Chapter 7 - His Ex Wife

Iyan's Pov

I could not believe she was here right in front of me, with a different face i had never seen before, and yet, it seemed so familiar, she still reminded me of her...

I remember exactly 6 years ago when i had opened that door and had seen Yvonne, the shock and bewilderment I had experienced, the joy of seeing her back, of being lucky enough that the universe had understood my longing and pain for her and returned her to me, except for the fact that Yvonne wasn't her, she looked just exactly like her.

Even my classy parents were ashamed to call me their son because I was not like Scott-my step- brother. Scott was the younger one; his mom Parmela, an Italian woman and my father had had an affair for too long- of course it would have stayed that way: hidden- if Parmela had not met that Jewish millionaire she fled to Australia with, leaving Scott under the legal custody of my father.

My mother’s reaction does surprise me at most times though, even though she found out about the affair, she had been too kind to accept Scott as her own younger son. She was angry with my father but her rage had no place towards Scott or his mother. Scott was barely 7 when he had taken my mother away from me; his deceiving innocent face and pitiful state; just enough to melt my mother away from me.

He grew up to be a pride for both of them, his social skills and good looks were talk of the town among the women and their daughters who chased my mother like bees obsess over honey. In the matters of money, Scott had always been ahead of me; sometimes I used to think he was taking too much interest in the financial status of my family, but my dad’s heart and trust were easy to win with that keen interest of his; two birds killed with one stone.

From where I stood, neither did I stay social with the rich affluent kids of my neighborhood and their parents, nor did I hold any interest in minting money. I spent most of my time in the library at both home

and high school.

For most of our childhood years, Scott had been a constant bully to me, he never even considered me his brother, but that feeling had not been mutual either way. Since we were good at academics, both of us got admitted to Cambridge, and father thought what a pride he had to hold in this- his both sons, in the best institute in town and soon would be ready to take over his international Empire.

Little did he know, little did I know that Scott had snatched the one most treasured and beloved to me...and now he was doing the same with Yvonne, if not snatching, he had broken her, it was quite evident.

"I cannot believe this.." she mumbled loud enough, disbelief flooding her eyes.

"I want to help you Yvonne, i know what Scott did to you, he was a scumbag back then and he would always remain one..." I said spitting venom with every word I spoke.

She seemed to ponder for a long moment and then finally nodded, looking at me, "I'm so happy to see you Iyan, I had thought I'd never see of you again," she said with a complacent and sad smile but i knew how i was going to erase that sorrow or at least how i was going to bring her vengeance from Scott.

"Promise me you wouldn't fall for him again Yvonne, I'm not imposing this on you, but I’m determined to see Scott Anderson RUINED!"

She sat still, lost in thoughts, "What's he done to you? I hope nothing worse than what happened to me..." she murmured, drifting off.

"I'll tell you day, when the time is right," I said as I began to think of her, before getting up brusquely, her stark lifeless eyes filling my head, just as the last I had seen of her.

I handed her some documents quickly and spoke, "As from tomorrow, you would be our new Marketing Manager, I want you to work for me until he tries to contact you again, we will discuss the rest in my office. I'll see you in London, you will be sent the ticket soon."

I stormed out before she could say another word, only one name on my mind, her voice, her laugh, her sorrow, her joy, her face that I had yearned to see, Mariella...

2 Weeks later...

"Sir, someone's here to see you," my secretary Warren whispered softly to me.

I looked up and said, "Send her in." I was expecting Yvonne since the day i arrived here in London, "finally..." I thought when I saw her entering my office, her fingers fidgeting with the handle of her purse.

I smiled warmly and welcomed her to sit in front of me. Her face's nervous smile indicated that she was still uncomfortable with this new me. Indeed, it was difficult for me to settle with her new face too, her older face reminded me of her but this new Yvonne was just really a combination of the actual Yvonne and her.

"It's alright Yvonne, I'm not that classy douchebag billionaire you read about on Wattpad," I said smiling.

She looked at me for a second and then burst out laughing loudly, "Right you know, I was imagining just that, from this addicting story called, "The girl he never noticed" where Jade-"

I smiled while saying, "I bet I'll constantly need to remind you to spare me those silly stories of yours."

"Yeah right." she said rolling her eyes, “but I had to point this out, you have changed so much…” she said, looking right into my eyes, her eyes then drifting to my hair.

It suddenly reminded me of how she used to take off my glasses and then give me a small kiss me on the forehead and smell my messy hair and her soft voice in my ears as she used to whisper ‘I like you’ and then chuckle in my ear, kissing my cheek again.

I turned my back abruptly as her soft chuckles and words filled my mind. It was time to get back to the man who was our culprit. My knuckles turned white as I imagined punching Scott in the face for what he did, but even that was too little.

"Yvonne if you want to get back at the man who snatched everything from you, you'll need to forget every moment, every emotion you had for him, right now I'm not talking to you as your older friend Iyan- he was too kind and too weak for taking revenge.” I spoke strictly as I felt her standing still behind me, staring at me.

“Today, I speak to you as Eric, Scott's archenemy who is bent on taking revenge from him. I need you to get back at him, destroy him emotionally so much that he loses his mind, use your love not as your weakness this time, but your strength to get to him," I spoke as I turned to her, watching her get lost in thought, her face drawn taut with a strange melancholy.

"But...I still love you think I'll be able to do that?," she whispered almost inaudibly, her uncertainty too evident through these words.

"Yvonne I know you do, but before losing yourself in his love, remember what he did to you, he compelled you to such a vulnerable and pitiful plight, he's the one responsible for all that's come to you…" I said, coming towards her to place a reassuring hand on her shoulder, I felt so protective towards her, my hatred for Scott grew even more every time I saw Yvonne, she reminded me of what had happened to Mariella, what happened to Yvonne herself and somehow I wanted to punch him in the face and crush his gutted attitude, wiping off that proud smirk he wore in victory.

She did not even look up, though her shoulders loosened in defeat, "Yes, I- I mean you're right…I'll do that, but what if he never calls me back?"

"He will, as soon as he sees you here," I replied, I knew Scott and because I knew him so well, I was aware that he will want Yvonne even more this time, because this time it had to do with his ego and that Anna wasn't anymore than a fuck buddy to him either way, the girl was smart enough to get him to marry her.

Yvonne was stepping into a lot without even knowing it, but this time she isn't alone and what Scott doesn’t know yet is that he will definitely not be the one winning this game.


A week later

Kia's POV

"Yes sir, I’ll make sure that's done as soon as possible," I said to Mr Yoko Humi, a Japanese investor, who was video calling through Skype right now because of an urgent conference.

"Good," he said stridently and ended the call abruptly. I sighed in relief, who ever said that working wasn't hectic? But I was thankful to Iyan to let me work for him, to let me become busy enough to get distracted from Scott. Whilst other times left me stranded and bereft thinking about what and why he had done all this.

I was sitting in Starbucks, and since my work and coffee were both over, I got up to leave. I was just picking up my laptop when I heard Scott's voice from behind me.

"Good to see you again!" he said venomously, I assumed he had already been here since a while, staring at me since a distance.

I turned around to see the thing I sort of dreaded- the intense hatred in his eyes for me. But I had to swallow my pride this time, I knew I needed to, to put the plan into action and once I would succeed, I could easily walk off satisfied.

" should sit down," I said not meeting his eyes.

I did feel he was angry but he took a seat and tapped impatiently on the table, waiting for me to say something.

I hesitated for a moment then said, "How are you?" trying my absolute best to sound as casual as possible. I looked into his eyes, just frustration and anger, no other emotion for me. Somehow my casual tone made him rage.

"How am I??" He asked through his teeth, getting up and pulling me up with him. He pulled me out of the cafe before planking me against the wall of the cafe in an isolated corner, both his hands on either side of me.

"Do you see me Yvonne?? Do you see yourself? You have changed for me! You changed your face," he said touching my cheeks somewhat admiringly, "your hair, your smell," he said as he dug his face in my neck, smelling my hair.

"You don't even smell the same, but you look so much better Yvonne..." He said in an awe, he put his one hand around my waist and pulled me tightly against his body with authority, this time kissing my neck hungrily, "I want you back Yvonne, I want you back at any cost, just please let me make love to you baby, I miss you, there hasn't been one day I didn't think of you since you left me." He moaned and put my hair away, feeling the back of my dress.

This time I was raging, but I controlled it...He was on a honeymoon with Anna and he was thinking of me? When he was making love to her every night when we were still married, were you still thinking of

me? If you had been, you wouldn't have betrayed me in the first place...but I held my tongue and my words buried in my heart, I have to play this game just like you do Scott, hiding my true face.

I pulled away from him, I looked for a last time in his eyes, just once if there was any genuine emotion he felt, any old memory he still remembered of ours, but all I saw was lust. I had seen those eyes before with the same expression, stupid Yvonne had mistaken it for love but I won't!

"I love you Scott, I missed you so much," I said not meaning one word I said, regretting to have shed so many tears over this heartless man. "I want to get back with you, I want you back, I want us back..."I lied.

"I'll divorce Anna, that bitch separated me from you," he said caressing my cheek, his eyes still driven in lust.

"Then talk to me after you have done that Scott," I said removing his filthy hands from my cheek and my waist. "I'm not the same Yvonne now Scott, you break my heart again and I promise you that I'll destroy you," I said not being able to control myself.

He looked alarmed and dumbfounded, of course the older Yvonne never even spoke in this tone, but looking me up and down like a lecher, he agreed immediately. "Babe I'll text you after I've sent the divorce papers," he said, leaning into me to kiss me.

"We talk after the divorce papers love," I said squarely before leaving him to enter the cafe and get my belongings, I felt his piercing eyes on every move of mine, but honestly it didn't matter, I didn't care anymore, I guess I had to give a news to Iyan.