Chapter 7 - Hey, My Twins Babies

On the way back to the city from the cemetery.

"It seems like it has changed a lot in four years."

Winnie sighed with emotion.

"Yes, a lot. You've changed, too. You used to dress formally, but now you have changed your style."

When Daenerys caught a glimpse of Winnie in the rearview mirror, and found her had changed a lot.

When they met at the airport, Daenerys thought she had made a mistake.

She was wearing simple jeans with roll-up trouser legs, a pair of ultra-casual canvas flats, a white T- shirt and a loose-fitting jacket. She still looked girlish, but changed.

"No, I just feel more comfortable dressing like this to take care of kids after giving birth toMegan. When I go to work, I dress formally every day. When I come home from work, I just want to relax."

Winnie did not feel that she had any change, if there was, it was the suffering that made her mature.

"By the way, will you leave again?"

Daenerys did not want her to leave.

"I don't know yet. My company sent me to be a technical advisor for one year. I don't know what the company will do after a year."

Winnie stroked Megan who had fallen asleep on her leg and answered in a low voice.

She had deep feeling for this this city and she wanted to stay, but she was not sure if she could.

"Don't leave. You can quit your job and start over. After all, this is your home. You can't always stay outside. Megan will grow up bit by bit, and she needs a more stable environment."

The year had just begun, and Daenerys was worried that her friend will leave.

After going through one parting, she didn't want to do it again and she did not like that

"We will see. I still have aunt and Vanessa, I can't decide by myself."

Winnie whispered. She had deep feeling for this city, but it had given her the most pain.

"Well, we will talk about it in the future. A year is long enough for you to think about. By the way, does your company know you come back in advance?"

"No. I changed my flight contingently without telling them."

Looking at the increasingly busy street outside the window, Winnie was absent-minded.

Four years ago, she walked in a mess. Some things had not been completely solved, so she was not easy to come back.

The Building of the Bennete Group’s headquarter was located in the most prosperous section of B City and was the landmark building of B City. The Bennet family, who owned the building, became the unmistakable economic mastermind of B City.

B City was the central city of the country, the national economic center, political center, cultural exchange center, scientific and technological innovation center, and it was the most direct window for the world to know this country.

Since it dominated the economy of such a city, the Bennete Group's influence could be imagined. There were the Bennete Group's businesses and subsidiaries in Asia and even around the world.

The man ran such a huge company was great.

A group of people were walking into majestic reception hall on the first floor with imposing manner.

The man in the front was wearing a black suit. He had straight figure, handsome face and deep eyes. He was like an inviolable king.

He was Brian, the head ofthe Bennete Group and he led the Bennete Group to the world.

Brian took the president's exclusive elevator to the president's office.

When the elevator door opened, Brian strode to the desk and decisively pressed the internal line.

In a few seconds, the large solid wood door of the president's office was pushed open by a group of people. The employees in formal suits walked in neatly and began to report their work.

"Mr. Bennet."

Klara Saunders the female secretary was the last one to come in, but her report was the most urgent.


Brian raised his cold eyes.

"Mr. Bennet, the man sent to the airport this morning failed to pick up technical director from MT company."

The female secretary seemed to have been accustomed to Brian’s indifference and reported calmly.

"Failed to pick up? You cannot even make it?"

Brian frowned and was angry.

"Mr. Bennet, the man who went to the airport checked and found that this technician arrived three days ago but she didn't contact the company."

"Sorry, I am the technical director from MT compaby."

As soon as Klara's voice fell, a woman's clear and soft voice was heard.

Brian looked toward the source of the voice and found a tall woman walking to him in a graceful manner.

The woman was in wide-legged pants, high-heeled shoes and a white shirt with loose sleeves, which made her look elegant and charming.

The woman had oval face, clear eyes and straight nose. When she smiled, the dimples could be seen.

Her smiled showed that she was a delicate and elegant professional woman, but was quiet and intellectual.

Her presence and her extraordinary temperament stunned the entire office.

The woman fixed her eyes on the central figure with respect after looking around to everLKody, but there was a trace of surprise in her eyes.

If she was right, the central man was the father of the little boy she had met on the plane three days earlier. From the boy's behaviors and his excellent clothes, she knew he was a rich second generation, but she did not expect he would be the son of Brian.

Winnie recognized the man, but she didn't mention it.

"Please allow me to give a self introduction. My name is Winnie, the software engineer of MT headquarters."

Winnie calmly stretched out her hand and greeted the man with a wrinkled brow and a cold face.

Brian looked at Winnie's slender and tender hands, but did not make any reaction. He felt that the woman in front of him was different from the casual woman he met on the plane.

"This is the president of the Bennete Group, Mr. Bennet."

The secretary found Brian did not respond and hastened to ease the atmosphere.

Winnie felt embarrassed since her hand was in the mid-air. She did not know he was so cold and arrogant. Anyway he was a plutocrat and the boss of transnational corporation.

Winnie smiled and withdrew her hand.

"That is so Mr. Bennet."

"Being late on your first day at work, I doubt your abilities."

Looking at Winnie’s eyes with sarcasm, Brian was not happy.

Winnie did not expect Brian to meet partners in this special way, so she unconsciously raised a radian with sneer.

"Mr. Bennet, I have been to the software development department before coming here, but your staff's communication speed is limited. I came here to say hello to you and thank you for helping me arrange the apartment, and thank you for arranging such a nice kindergarten for my daughter.”

Winnie was gentle and elegant, but Brian's face changed.

The directors of all departments were surprised that such a beautiful woman had already married and had children, which really upset a lot of people. ButBrian's face changed, they did not dare to show their feeling.

"Thank you, Mr. Bennet. I should get back to work."

Winnie turned to leave gracefully.

"Klara, get ready. I'm running the software development meeting myself."

Brian suddenly changed his work plan. He wanted to see why this woman was pround.

"I'll arrange it."

Klara took orders and went out to get ready.

The Bennete Group had just acquired a mid-sized mobile phone manufacturer in the country and was confident that it would become a leader in the mobile phone industry.

After the acquisition, the mobile phone brand officially changed its name to LK.

After the brand was established, the Bennete Groupcooperated with MT the world top software company, and Winnie was a software engineer sent by MT headquarters to provide technical guaidance and appointed as the director in the Bennete Group.