Chapter 7 - I Am A Boss Mommy That Wants To Slack

: Searching For the Children’s Father

Seeing that Shen Qianhui was in a daze and didn’t seem to have heard her clearly, Shen Ruojing pulled her back two steps before walking up to Madam Lin.

She spoke calmly, “Your shoes aren’t cleaned properly.”

Madam Lin sneered. “Why? Do you want to beg for mercy too? Let me tell you, that’s impossible!”

At the next moment...


Shen Ruojing picked up the fishbowl next to her and splashed it toward Madam Lin.

Madam Lin then felt a chill on her head, and something slippery rolled down her cheeks. Hence, she reached out and grabbed onto a goldfish. Realizing what it was, she immediately screamed and jumped up, but she stepped on some water plants and slipped. After that, she dropped to her knees in front of Shen Qianhui with a plop.

Shen Ruojing put down the fishbowl and raised her peach blossom eyes. “Tsk, there’s no need to go to such great courtesy.”

Madam Lin: “!!”

Madam Lin only felt overwhelming anger gushing to her heart. She then shouted in a sharp voice, “Shen, Ruo, Jing! I want you to die a horrible death!”

Matriarch Shen was also shocked. She hurriedly went to help Madam Lin up and bellowed at Shen Ruojing, “You vile person! Even if you don’t want to live, don’t drag our Shen Family down with you!”

Shen Ruojing looked at her.

As a result, her dark and sinister gaze gave Matriarch Shen a fright. Thinking of her granddaughter’s carefree personality, Matriarch Shen hurriedly shouted, “Men!”

The nanny and security guards rushed in.

Matriarch Shen pointed at them. “Chase this mother and daughter out! Don’t allow them to come here ever again! One more thing, Shen Qianhui, you’re fired! You aren’t allowed to go to the company anymore!”

It was at this moment that Shen Qianhui finally found her voice back. “Mom? I’ve just negotiated a big deal for the company, and the contract is going to be signed soon…”

At this moment, the naive daughter wanted to use this fact to salvage a little of their mother and daughter relationship.

However, Matriarch Shen sneered and said, “That’s right. You helped us negotiate a collaboration with the Z Corporation, so the Shen Family won’t have to worry about food and clothing for the next few decades. Just let your younger brother take care of the contract signing. Why is there a need to keep you? Scram!”

The shock in Shen Qianhui’s eyes finally faded, and a hint of bitterness gradually rose.

She felt as if she had fallen into a world of ice and snow and suddenly could not feel any warmth at all.

Her body gradually began to tremble.

But at this moment, a warm and strong hand grabbed her shoulder.

Shen Qianhui slowly turned around and saw that Jing Zhen had arrived. The man’s figure was tall and straight, and his facial features were deep. His tall body seemed to give her strength at this moment.

He took a step forward, his broad shoulders protecting his wife and daughter behind him. Moreover, his peach blossom eyes, which were the same as Shen Ruojing’s, were no longer as playful as before. A deep and powerful voice then rang out.

“Matriarch, on the account that you brought Qianhui up, I can choose not to pursue the things that happened in the past. From today onward, our family of five will no longer have anything to do with the Shen Family! I hope that you’ll never regret how merciless you’ve acted today!”

After saying this, he had his arm around Shen Qianhui’s shoulder to support her, taking huge strides toward the door.

Matriarch Shen sneered and said, “Those who don’t know might think that our son-in-law is some kind of impressive figure. A small-time actor… Oh, wait, he can’t even be an actor now, right? How can an old man like him make me regret?”

A hint of mockery flashed in Shen Ruojing’s eyes as she followed her parents out.

When they reached the parking lot, she heard Jing Zhen asking for credit, “Honey, how was my performance just now? Did I display the disposition of how one shouldn’t bully the young… ah, no, the youth for being poor?”

Shen Qianhui, who was in a low mood, said, “Yes, it was very good.”

“Then honey, you’ll have to work hard and start your own company to surpass the Shen Family!”

Shen Qianhui was stunned. “Start my own company?”

Jing Zhen said confidently, “That’s right, honey, you have to earn more money! After that, invest in a drama for me so that I don’t have to look at other people’s faces anymore! After I become a well-known big celebrity, I will let that old b*tch regret what she has done!”


Shen Qianhui stared at him. She, who loved to do business, was chased out of the Shen Family’s company and was feeling lost. However, at this moment, she seemed to have found the meaning of life, albeit vaguely.

However, she quickly reacted and frowned. “Let’s not talk about where I can get the capital for starting a company. Let’s focus on how we’ve offended the Chu Family first…”

The Chu Family was a great power in Sea City. If the Chu Family were to spread the word, who would dare to cooperate with them?

Shen Ruojing spoke up, “This is a misunderstanding. I’ll go to the Chu Family to explain things clearly.”

Shen Qianhui nodded. “You’re right. The Chu Family isn’t unreasonable. I’ll go and apologize on your behalf...”

She didn’t want to let her daughter suffer humiliation and feel aggrieved. It would be fine if it was her, but not her daughter.

Shen Ruojing said, “No need, I’ll go by myself.”

Shen Qianhui wanted to say more, but Jing Zhen suddenly held onto his stomach, his countenance turning pale. “Honey, my stomach hurts. Accompany me home first.”

“Huh? Will you be able to hold on until we reach home? Why not just do it here...”

“No, the Shen Family’s place is dirty!”


Shen Qianhui quickly helped Jing Zhen into the car. After that, she stepped on the gas pedal fiercely and sped off. Shen Ruojing was left standing there, her lips twitching.

At this moment, her phone rang.

After answering the call, she heard the same frivolous male voice. “Sis, you guys were chased out by the Shen Family? They are really blind. If it wasn’t because of our mom’s effort in sustaining the Shen Family’s business, how could they have developed to the stage they are at today? Our mom has really been aggrieved!”

Shen Ruojing said, “She’s my mom.”

“Sigh, your mom is my mom. It’s the same thing. But since that’s the case, our Z Corporation’s cooperation with the Shen Family can be called off, right?”


“There’s one more thing. Someone is offering a high price to purchase Prof. Z’s patent for the biological petri dish. Would you like to meet the buyer?”

“I’m not free.”

“You’ve already retired. What can you be busy with?”

“Looking for my children’s father.”

Shen Ruojing hung up the call and headed straight for the Chu Corporation.

The Chu Corporation was located in the center of Sea City, having a magnificent building that soared up to the skies, like a God looking down on all living beings.

Shen Ruojing entered and politely spoke to the receptionist, “Hello, I wish to meet Chu Cichen.”

The receptionist asked, “May I ask for your name? Do you have an appointment?”

“I don’t. Please help to make a call and tell him that I’m Shen Ruojing.”

Shen Ruojing was certain that her daughter was still with him and that Chu Cichen would definitely meet her.

However, when the receptionist heard her name, she displayed a disdainful expression. “You’re Shen Ruojing? Miss Lin has given us the instructions to not allow you to go and harass Mr. Chu! Please leave immediately. Otherwise, we won’t go easy on you!”

She then beckoned and some security guards came rushing over.

Shen Ruojing frowned as she contemplated if she should fight her way in.

However, the receptionist smiled coldly and said, “Do you think that Mr. Chu is someone that anyone can meet as they like?”

At the same time, on the highest level of the building.

Lu Cheng was smiling apologetically. “Bro Chen, Prof. Z is really too elusive. His phone even has the highest level of encryption system, and we aren’t able to locate him at all. Otherwise, we wouldn’t have asked you to do this personally…”

Chu Cichen’s well-defined fingers quickly typed on the computer keyboard.

The light from the screen shone on his face, accentuating the determination in his eyes as if everything was under his control.


As the enter key was pressed for the last time, Lu Cheng put his head close to the screen. “Bro Chen is really amazing! To think that you can even break through this firewall! As expected of a computer expert! Hurry up and let me see where the location of Prof. Z’s phone is!”

At the next moment, his expression was that of surprise. “Isn’t this our company’s entrance?”

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