Chapter 5 - Hey, My Twins Babies

The man correctly located the couch and sat down before he spoke.

"It will come out three days later."

There was no anger in the man’s voice, but it was still cold.

Winnie tiptoed up to the man. She was already very familiar with the environment here, and could still accurately find the man's position without light.

"What do you want? Do you want to talk with me?"

Winnie didn’t think he would come here for no reason.

"Say your condition first, since you did so, you must want to ask for more than the remaining money."

The man's apparent sarcastic tone made Winnie, who was standing on the side, very uncomfortable.

"We agreed from the beginning that we would triple the fee for a boy. I was given half a million as a deposit. Two and a half million more would be enough. I won’t ask for more."

Winnie was short of money, but she would not raise the price.

The man was silent for a moment.

"I'll give you another four million, excluding the five hundred thousand."

"I don't want the extra."

Although four million yuan would solve a big problem for her, Winnie refused.

"Don't interrupt me. You'll take it when I finish."

The man growled and continued.

"Of that, 2.5 million is stipulated in the contract, 500,000 is for nutrition during the pregnancy, and 500,000 is for one month of child support."

The man stopped.

"The other half a million?"

Winnie had no patience to wait.

"Do it with me again."

As the man's words fell, his hands began to move.

He grabbed her by the arm and forced her to sit on the sofa, and pressed her under his body.

This movement was coherent and rapid, and when Winnie realized what had happened, she had been pressed by the man under his body.


Winnie sneered.

"Before I had the baby, it was 50 thousand once, but after I had the baby, it goes up ten times. How could I not know that me worth so much?"

Winnie's heart was beating irregularly, but she said stubbornly.

"If you think it is too much, we can do it several times."

As the man's voice fell, he suddenly kissed Winnie's warm lips. It was a feeling he seemed to have been waiting for a long time.

"HMM...Let go…I refuse."

Winnie’s intermittent refusal was submerged in the strong offensive of the man.

The man's lips controlled Winnie's lips, and his palm moved to Winnie's breast. The feeling of firmness and softness made him unable to move his hands and lips, and his body pressed Winnie steadily.

The man returned the third day with the results.

"The identification has come out. It's my boy."

"Are you going to take him away now?

Winnie had already known the result, but she was extremely reluctant when the man said that. She held the baby tightly in her arms, for fear that the man would take him away immediately.

"I can take him away now. You have to raise him."

The man’s words were cold, but for Winnie, it was an unexpected surprise.

"No problem!”

"But...Can you pay me up front?"

However, Winnie still had to face the harsh reality.

"The lawyer will come and talk to you, and the money will be given when the contract is signed."

The man then groped in the dark to hold the child. Perhaps it was his time to contact baby, he felt stiff.

After dealing with everything with the lawyer, Winnie called Isobel.

"Aunt, I got the money, I have transferred to your account. You give them the four million demanded by the family of the deceased. I'll try to figure it out for the wounded."

After the compensation had been paid to the deceased, Winnie felt a breath of relief. But the rest still weighed on her like a mountain.

“You have given the baby to him? Winwin, shall we take the baby back?"

Isobel said sadly.

"Aunt, there's nothing we can do."

Winnie was the baby's mother, sure she wanted to have the baby.

"Aunt, just do as I say. I'm trying to manage the rest of the money and I will communicate with the injured."

Winnie put down the phone and felt upset again.

The injured man's attitude was even tougher than that of the bereaved man's family. Her phone call didn't help.

Winnie once again fell into distress. Although she had to think of ways, she did not have a clue for the source of money.

The baby was raised by Winnie, and the man would come every day.

For men's physical needs, Winnie did not refuse. She wanted to improve the relationship between them to see if she could borrow some money from him.

For these days the man was different from the past. Every time after sex, she would stay for a while for the baby.

Winnie groped to get dressed and sat down beside the man.

There was a moment's hesitation before she spoke.

"Can I… Can I borrow some money from you? I......"

"Is that why you've been obedient all these days? Is that why you sent the baby back so late?"

The man did not give Winnie the chance to finish her words but directly got angry.

"No, no. I borrow money from you, not to cheat. I'll give you an I.O.U. and I'll give you interest, absolutely no..."

"No? Your ambition has been exposed. The next step you will take the advantage of the baby to marry me?"

The man's roar almost lifted the roof, while the baby in the crib was crying loudly.


Trying to explain, Winnie quickly got out of bed and held the baby in her arms.

"Don't put on a show with me. You've shown your ambition on the first day. You can’t cheat other man but come to. If I didn't need someone to bear my children, do you think you'd have a chance of approaching me?"

"Don't try so hard. You are not qualified."

Winnie was stunned. Leo's sarcasm echoed in the ear again. They both said she had the ambition, and acting but her limited skill exposed her true face.

She was cheap in the eyes of both men.

The man put on the clothes, went to Winnie angrily, and grabbed the baby.

"I'll take the baby. Get out of here."

"Wait, give me more time."

Winnie eagerly stopped the man's way. Looking at the crying baby out of panic, Winnie felt painful in heart.

"Hone, I'm sorry. You must be happy, must be healthy to grow up."

Her tears flew down, crying out loud.

The man had a furrowed brow and pressing thin lips.

Winnie took a data bag from the bed and handed it to the man.

"Here are the basic information and matters need attention of the baby, and a present from me for him."

"You must bring him up well and find him a good stepmother. Don't let him be bullied by his stepmother."

"You think too much, he has no stepmother, only biological mother."

The man said and strode to the door holding the baby. Then he stopped.

"Keep your contract. Don't get your child into trouble. Don't go around lying to bring shame to your child."

The man's words were cold and merciless, and Winnie was miserable.

At the moment the door closed, Winnie could no longer hold up and fell to the ground crying. For money she sacrificed her most precious things, for money she lost all, even the least dignity was wanton trampling.

"I'm sorry...honey, I'm sorry...I'm sorry..."

The sad crying showed her helplessness.

Outside the door, the footsteps of men once again stopped because of the broken cry. Looking at the crying child in his arms, he frowned and walked quickly away.