Chapter 6 - His Ex Wife

Kia's Pov

8 missed called from 'private number'

8 missed calls?! I gasped when i saw that, not only because i wasn't used to receiving missed calls from private numbers but also because i feared it was Scott or worse, it could be Aana...I slumped into my bed with despair, why had i told him that it was me? I could keep using a secret identity, Kia's identity to get a revenge but no! I always have to screw things and worsen my situation..

My cell started ringing.

I glanced down at my phone,

'Private number calling'.

In a lapse of a few seconds, i hesitantly answered the call,


My heart was beating erratically in my chest radiating terror through my veins. I was almost certain that i would hear Scott on the other side, and no matter how much i could deny, i felt fearful but still ecstatic somewhere deep within myself about the fact that he would care to call and ask.

"Hello there," said a cheerful, but husky masculine voice in a seductive British accent.

Peculiarly enough, a wave of relief mixed with disappointment washed over me. Deciding not to show it, i continued, "yes?"

The man chuckled on the other side before speaking, "I'm Eric Shining speaking from Shining Inc....and i need to meet you Kia, so will you meet me?" he seemed to ask hopefully and respectfully.

But the word 'Shining' had clearly deviated my attention, he was from Scott's rival company, it made my heart stop for a second.

"So?" he asked with hope, bringing me out of my regular zone outs.

"Sure," I said without thinking and regretted the words as soon as they were out of my mouth.

His mouth seemed to twitch into a cynical smile as he spoke again, "I'll be there to fetch you, be ready by seven...see you soon...Yvonne." He freaking knew who i was! This left a startled look on my face and soon the line went dead. Only then did i realise what a big fool i was, I agreed to meet a stranger, and more specifically not just any stranger, but someone who was dangerous, someone who seemed to know everything about me...

At seven

I opened the door and the strong masculine scent of the stranger hit my nostrils. I looked up to see a devilishly handsome man standing in front of me. I stepped back as he entered with a smirk on his lips.

"Who are you?" I asked as he sat on the couch right across from me. He looked too handsome but i deviated my attention to my fear and anxiety and added, "And most importantly, how do you know me?"

He grinned cutely if cute a was possibility to describe the stranger whom i had not very much time ago labelled as 'dangerous'.

"I know everything about you Yvonne," he said half-smiling and it seemed as though he just remembered some sweet memory.

Confused, i got straight to the point, "How?! And what the hell do you want from me??" i asked clearly annoyed.

He leaned his back to the couch and watched me with a smiling face. Though i was beyond annoyed, his calm composure made my irritation melt away to some extent.

After a moment, he spoke again, "You didn't look bad Yvonne, you never did, you just chose the wrong man," he spoke, his voice dripping with regret and honesty in a weird way. His words caught me off guard as i processed them, he knew me and i knew him too...

Realising what he had said, he straightened up a little, seeming nervous...? Well, that's what it seemed to me and then continued, "Uhm well let's get straight to the point, I'm here to offer you a deal, will you join me to destroy the Andersons'? I know you have gone through a lot, and this is the perfect opportunity to pounce on the prey Yvonne, I’ll help you," he said reassuringly.

"Why would you?! Who am i to you?" I snapped, not because I wanted revenge but not through him but rather because the way he spoke brought a complacent, satisfying sense of belonging, a caring I longed for a lengthy amount of time but maybe I was expecting it from the wrong person, and now that this stranger offered comfort, I’m freaking out...

He moved closer to me and took my hands in his as he spoke softly, "You're my everything, you just never knew it." Strangely, it sent butterflies in my stomach, a feeling i experienced with Scott around.

I looked into his eyes that offered comfort and... love strangely and asked in a defeated tone, "Who are you?"

He smiled a little before starting, "Do you remember whom you met as your first room mate at the campus? The tall, not that handsome, geek boy?"

I promptly reacted to that, "Battery!" It was what they called him. "Do you know him? How is he now? Is he okay?"

He laughed before answering, "Of course, he's changed too much, how would you even recognise him? I'm great Yvonne," he said sweetly before flashing a genuine smile.

But i sat like a frozen statue, widened eyes and a dropped jaw, it couldn't be him...Battery, i mean Iyan wasn't anything like that, i hated to call him Battery like all the others, he was just an ill-treated kid back at college.

I couldn't be happier, i had gotten accepted at my dream college! And here i was, already at the campus. Everyone around me seemed so helpful and friendly, i couldn't wait to dump my bags into my room and go out and socialise...

Oh! The room! I forgot i was going to have a room mate! I started with the stairs to reach the 3rd floor eagerly. I couldn't wait for this anymore and whoever introduced the concept of room mates was seriously a genius. I bet my room mate and i are going to have lots of fun too, just like best friends or wait, we could be one of the sorority sisters!!

I was almost out of breath by the time i reached the 3rd floor with my heavy bag. But my mind was too occupied to care about such things, i was going to have a roomie from now on, my legs were almost shivering with excitement.

Thrilled, i raced till the door no. 149 and knocked. There was no answer, eager and impatient to meet my roomie, i knocked again thrice.

After a moment, i heard some muffled movement behind the door. The door opened slowly and i saw a pale tall guy with thin glasses open the door. He looked somewhat...scared? Of what though?

"Oh I think I’m knocking the wrong door, I was supposed to be assigned to room 149," i said politely with a smile.

He didn't smile back, and said before returning into the room, "This is room 149 and we're supposed to be room mates..."

What??? "I'm not supposed to share a room with a girl," i said taking out a paper on which the name of the girl was scribbled, "..some Iyana Virgin..?"

He muttered something under his breath and turned to look at me. "My name is Iyan, the administration must have made a mistake."

I was so not supposed and prepared to share a room with a guy. That was unfair!

I came into the room and saw the two separate beds and the room was half well decorated with lights and books while the other half had stayed gloomy and silent and empty.

"That's your part of the room, you're free to do whatever you want, i don't care and you can ask me if you need anything," he offered sweetly.

"I... I need to take bath," I whispered loud enough for him to hear. He chuckled a little and said, "It's fine, the bathroom is right behind you and besides I’m just leaving for the library anyways, take your time room mate," he said.

For the next few days, we grew a little closer, he was fun to be with actually, I liked him. I hadn't met Scott yet, i had seen him and his group of 'fighters' as they called them. Scott seemed a bad guy, i mean a dangerous one... Everyone feared him. And then one day, i asked to hang out with Iyan round the campus but he refused.

"I don't want you to get hurt because of me, stay away from me Yvonne," he had replied coldly.

But ignoring that, I still went out with him and i could notice all pair of eyes glued to us and embarrassed of having that much attention, he quickly tried to part ways, but i wasn't giving up this


"Iyan just relax, they're just jealous because we make such a good couple roomie!" I said humorously but he was in the serious mood.

He was about to say something when his eyes widened from behind me, I turned to look at Scott and another 5 strapping guys with him approaching us.

"So Iyana the virgin how are you?" Scott said in a mocking tone.

"His name's Iyan, the administration made a mistake," i corrected.

Scott wore an amused look on his face turning to me, "Administration? No sweetheart, you need to thank me for honouring him with this name."

"Let me guess, you are the bully here who acts like a douchebag and cannot survive without sleeping around, so you're the man whore too," i said challenging his guts because perhaps i was more offended by his insult to Iyan more than Iyan himself.

"Yvonne, it's fine, let's go," Iyan urged, defeated.

"Hey Battery are you or are you not a virgin now? I mean if you can resist this hot babe then you are a- "

I cut off Scott before he could continue, "Enough! Just go away, leave us alone!"

Iyan held my hand in his, comforting me and it sent butterflies in my stomach.

"I'll get back to you baby doll," he said with a smirk and left with the rest.

That night i tried to ask Iyan a lot about what was happening and who was Scott and why were they constantly after him, but he just shrugged and said, "Ignore it."

The next morning while i was having a bath, I heard something, like the click of a camera, but I ignored it thinking it might be Iyan in the room, by now, we were comfortable around each other.

When I got out, I saw the room was empty. Drying my hair, i suddenly saw Scott behind me, "When did you come in??" I asked startled.

"Nice shampoo by the way!" he said and his expressions were wrinkled in mischief as he said that and suddenly his face grew serious.

"Do you know what Iyan did to you Yvonne?" he asked suddenly.

"What?" i asked ignoring his presence, continuing to comb my hair.

He approached me as he showed me the picture of my half nude back in my bathroom. "That's you, right?"

I was frozen for a moment.

"He shared the pic with everyone on the campus but don't worry, i have already handled the situation, everyone knows it's him, not your fault.."

Somehow, i couldn't believe his words, in the past two weeks, i had known Iyan much better than anyone else and i believed he couldn't do this.

That night, when Iyan entered the room, he didn't say anything. He buried himself in books while I did the same, deciding to maintain the silence in the room. Soon, sleepy enough, I switched off my lamp and murmured, "Goodnight Roomie..."

The reply was instant, "I didn't do it Yvonne," he spoke in a low, honest tone, almost like he was on the verge of crying.

I wanted to comfort him, he sounded so vulnerable. But i was so sleepy but equally satisfied with the answer and i immersed into a profound sleep.

The next morning when i woke up, he was gone. The other half space of the room was empty...

~~Flashback over