Chapter 2 - His Ex Wife

3 years later

Yvonne's POV

"You know, I’m just so lucky to have you angel, you complete me," he whispered almost out of breath as we had just finished the first make-out session ever since he returned home.

I snuggled more into his chest, our finger intertwined perfectly together. "Do you ever think that we will grow apart?" i whispered into his chest, i don't know why i asked such a question but i couldn't hold my tongue before uttering those ungrateful words.

He didn't reply instantly, our long and deep breaths were the only sound the room was filled with, the wait eventually ended, "I'm not aware of it myself angel, but i cannot promise it..." he said the last part with a deep, husky voice, as if concealing a great pain.

I wanted to ask him, to question him about it, why could he not promise me an inseperable relationship, but i found myself tongue-tied, something in me halted and I felt my eyes, my eyelashes getting heavy and heavier gradually and soon, without knowing, i immersed into great darkness...

"Yvonne!!!!" the loud commanding voice brought me out of my reverie instantly.

"Yes?" I asked fully alarmed.

"That adds to the fifteenth complaint of the week, you zone out as you always have and we lose customers!" yelled the manager, Herce.

"No...I...I wa-was just tr-trying to-" he cut me off almost immdiately fed up of me, "Look Yvonne, I am aware of your financial status but this time, I can't just let you work here despite your unalert behaviour," Herce said slowly.

I nodded in understanding, this would be perhaps the thousandth job I'm sacked from. Mr Zachary Scott Anderson, my dear ex husband made sure to leave me without even a penny as i had refused his "golden offer" as he says it. But I'm happy despite the fact that I'm being sacked again, I'm happy because I'm feeding my stomach on my own hard earned money and not on that bastard's cash.

"I'm obliged dear, do you understand?" Herce said suddenly holding my hand, I felt awkward with my hand in his firm grip, he leaned closer and whispered, "You know because of your enchanting beauty, I don't want you to leave, you know my room is upstairs and you hardly ever see someone hovering over there, about we arrange your problem, you know this has to stay between us only..yeah baby?" he asked winking and let go of my hand, giving me a hint to follow him upstairs.

If you aren't aware of Herce, he is a huge pervert man, in about his middle thirties. I twisted my face in disgust, and instantly went to the staff room to get this stupid uniform off my body and got out of this restaurant as soon as possible without anyone noticing me.

I kept walking on the deserted road and after about a good 50 minutes' walk, I arrived home, I didn't take a bus because I was right now so broke that I didn't even have enough money for a bus ticket, about the house, it was not a huge mansion like Scott's but just a small house, my elder sister, Jeanette's house, she lived here with her husband, Gilert.

I entered the key in the keyhole, and without making any noise, I tip-toed perfectly till I reached my own small room. Without turning on the lights, I got undressed and wore some comfy clothes and fell on the bed slowly, closing my eyes, waiting for sleep to engulf me.

Suddenly I felt a hand on my waist pulling me closer to the person next to me, my eyes promptly shot open and i quickly got off the bed and turned on the lights. On the bed, I saw Gilert who seemed almost drunk, he sat up and covered his eyes trying to adjust to the lights.

"What the heck are you doing here?" i asked surprised.

He got up and approached me, unable to keep a straight gait, he finally reached me and tried to put his filthy hands around my waist again and I immediately backed off.

"What happened sweetheart?" he asked slowly, his mouth reeking of liquor, his eyes bloody, and his face wrinkled in a knowing expression.

I thought that he misunderstood me as Jeanette and entered my room, unable to keep on mind that Jeanette is out of town right now, but his next words startled me.

He leaned against the wall and whispered lowly, "You know Yvonne, I have always admired your body more than Jeanette's, It's so enticing, seductive.."

I got back way further until my back was touching the opposite wall, the expression on my face was almost unreadable; Gilert, whom i had considered my elder brother, who supported me through my bad phase, actually never saw me the way I saw him..

"Baby, let's not waste time, the night is still young," he said approaching me, and came closer to me.

I could see that he was maybe going to harm but i was so much under the shock that i froze, I couldn't feel any of my body parts move. He sat down next to me and came closer to me, but i didn't feel any of my organs respond to me, what the hell is wrong with me?! I cursed myself mentally.

He came closer and closer to me, his alcoholic breath almost fanned my face, I turned my head to the other side and I had this sudden urge to kick his main sensitive part and run, run away from his hold, but my body betrayed me, it didn't move at all. He leaned closer and put his dirty mouth in my neck, then went downwards and put his filthy hands around my cleavage, reavealing my bra, he bent down and inhaled my breasts; I felt unpure right that moment, I wanted to die, to get away from this ruthless, cruel world.

Then realisation hit me, there was no other reaction or movement of his on me, his head was down, leaning on my cleavage, and i realised that he had passed out, bloody drunkard, asshole, pig! I thought of all other curse words i could and, I then assembled every ounce of strength and courage in my body to take advantage of this opportunity.

I pushed him on the floor, and quickly got up to gather all my stuff, I took my clothes, some money and got out of the house.

For the last time, I glanced back at the house and promised myself that I will never ever come back here, where my marriage shattered, where the rest of my relationships broke down.

And then, i did something i never imagined i would do, I ran and ran, with all the strength i had, with a strong will, my willpower was strong, too strong to ever come back in this city, The New York City, the city that took everything that belonged to me...