Chapter 10 - I Am A Boss Mommy That Wants To Slack

: Drawing a Sample from Chu Tianye

Just when Chu Cichen was planning to look for a DNA testing institution, a car hastily parked outside in a rush and Lin Wanru got off. Her face was filled with anxiousness as she walked toward Chu Cichen. However, she was blocked by the guards when she reached a distance of five meters.

Chu Cichen specially instructed his guards not to let her get close to him.

Lin Wanru shouted loudly, “Cichen, I have something to say.”

Chu Cichen ignored her and entered his car with Chu Tianye.

Upon seeing this, Lin Wanru shouted loudly, “I know who is the father of the child you are holding!”

Chu Cichen paused his steps.

In the Chu Manor’s living room.

Chu Cichen and Matriarch Chu sat on the sofa, while Lin Wanru sat at the side and looked very restrained. Her buttocks only filled one-third of the chair, and her head was lowered, not daring to meet the eyes of the other two.

Matriarch Chu looked at her. “Since you know the answer, why didn’t you say it earlier?”

Lin Wanru lifted her head and saw a pair of penetrating eyes that felt like they could see her thoughts. Hence, she was so frightened that she started stammering, “I…I have forgotten this earlier, but after seeing how Shen Ruojing was confidently saying that her children belonged to Cichen, I suddenly remembered this information. Five years ago, I saw Young Master Mo at the Wilson Hotel…”

“Mother, do you need me for something?”

A man around twenty-plus of age walked in. His voice arrived before he did. He bore 20% to 30% resemblance to Chu Cichen, but his personality was completely different.

Chu Cimo’s eyes were filled with liveliness, and he had an arrogant aura. He then sat openly beside Matriarch Chu as he asked, “What’s the matter? I was drinking with a few good buddies of mine…”

Matriarch Chu glared at him. “Five years ago, when that incident happened to your older brother, were you at the Wilson Hotel?”

Chu Cimo shook his head. “How would I know? It has been so long ago.”

Chu Cichen coldly said, “Think carefully.”

Chu Cimo sat up straight. He wasn’t afraid of his mother but was deeply scared of his calm-looking older brother. “I think so…”

Chu Cichen looked at him.

Chu Cimo shivered. “I recall now. Yes, that day I went with my buddies to play a game. After that, I drank too much…”

Matriarch Chu was very disappointed in this son of hers. “And you had a s*xual relationship with a woman?”

Chu Cimo blushed and jumped up from the sofa. “How did you know?!”

He was famous for being a flirty individual and he liked beauties. However, only a few people knew that because of his mother’s nurturing, he only flirted with the beauties but never touched them.

However, five years ago, he failed to control himself after drinking too much and allowed a woman to take advantage of him.

He hadn’t mentioned this to anyone.

Lin Wanru silently heaved a sigh of relief.

Five years ago, Chu Cimo was actually the target she had selected after extensive planning.

That night, she put a drug in Chu Cimo’s cup and planned to lead him to another room. However, on their way there, they saw a tall figure walking out of a room.

That man would stun anyone with his looks when they saw him.

Just when Lin Wanru was thinking about who that person was, she heard Chu Cimo mumbling in a daze, “Big bro?”

She was then enlightened. So, that man was none other than the mysterious successor of the Chu Family!

After that, she instantly had no more interest in Chu Cimo. After tossing him into a room, she spoke to a guard, “Randomly find a woman to settle his needs.”

She then tailed Chu Cichen and planned everything that happened next.

She would absolutely not permit Shen Ruojing to destroy her future!

Lin Wanru’s gaze flashed. “Young Master Mo, the woman that night was Shen Ruojing. She already brought the children here!”

Chu Cimo was stunned. “??? I’m actually so awesome and have slept with such a goddess?”

Although Shen Ruojing’s reputation was tattered, she was the goddess in the heart of every man in Sea City.

She was simply too beautiful.

A single smile from her could stir their hearts.

Sadly, her personality wasn’t good. She was lonesome and arrogant, and there were even rumors saying that she liked to keep a gigolo and wasn’t fond of wealthy young masters like them.

Lin Wanru: “?”

Was there something wrong with this reaction?

Chu Cichen suddenly felt unhappy when he saw the complacent look on his younger brother’s face.

Matriarch Chu stared at this useless son of hers, but her heart softened when she thought of Chu Xiaomeng. “Our Chu Family definitely has to acknowledge the children. But what do you plan to do with Shen Ruojing? Marry her?”

Lin Wanru stared at her in astonishment with fists that were tightly clenched.

When she brought a child here, the Chu Family kept giving excuses and even refused to set an engagement for her.

However, Shen Ruojing could marry into the Chu Family immediately just because she had children with their bloodline?

Based on what?

She bit her lips and suddenly added, “According to my knowledge, because Shen Ruojing failed to find the guy that impregnated her, she vented all her anger onto her children. This is the evidence collected

by the Children Protection Agency.”

Lin Wanru placed the evidence before them and sighed, “There are also pieces of information provided by Matriarch Shen. She said that ever since Shen Ruojing was young, her temper was quirky and she was incompetent in learning. In addition…”

Lin Wanru paused and lowered her voice, “Matriarch Shen also told me a piece of shocking news. When she was ten years old, she was abducted by someone into the mountains and only came back after she was thirteen. At that time, her entire body was stained with blood. She also refused to let people get near her, so she might have encountered some psychological impact when she went missing.”

Chu Cimo shouted loudly, “What psychological impact can there be? A girl being abducted into the mountains…her story must have been the same as what was often reported…the mountain people wanted her to be a child bride!

“No wonder her reputation is so shitty. If I marry her, my brothers will surely laugh at me! Mother, I think she wants money by bringing the children to our doorstep. We might as well keep the children and give her a sum of money to drive her away!”

Chu Cichen quietly listened.

Such a beautiful girl was abducted at the age of ten…

He then grew increasingly unhappy when he saw the look of disdain on Chu Cimo’s face. He suddenly spoke in an icy tone, “The children might not be yours, let’s do a DNA test.”

Lin Wanru nervously spoke, “This child really resembles Cimo, I think there’s no need for a DNA test…?”

“No. we have to do it!” Chu Cimo grew serious. “Where’s the child? I’m going to take his sample now and get someone to conduct the test immediately. What if the child belongs to someone? I don’t want to be a stupid fool and raise a child for another man!”

“He’s upstairs.”

Chu Cichen also stood up. Since young, he had always been someone who disliked interfering in the matters of others. But even so, he said, “I’ll go with you.”

Hearing this, Lin Wanru nervously gulped down a mouthful of saliva, yet she didn’t dare to stop them for fear of arousing suspicions. She could only follow behind them.

In the kid’s room, Chu Tianye and Chu Yu were both staring at each other.

Chu Tianye was surveying Chu Yu, who wore a custom-made suit and looked like a little gentleman. As Shen Ruojing had always emphasized good bearing, Chu Tianye knew he was at a disadvantage here.

Chu Tianye was worried as he thought, “Would daddy give me less inheritance because of this?”

Chu Yu had a straight look on his face, but his eyes drifted toward Chu Tianye’s head.

The little girl’s brother’s curly hair was simply too adorable. He actually wanted to twist Chu Tianye’s hair.

Meanwhile, Chu Xiaomeng hid in the corner and was looking at the book in her hands. She mentally chanted in her heart. (Don’t look at me, don’t look at me.)

The three of them had their own thoughts and at this moment, the door was pushed open.

Chu Cichen entered. His gaze then swept past Chu Xiaomeng and landed on Chu Tianye. The family doctor behind him said, “Take a sample from him.”

Chu Tianye: “?”

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