Chapter 3 - His Ex Wife

3 months later

Scott's POV

"Italy! Oh finally we're in Italy Scott!" she squealed happily, her smile gave me a great satisfaction somehow.

"Anything for you darling," I whispered and kissed her neck.

"Scott, be a little patient will you?" she asked pointing to the people on the beach, even the old couples were watching us shamelessly, but i knew she adored it whenever i was begging for her body and she made me even more distant because she knew my eagerness.

"I don't care," I murmured into her neck and started kissing her all over again.

She smiled and laughed a laugh that made me want her even more, after another small kiss she forced me to go and buy her a pineapple cocktail, just to make me yearn more for her.

I smiled and hurried to the bar of the hotel, I saw other girls in the bar, all ready to catch my attention, impressed by my body or maybe even more because of my money because I was a celebrated name in the world.

I ignored them and went to order the drink for her to the only bartender i knew yet, Maria.

"Another pineapple cocktail for Anna?" she guessed before i could even say a word. I smiled a crooked grin. "You grew smarter Maria."

"Yea right," she smiled, and got back to assembling a few things.

"Leaving for home already?" I asked, it was not even midday yet.

"Yeah, Joanna's feeling a bit under the weather," she said and i gave a sympathetic smile. Joanna was her only daughter, a bastard had divorced her and now she lived here in Italy, earning a living somehow to feed a little stomach.

She walked back into the counter announcing, "Don't worry about the drink, I'll make sure it's already on the way."

I smiled and turned my back to the counter, now facing the beautiful green sea wondering how lucky i was to be here already, on my honeymoon with Aana. We had been recently married, I glanced at my wedding ring, a simple grey silver enveloping my finger adorned to me by the love of my life.


Yvonne's POV

3 months ago

"Are you fine?" Zarke asked as he saw my eyes welling up upon the mention of Scott and his recent wedding news that had blackened every newspaper in the whole world.

"Ye-Yes," I managed to utter quickly in between my sobs.

I felt like the most neglected person on Earth right this moment, all i wanted was a new start which was only possible in a new country, so, I had come to Italy, where the most reliable ties of my contacts reside; my aunt Rosa and her son Zarke who had been settled in Italy for almost 25 years now, but my bad luck didn't stop chasing me, it pursued me and surprised me with only unfortunate news. As soon as i had arrived, I heard about Scott being married which tore me, broke all existing hopes.

"Sweetheart, it's not how you think it's going to be, life will go on with more hassles and measles and if you fall weak during this, how will you cope with maybe heavier problems?" I knew Rosa was right, life

will go on just as it had, Scott was always the one who quickly moved on and i was always the late one.

"I think I know just what you need," Zarke said suddenly halting my train of thoughts, seeming reflective about whatever he was thinking. I knitted my brows together in confusion, indicating my query concerning his words.

He moved closer to me on the couch and said slowly, emphasizing on each word, trying to make himself convincing, "I'll do a plastic surgery over this face of yours, imagine Yvonne, new country, new face, new you. I know it might be hard to agree but think of it, it will be less harder to forget about your previous life with a new identity."

"Oh my god!" Rosa exclaimed in a piercing voice, "and how about a makeover too? Well, what am i here for?" she finished with a wink. Of course, Rosa was a fashion designer while Zarke was to become a surgeon very soon.

And that's how, in the blink of an eye, I became Kia from Yvonne, a woman with a more boosted confidence, determined to let the world lie at her feet.


"Kia! Please go and fetch a pineapple cocktail for this gentleman waiting outside on the counter," Maria yelled in her thick Italian accent.

"On the way," I said and got to work, it was getting heavier nowadays, not only my studies after which I could get a decent job, but the load of this work as well, yes, i was working as well to pay my tertiary studies to avoid being a burden over Rosa and Zarke. Anyway, i guess it's just because of the peak time, when most tourists visit Italy. And, I was glad to have been pursuing my studies in here, I know that leaving Cambridge without benefiting from any job offers was the biggest mistake of my, actually believing and falling in love with Scott was the biggest mistake of my life, for which I'm still repenting.

My arms covered with goosebumps all over, it was useless to even think about it, a waste of time, I wondered.

"Your pineapple cocktail sir," I said reaching just in time at the counter.

He abruptly turned around and the tray fell off my hands and fell onto the floor with the sharp glass scattered all over but I stayed immobile to it and was equally being engulfed with shock.

I could bet that my eyes showed only surprise though he straightened up a bit, pretending to be indifferent, though he may have been startled to hear Yvonne's voice.

"I'm sorry, I guess I scared you," he said trying to appear unruffled in a flinching effort.

I didn't dare say anything, I just kept staring at him for a lengthy minute and then closed my mouth immediately as i realized my lower jaw had dropped.

"I-I'll m-make another one," I stammered foolishly in front of him as i got back to pouring the drink into another neat glass of wine.

"You live here, in Italy?" he said, every bit of his voice pointing to skepticism. Then it hit me, he did not know it was me except that my voice matched to Yvonne, now i was Kia, and i felt extremely relieved, but all the while i could see his eyes were on me, as though examining my every move.

"Yes," I said confidently. I thanked Zarke a million times mentally for the idea that did change my life forever. I could finally live like a normal girl despite Scott's presence.

"Thanks," he said as i handed him the cocktail. My eyes raging with curiosity as to why he was in i remember he never liked to leave for any vacation place, he was devoted to his work...but then that may have been because of Anna's presence, I felt all the confidence draining all of a sudden, when i realized he was still here.

"Do you need anything else sir?" I asked him and he did not answer instinctively, he looked like he was weighing his words very carefully before blurting them out.

"Would you like to go on a date with me?"