shook her head. “No.”

“Then the operation…”

“When the equipment arrives, the operation will begin,” she said.


“The equipment will arrive on time tomorrow morning,” Jalen said. He looked at Elaina solemnly and added,

“Then I will trust Marie’s life with you, Dr. Gainsford.”

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