Chapter 6 - I Am A Boss Mommy That Wants To Slack

: Shen Qianhui’s Realization

When Shen Ruojing picked up the call, a coy female voice could be heard. “Darling, I personally verified this for you and delayed my sleep. You have to remember that you owe me a favor, alrighty?”


“I really envy you, retiring at such a young age and living a relaxed life. Look at how busy I am, I’m really pitiful…”

Shen Ruojing interrupted her, “So, what are the results?”

“They are father and son. The report has been sent to your email!”


Shen Ruojing hung the phone and frowned. Since she hadn’t recognized the wrong person, why did Chu Cichen not remember her?

She then took out her phone and began searching for Chu Cichen’s news.

In the end, there was completely no news about him, even in the financial sector.

One wasn’t able to find anything related to Chu Cichen on the internet.

The successor of the Chu Family was a mystery in Sea City.

Ever since he was born, he was selected to be the Chu Family’s successor and was nurtured secretly. The Chu Family only revealed a little information, so his name and photograph had never been circulated before.

It was no wonder she couldn’t find any clues despite searching for five years.

At this moment, Shen Qianhui drove a Chevrolet and rushed out.

Hence, Shen Ruojing didn’t have time to think. She then got into her car and chased after her mother.

Her mother had lowered herself and helped the Shen Family earn so much money through the years. It was useless despite the countless times she persuaded her. Maybe, what would happen later might allow her mother to finally see the true face of Matriarch Shen.

The two of them then arrived at the Shen Family.

After parking, Shen Ruojing quickly chased after her mother.

Shen Qianhui had a look of joy on her face when she saw that her daughter followed her. “Jingjing, have you thought things through? That’s right then, you have to be nicer to your grandmother in the future. After all, we are one family.”

She then spoke with anticipation, “This time, after I get promoted, I will arrange a job for you in the Shen Family as well.”

Shen Ruojing: “No need for that!”

As they spoke, they entered the living room.

Madam Lin was sitting in the center seat with a grim look on her face, while Matriarch Shen with her silver hair was seated beside Madam Lin with a fawning smile on her face. They were both currently chatting about something.

When Shen Qianhui saw this, she couldn’t help but feel astonished. “Madam Lin is here too? What a rare guest.”

She politely asked and then hurriedly walked over to Matriarch Shen. “Mother, the matter about the general manager position…”


Before she could finish speaking, Matriarch Shen suddenly lifted her arm and ruthlessly slapped her.

Shen Qianhui was stunned. She could feel a burning pain on her face. “Mother?”

Matriarch Shen angrily spoke, “Don’t call me mother! I taught you about etiquette and shame, I taught you how to write and read, but I failed to teach you how to be a mother. You pampered Shen Ruojing so much that her character became lawless. You even made her commit huge trouble!”

Matriarch Shen then repeated what had happened on the day of the Chu Family’s birthday banquet. Shen Qianhui’s eyes turned red. “Mother, there must be a misunderstanding. Jingjing isn’t someone like that!”

Shen Ruojing who was at the side sighed softly when she heard that.

She originally thought that her mother would finally be able to see things clearly after being slapped but didn’t expect that this old b*tch brainwashed her mother again with a few sentences.

However, Shen Qianhui was famous for being very protective of her daughter.

Even five years ago, when they were expelled from the Shen Family, Shen Qianhui had never scolded Shen Ruojing at all.

As an orphan, Shen Qianhui thirsted for kinship.

This was why she treated her adoptive mother and her own daughter very well.

Matriarch Shen sighed. “Regardless of whether it was a misunderstanding or not, it’s the truth that she beat Miss Lin up. Don’t say anymore, the Chu Family is currently very angry. If you want to suppress this matter, we have to apologize to Madam Lin!”

Shen Qianhui then turned her gaze onto Madam Lin who was seated in the center.

Yet, Madam Lin lowered her head and revealed a shocked expression. “Aiya, how did my shoe become dirty?”

Shen Qianhui’s body stiffened.

Matriarch Shen quickly reminded, “Why are you in a daze? Quickly help Madam Lin clean her shoes!”

Shen Qianhui raised her head and stared at Matriarch Shen with disbelief on her face.

Matriarch Shen suddenly took a step forward. “I had to beg Madam Lin for a very long time just now before she agreed to give you a chance to apologize. Demonstrate your sincerity and she will spare Ruojing. I know you have your pride. But if you cannot bend over, it means I haven’t taught you well. If you don’t wipe her shoes, I will do it on your behalf…”

Upon seeing Matriarch Shen was about to kneel and wipe the shoes, Shen Qianhui was so scared that she instantly knelt. “Mother!”

However, at the next moment, her arm was held tightly by someone.

Shen Ruojing helped her mother up, and her peach blossom eyes stared at Matriarch Shen with a smile that was not a smile. There was even a hint of mocking in her eyes.

At this moment, Matriarch Shen was caught in an awkward position. She didn’t want to kneel, but if she stood up, her act would be exposed. Even the emotions she had displayed earlier would be wasted.

She ruthlessly glanced at Shen Ruojing.

This sl*t had offended the Lin Family. Hence, Madam Lin had promised Matriarch Shen that as long as she cooperated to humiliate Shen Qianhui, she wouldn’t bring the Shen Family into this.

As for Shen Ruojing? Shen Ruojing could die for all she cared!

Matriarch Shen then stood up straight and grabbed Shen Qianhui’s hands before feigning sincerity. “Qianhui, I know you feel wronged. I feel heartache too when I see you acting like this… However, this will implicate the entire Shen Family! Even if you don’t think about the Shen Family, you have to consider things for Ruojing. It’s already very difficult for her to bring up a child, so if she gets targeted by the Chu Family…”

For Jingjing…

Shen Qianhui’s tears dripped down her face. “Don’t need to say anymore, I’ll wipe…”

Shen Ruojing frowned. “It’s useless even if you did so. The Lin Clan wouldn’t spare us.”

Shen Qianhui’s body was trembling slightly. “Jingjing, it’s fine. Your grandmother wouldn’t lie to us.”

Shen Ruojing clenched her fists and knew that it was pointless to say more. Hence, she simply watched in silence.

Shen Qianhui then took a piece of tissue out from her purse and slowly half-knelt before Madam Lin.

She stretched out her shivering hand and lifted Madam Lin’s shoe, placing it on her knee. She only spoke after wiping it, “Madam Lin, I apologize.”


Madam Lin gazed at her imperiously from her seat. When her husband was younger, she knew he was once in love with Shen Qianhui, and this always caused her to feel resentment. So now when she saw Shen Qianhui acting so lowly, Madam Lin finally burst out into laughter from satisfaction.

Matriarch Shen hurriedly asked, “Madam Lin, have your anger been appeased?”

Madam Lin retracted her leg and laughed. “Mn, I will tell the Chu Family that your Shen Family has expelled them, so this matter won’t implicate your Shen Family. As for Shen Qianhui’s family…the Chu Family will never spare them! Matriarch Shen, your family has no objections, right?”

Matriarch Shen immediately spoke, “Naturally not. I’ve struck their names off my family register five years ago, so we already have no connection since then...”

Shen Qianhui stared at the two of them with shock. She felt incredulous disbelief when hearing their words.

What did her mother just say?

At this moment, someone pulled her up by her arm, helping her to get back onto her feet.

Shen Ruojing’s eyes glimmered with dark light, and she seemed akin to an asura from hell. Her voice was very cold.

“Mother, have you seen clearly?”

“If you have seen clearly, take a few steps back in case…you get accidentally injured by me.”

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