Chapter 6 - Hey, My Twins Babies

Four years later.

The plane was flying smoothly above the clouds, but the little boy in the first class seat was fidgeting.


Tentatively, the boy called out to the man who had fallen asleep next to him.


Seeing the man didn't respond, the boy gently pushed the man with his hand this time.


The man woke up.

"What is it?

His voice was steady and introverted, but it felt no warmth.

"Dad, I need to go to the bathroom."

The boy said timidly.

Brian glanced at the woman sitting on next to the boy and found that she was also asleep, so he got up and took the boy to the bathroom.

The boy seemed to be very independent. When he was using the bathroom, while Brian stood outside the door and waiting.

In the first row of economy class, a little girl of about five years old sat by the window, looking curiously at the endless clouds.

"Mommy, those clouds are beautiful."

The little girl had fair and tender skin and a pair of bright eyes on her small face, high nose and dimples when she was smiling.

The girl had neat bangs and tied a small ponytail behind. Wearing a white cotton dress, she looked neat and lovely.

"Mmm, it's beautiful."

Winnie looked along the direction of the girl's fingers. It was really spectacular.

"Mommy, the clouds always move when we're on the ground. Why don't the clouds move here?"

"The little girl asked curiously in her soft voice.

"It's not that it doesn't move, it's that we don't see it. The clouds are always moving in the wind." Winnie’s soft and beautiful voice fell in the ear of Brian, who was standing out of the bathroom.

This voice...

Brian frowned, then looked sideways at the source of the sound.

"Mommy, I don't see the wind, either. Where is the wind? Have it gone home to take a nap?"

The little girl looked innocent and ignorant.

"Yes, Megan, you are clever. The wind was tired and went home to rest."

Winnie showed a doting smile. Children's world was simple.

"Mommy, there's a little brother watching us over there."

Megan suddenly turned round and pointed to the two men standing at the door of the washroom.

Winnie looked towards the direction of the finger of Megan, and looked into the man’s eyes. She didn’t know the man, but she could feel cold breath from his body.

But the little boy next to him was very likable.

The boy's big eyes were strange and slightly timid. He had a straight nose, bushy black eyebrows and curling eyelashes. A jute bonnet on his head did not hide his jet-black hair.

Winnie looked at the boy and then at the man, feeling they looked similar.

Winnie gave the boy a warm smile and a friendly wave.

"Daddy, can I go over there and play with the little sister?"

The boy looked up expectantly.

"The plane is still flying. We go back to our seats."

The man took the boy's hand and was to leave.

"Daddy, Mommy's sleeping. I'll wake her up if I go back. I'll play with the little sister for a while and go back when Mammy wakes up."

The boy said, backing away.

"Uncle, let the little brother play with me for a while."

Megan's voice was sweet and soft, which made him hard to refuse.


Brian was silent and wanted to refuse, but the little girl in front of him took away his ability to think.

"Please, Sir, let the child play here for a while."

Winnie found the boy was reluctant to boy, so she intercede for him.

Brian had a serious face. He did not want to make the child embarrassed in the public, so he had to compromise temporarily.

"You're alone here. I'll come and pick you up."

"Thanks, Daddy."

The boy was so excited that he ran over with a big smile on his face, and Brian took a look at him and went back to the first class.

"Hello little brother, my name is Megan Chambers, my family calls me Megan."

Megan Chambers was very outgoing and introduced herself.

"Hello, Megan, my name is Luke Johnson, my family calls me Luke."

The boy sat in the middle of the seat and greeted with Megan happily, and then turned to say hi to Winnie.

"Hello, Auntie, you can call me Luke."

"Hello, Luke, good boy."

Winnie looked at the little boy carefully again.

The jeans and espadrilles looked ordinary, but they were all big brands. Winnie's eyes fell on the boy's left forearm, but she was disappointed that he was wearing a long-sleeved coat.

The two kids hit it off, talking and laughing about the world that only they could understand.

Winnie stared at the boy for a long time and was reluctant to move away her sight.

The boy was finally taken back by the man and they never met again until they got off the plane.

The plane landed smoothly. It had been four years since the last time she breathed the air of the city. Winnie had a kind of indescribable feeling and only felt her heart was still in a faint pain.

She came back to the city where she had been born and raised after four years.

On the airport highway, Winnie stared at the window without blinking, wandering her mind.

Here, right here. This was where her father died.

"Take me to the cemetery first, Daenerys. It's been four years. I should visit my parents."

Winnie said in a low mood.

"Ok, I knew you want to visit the grave. I have the flowers ready for you."

Daenerys Lewis was Winnie's good friend, bestie, college classmate.

It was the first time they had met in four years since Winnie left.

"Thank you, Daenerys, for visiting my parents’ grave all these years."

"Say thank you again and I'll leave you on the highway."

Daenerys said jokingly.

"I am good, DaenerysAuntie. Don't leave me on the highway."

Megan seemed to be afraid and hurriedly pleased Daenerys, because it was her first time to meet this beautiful aunt and she did not know her well. If Daenerys really left her and her mommy on the highway, it would be terrible.

"Oh, is the little beauty afraid? Don't worry, I will not leave you here."

Daenerys laughed as she drove. She wanted to have one of the nice kids.

"Mommy, Auntie won't leave us. Auntie just made a joke."

Megan finally breathed a sigh of relief and smiled.

"Yes, Auntie was joking. She's my best friend. How could she leave Mommy here? Megan, mommy will take you to see your grandparents."

Speaking of parents, Winnie's smile faded.

If her parents were still alive, if they could accompany Megan to grow up, that should be a happy thing.

"Mommy, will grandma and grandpa like me?"

Megan asked with worry.

"Yes, they'll like you."

When they were in front of her parents' grave, Winnie could not control her tears and kept sweeping.

Winnie put the flowers in front of the grave, squatted on the ground and looked at her parents' photos on the grave, sobbing.

"Dad, Mom, I'm home."

"Aunt and Vanessa are fine, don't worry."

The sudden departure of her parents made Winnie suffer too much.

"Mommy, don't cry."

The warm hands gently wiped Winnie's tears, which let Winnie have some comfort.

"I miss Grandma and Grandpa.Megan, the two people in the picture are grandparents, say hello."

"Hello, grandpa, grandma, I am Megan."

Megan greeted and made a deep bow.