Chapter 9 - I Am A Boss Mommy That Wants To Slack

: Another Child?

When the woman spoke, her expression didn’t seem to be fake, and he actually felt that her words were true.

However, when his gaze swept over Chu Yu, he immediately abolished the thought.

He had only slept with a single woman, so how was it possible that he would have two children? That would be too absurd.

He frowned and directly entered the study.

Matriarch Chu looked at his departing back and wanted to say something but hesitated. Her son always showed a strict face. Actually, he should try to be more intimate with his own son.

However, Chu Cichen had been sent overseas when he was young, so their relationship wasn’t close. It wasn’t too good for her to keep pressing him for some matters.

At this moment, her phone rang and she picked it up. After that, Lin Wanru’s crying voice rang out. “...Aunty, she is really adamant about not giving face to the Chu Family. She hit me yesterday and hit my mom today! My mom went to the Shen Family for the sake of the Chu Family’s reputation, wanting them to make a public apology so as to not stain the reputations of the young masters of the Chu Family. However, I didn’t expect her to be so arrogant and even say that she isn’t afraid of the Chu Family.

“Aunty, if we still don’t do anything to her despite this, wouldn’t that mean anyone in the future can just carry a child here and claim that the child has the Chu bloodline? Wouldn’t the Chu Family become the greatest joke in Sea City then?!”

When Matriarch Chu finished hearing her cries, she fell silent for a long time before speaking. “I understand.”

Just as she hung up, the butler entered and spoke in a low voice, “Mam, Miss Lin used the name of our Chu Family to force Shen Ruojing’s child to leave school.”

Matriarch Chu’s eyes gleamed coldly.

No wonder Lin Wanru called and cried to her. So, she had made a move in advance.

Even before Lin Wanru got married into the Chu Family, she was already using the name of the Chu Family as she willed outside. Was someone like her suitable to become the future Matriarch of the Chu Family?

Matriarch Chu started rubbing her temples due to a headache.

Why would her beloved grandchild have such a mother?

After that, she felt some heartache for Chu Xiaomeng. Why was such an obedient child forced to quit school?

Chu Xiaomeng, who was ‘forced to quit school’, was currently using her phone and typing a message. [Big bro, I’ve checked. His surname is Chu and he is also a son of our father.]

In the Shen Family, Chu Tianye who was hiding in his room heard the notification from his phone. He immediately took his phone, but after seeing the message, he suddenly felt unwell and typed mockingly. [Who isn’t a son of our father ah~!]

Chu Xiaomeng: [Me, I’m father’s daughter.]

Chu Tianye: “???”

He quietly put his phone down. Indeed, getting his younger sister who had social phobia to investigate was truly unreliable.

At this moment, the sound of knocking rang out from below.

Shen Ruojing was currently wiping her motorbike and saw Lin Wanru leading a group of people standing outside her home. They were in uniform and looked as though they were civil servants.

Lin Wanru took out a certificate and solemnly introduced, “Shen Ruojing, we are staff from the Children Protection Agency. We received a report saying that there’s child abuse here, so we came to investigate.”

Shen Ruojing: “?”

This Lin Wanru was truly like a ghost that was determined to haunt her!

She narrowed her eyes and asked, “Who was the one that established this agency?”

Lin Wanru continued with a straight face, “We are a private organization formed by the allowance between the Lin Corporation in Sea City and a few other great corporations. We are led by the Chu Family, and our agency has lawyers, doctors, and other professionals that will provide children service for free.”

She took out a notebook. “Shen Ruojing, I have a few questions for you, so please answer them honestly. What is your current job?”

Shen Ruojing put the cloth in her hands down, and her beautiful face displayed a look of pondering before she slowly spoke, “Self-employed.”

Lin Wanru’s lips curled and made a note. “So, you don’t have a job now. According to our investigations, both your mother and father have no jobs either. So your entire family has no income!”


“We have also checked with your neighbors and know that you have two children. However, the little girl would often be locked up at home, and you refused to allow her to go out. Why is this so?”

Shen Ruojing suppressed her anger. “Because she doesn’t like it.”

“How can that be? All kids love to play outside. By doing this, you are clearly showing favoritism for males. Now, on the grounds of suspecting that you are abusing your daughter, I want you to get her to come out and meet me!”

“She’s not at home.”

Lin Wanru’s attitude became even more forceful. “If she doesn’t go out, how can she not be at home? Shen Ruojing, please cooperate with us. If you reject, the consequences will be…”

Shen Ruojing raised her eyebrows and coldly asked, “What will the consequences be? From what I know, people from private organizations cannot barge into private property.”

Seeing this, Lin Wanru was so scared that she took a step back. However, her attitude remained very arrogant. “We have a working relationship with the police. Right now, we have sufficient evidence, so we have requested the police to come and save the abused child. During the investigation period, the children will be sent to an orphanage to be taken care of!”

Her eyes then flashed with a sinister light. “Oh right, I often do charity work in the orphanage. Don’t worry, I will take ‘good care’ of your two children!”

As the sound of her voice faded, the sounds of police alarms rang out.

Lin Wanru sneered. “I know you are a capable fighter, but you can’t possibly stop them, right? After all, assaulting a police officer is a crime!”

Shen Ruojing’s tightly clenched fist slowly relaxed. She then watched them barging into the house and rushing upstairs.


The children’s room door was knocked open. After that, the group of people rushed in, and Lin Wanru also entered complacently. However, they discovered that the room was empty.

Shen Ruojing’s lips slowly curled. “I’ve said that they are not home.”

Lin Wanru felt extremely infuriated. “Where are they then?”

“Oh, they went to look for their father.”

Lin Wanru’s heart suddenly turned cold. Had those two bastards already met Chu Cichen? In that case, the consequences would be unimaginable!

At this moment, Chu Tianye who had managed to escape in a cab was thumping his little chest.

Luckily, he was smart enough. After his mother cast a look at him, he directly ran out from the backdoor, or he would have been captured!

He was going to look for his father now!

He could also take this chance to investigate what the hell was going on with the other son of his father!

The car soon arrived at the Chu Family.

And just so coincidentally, Chu Cichen was preparing to head out, and his bodyguards were waiting at the door.

After that, he saw Chu Tianye playing with stones not far away. Chu Tianye would lift his head occasionally to look at the fleet of cars here.

One of the guards grew wary. “Which family does this child belong to? Why is he here?”

Lu Cheng leaned against his car and dug his ears. When he heard this, he couldn’t help but mock, “Even a five-year-old can scare you guys to such an extent. He can’t possibly be here to acknowledge Bro Chen as his father, right?”

The few guards also couldn’t help but laugh when they heard this.

At this moment, Chu Cichen walked out. Everyone immediately crowded around him and surveyed the surroundings warily.

When Chu Cichen was about to enter the car, the little fellow playing with stones in the distance suddenly ran over. His speed was so quick that no one could react.

When they came back to their senses, that little boy was already hugging Chu Cichen’s leg. His similar phoenix-like eyes akin to Chu Cichen were shining brightly as he shouted, “Daddy!”

Everyone: “??”

Chu Cichen: “??”

Chu Tianye blinked and shouted again, “Daddy, I”m Chu Tianye. My mommy is Shen Ruojing, and I’m fraternal twins with my sister. I miss you so much!”

Chu Cichen: “!!”

First, it was Chu Xiaomeng, followed by Shen Ruojing, and now there was a Chu Tianye?

So if he still refused to acknowledge them, would another three children pop out?

He suddenly felt rage surging in his heart and carried Chu Tianye up.

He decided to do the DNA testing. He wanted to see how Shen Ruojing would continue pestering him after the results were out!

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