His Ex Wife

His Ex Wife

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Synopsis about His Ex Wife

Read His Ex Wife by Abbhyaa Vyas. Genre: Chinese novels. Read the full novel online for free hereYvonne, the ex wife of the most powerful man in New York, is now just a waitress at a 3 star restaurant, trying to make ends meet and that is when she is going to come across her ex husband, Scott Anderson. She realizes her life is ruined by her ex husband. But before things proceed in any way, she is offered a deal to destroy Scott Anderson by his rival, Iyan, who was also her college friend in the past. Accepting the deal to destroy Scott forever would mean biting off more than she can chew and she is not ready for that. Meanwhile Anna, the current wife of Scott is ready to do anything to make her life more miserable. Where will Yvonne really end up in this whirlpool of trouble? And what lies beneath the thick skin of hatred between Scott and Iyan? It is definitely a lot more than meets the eye.
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Chapter 1: The Divorce

3 years agoMy heart remains frozen to his day whenever I think back to the moment where the only man, I hadloved had rejected me and for whom? To go lie in the bed of another woman!"That's just it! Don't you ever see the mirror? Gosh have you even looked at yourself lately?" he yelledmaking every ounce of hope die instantly. Scott was always out at work and lately I rarely even sawhim at home with inter-coun

Chapter 2: Getting Over

3 years laterYvonne's POV"You know, I’m just so lucky to have you angel, you complete me," he whispered almost out of breathas we had just finished the first make-out session ever since he returned home.I snuggled more into his chest, our finger intertwined perfectly together. "Do you ever think that we willgrow apart?" i whispered into his chest, i don't know why i asked such a question but i couldn't hold

Chapter 3: Would you go on a date with me?

3 months laterScott's POV"Italy! Oh finally we're in Italy Scott!" she squealed happily, her smile gave me a great satisfactionsomehow."Anything for you darling," I whispered and kissed her neck."Scott, be a little patient will you?" she asked pointing to the people on the beach, even the old coupleswere watching us shamelessly, but i knew she adored it whenever i was begging for her body and shemade me even

Chapter 4: Date with Ex-Husband

Scott's Pov"Would you like to go on a date with me?" I asked her. I couldn't hold my tongue knowing very well thati was being unfaithful to Anna but this gorgeous woman standing in front of me...was just so distracting.I was used to being the honey girls hovered over like bees but her…she just didn't seem to fit in theordinary category of girls. What drew me more to her like a moth to a flame was her voice,

Chapter 5: The Reveal

Anna's POV"The NNB news informs you in today's episode about Zachary Scott Anderson, one of the dominatingand powerful billionaires of New York. Scott Anderson, recently married to Anna Granger, was seenlast night at a beach with a gorgeous hooker. Our sources say the woman is a waitress at the poshhotel where the new couple is now on their honeymoon. So, we would want to know what is theaudience' opinion is

Chapter 6: A Friend from the Past

Kia's Pov8 missed called from 'private number'8 missed calls?! I gasped when i saw that, not only because i wasn't used to receiving missed callsfrom private numbers but also because i feared it was Scott or worse, it could be Aana...I slumped intomy bed with despair, why had i told him that it was me? I could keep using a secret identity, Kia'sidentity to get a revenge but no! I always have to screw things

Chapter 7: Plan in Action

Iyan's PovI could not believe she was here right in front of me, with a different face i had never seen before, andyet, it seemed so familiar, she still reminded me of her...I remember exactly 6 years ago when i had opened that door and had seen Yvonne, the shock andbewilderment I had experienced, the joy of seeing her back, of being lucky enough that the universehad understood my longing and pain for her an

Chapter 8: Devils from the Past

It had been around three days since I had my last encounter with Scott, after which he had not stoppedcalling and texting; Scott was the impatient kind, not the kind who liked fighting for attention; if hewanted someone's attention, he had to have it at any cost.But, for some reason, what happened that day between us and what I asked him to do: to divorceAnna...I just did not have the right feeling. For the

Chapter 9: First day of School

Flashback.You hardly ever find a girl -not to mention, alone- on the third abandoned floor of a high school on adramatic Monday morning when she should have been in classes.More to say, she was crying.It was the weirdest thing that had happened in a while; not that the girl was crying but that there was agirl here, hardly anyone came around here.The floor was made up different classroom sections that were no

Chapter 10: He Still Wants Her

ExternalFor the date, Yvonne decided against the dress Scott had sent. The main goal behind that was to showhim that he could now not just boss her around, things were going to be the other way around this time.She chose to go with an older and basic off shoulder red polka dot dress instead.She really wished she could somehow speak to Iyan again. For some strange reason, the presence ofIyan was reassuring an