Chapter 5 - Falling For My Mysterious Wife

Chapter 5

Get Boyton

“Mr. Halton, it’s not your fault that you aren’t familiar with the ‘Physician Act’. According to the ‘Physician Act’, medical practitioners shall practice within the scope of their practice and the place where they are registered for practice. My registration place is Northwestern Memorial Hospital. You know where I’m going with this, right?” she explained a lot, which was rare. She only said this much for the patient’s sake.

“So, you can’t go to the private hospital for surgery?” he asked.

“No.” She had no interest in ruining her career as a doctor because of this.

Jalen fell silent. Obviously, he had little knowledge of the “Physician Act”. He was now very hesitant.

“If there is nothing else, I’ll get back to work. Mr. Halton, you should make plans early.” Elaina saw the hesitation on Jalen’s face, and she knew that the reason why he did not want to transfer Marie here was because of his distrust of Northwestern Memorial Hospital’s equipment and conditions.

She thought, well then. Suit yourself.

Elaina disappeared from Jalen’s line of sight. After that, Graham came over to Jalen. “Mr. Halton, did Dr. Gainsford agree to operate on Ms. Dunston?”

Jalen shook his head. He thought, well, it wasn’t about her, really. It was me that couldn’t make up my mind.

Graham did not know what Jalen was thinking. He was slightly surprised. “People all say that famous doctors are weirdos. I guess it’s true.”

He thought, Mr. Halton is here personally to invite her, yet she turns him down. It seems that she is something.

Women are the hardest to deal with.

After the incident yesterday, the staff of the hospital treated Elaina differently. They stopped looking down upon her. Also, the patients weren’t as resistant as before when they knew that Elaina was the surgeon who operated.

Elaina had three surgeries in one day. Those who helped her during the surgeries were exhausted.

On the contrary, Elaina was still energetic. She was even like a machine that never got tired….

“Are there any more surgeries today?” Elaina asked Joyce, who was behind her.

“No.” Joyce shook her head. The Neurosurgery Department of Northwestern Memorial Hospital wasn’t very developed, so they didn’t have many patients.

However, Joyce had a hunch. Everything would change because of Elaina’s arrival.

“Dr. Gainsford, I’m sorry for my slight. You’re the best neurosurgeon I’ve ever seen,” said a doctor aside, his eyes full of admiration.

“And the most driven as well,” said another doctor with a wry smile.

Elaina smiled and glanced at them, “Beaten already? I once had six operations a day without a break.”

Hearing that, everyone gave her a thumbs-up.

Brain surgery was notoriously long. What was more, there were countless nerves in the brain, and surgeons needed to be on high alert at all times. One surgery was exhausting enough, not to mention six.

They did not even dare to imagine.

Joyce grinned. “Now you know how badass Dr. Gainsford is, right?” She looked proud. She knew it! Elaina was awesome. Elaina was her idol indeed.

“Yes. She is very badass. Satisfied?”

Enough about that. It’s been a hard day for everyone. You’re all in for a treat. Today’s dinner is on me,” Elaina said to the people present. She should have a get-together with those from the same department since she was their deputy director who recently came here.

“You don’t have to treat us. The director beat you to it. A welcoming dinner awaits you tonight!”

People chatted and walked toward the director’s office.

Suddenly, a tall figure came over. When they looked up, they were all shocked.

It was Jalen.

They thought, why is he here again?

They looked at Elaina. Words got out that Jalen was here to invite Elaina to do some kind of surgery. They admired Elaina very much. After all, she was capable enough to let Jalen, the big shot, come to her personally.

“Everyone, go back to work. I’ll see you tonight,” Elaina said to the others. Jalen was invisible to her.

The crowd scattered quickly. Soon, only Jalen and Elaina were left in the corridor.

Elaina looked up at the man in front of her. She said, “Mr. Halton, nice to meet you again. I’m sure you must have made your decision.”

Jalen nodded. “I have already transferred Marie here. She is in the Inpatient Department now. When are you free to see her?”

Elaina nodded. Sure enough, Jalen was excellent at execution. He didn’t waste any time.

“I can go now,” she said. She wasn’t busy now, so she might as well go and visit Marie. If she was going to operate on Marie, a lot of preparations would be needed.

Elaina and Jalen walked together to the Inpatient Department. Along the way, Elaina did not say a word to Jalen, as if he didn’t exist.

In the ward, Elaina saw Marie. Perhaps due to her serious illness, Marie looked pale and could drift away with the slightest gust of wind.

Marie heard the sound and looked up. At a glance, she saw Elaina, the stunning woman in front of her.

Chapter 5


“Jalen, this is?”

“Dr. Gainsford, your surgeon,” he introduced Elaina.

Marie was obviously surprised at how young Elaina was. If she hadn’t known Jalen, she would have thought that he was messing with her.

“Hello, Dr. Gainsford. Thank you for agreeing to operate on me,” Marie smiled at Elaina. Her face was pale from weakness, and it looked like she would faint at any second.

Elaina nodded at Marie and said, “I’ve seen your chart. Don’t worry too much. You’ll be fine.”

“Really?” Marie could not believe it. After all, those from the private hospital had already given up on her.

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