Chapter 6 - I'm A Quadrillionaire

After David closed Instagram, he opened TikTok.

When he was bored, he liked to scroll through TikTok.

When he saw that the streamer he followed, Cheri was streaming, he quickly clicked to join the stream.

Cheri was a streamer that David followed a long time ago on TikTok. He followed her since she first started streaming, which was about a year ago.

David could be regarded as her first batch of fans. She started from having a few fans to having 50 thousand fans now.

Moreover, she went from having a few people, to a few dozen people, and now 2 to 300 people in her streams.

However, David never gifted her anything. He only liked her voice and enjoyed listening to her sing.

In truth, Cheri had the potential to become a star, but she only streamed her voice and not her face. This kind of stream would not attract the attention of the big shots because of the harsh reality, how many of them were here for music? Most of them were here to look at pretty girls.

Thus, even if her voice was sweet and she was good at singing, she was still a small-time streamer. She was not very popular and was not one of the big stars.

Because of what happened with Sarah, David had not watched Cheri’s stream in a month.

The moment he entered the stream, David heard the familiar voice singing ‘Un-break My Heart’.

“Un-break my heart.

“Say you’ll love me again,

“Undo this hurt you caused,

“When you walked out the door,

“And out of my life.”

When David heard this song, tears welled up in his eyes.

A petty and low love would not have a good ending.

A simping fool would get nothing in the end.

After Cheri finished singing, she received a lot of gifts in her stream.

However, those were all small gifts that cost a few dollars or just over ten dollars. She did not receive any gifts worth more than a hundred dollars.

However, Cheri still thanked them by name one by one.

She was just a small streamer, so it was already great to have someone sending her gifts.

“Thank you for the gift, Mr. Rain.

“Thank you for the gift, Mr. Tall Mountain.

“Thank you for the first, Miss Love.”

David figured that since he did not lack money, he should buy some gifts for the streamer he liked.

With that, he decided to top up some money in his online wallet and topped up ten million at one go.

Then, he started buying gifts for Cheri.

He immediately bought the most expensive one—the World Star.

Cheri was still thanking the viewers who sent her gifts.

She would receive a few hundred gifts after streaming for a few hours every day. She could often get one to three hundred after that and was already very happy about it.

It was not that she did not want to show her face, but she was in her university’s dormitory, so it was inconvenient for her to do so. She had three roommates staying with her and they were dressed very casually since they were in their dorm. Plus, she was studying music and she did not want others to give her gifts because they liked her face. Instead, she hoped they only bought her gifts because they liked her voice.

Big shots would message her saying that they wanted to meet her. They also said they would push her up the list of popular streamers, but she constantly rejected them. She felt like this was like a transaction. Even though she needed money, she did not want to do this kind of this.

Suddenly, she saw a flash across her stream.

‘Is this the effect of World Star?’

She had been streaming for over a year and she had never received a World Star. However, she had seen it in other people’s streams.

A World Star cost two thousand dollars and she normally needed to stream for a whole week to make two thousand, but now someone was giving her a World Star?

Cheri could not yet see who was the one giving her a World Star when she saw another flash.

A third one…

A fourth one…

The effect of the World Star kept appearing in Cheri’s stream.

[Lil Match gave streamer Cheri World Star x 10]

[Lil Match gave streamer Cheri World Star x11]

[Lil Match gave streamer Cheri World Star x 66]

If someone gifted a streamer over 66 World Stars, not only would it fill the stream, it would also be broadcast all over TikTok.

In an instant, a message saying that there was a nouveau riche in Cheri’s stream appeared in other streams.

“Damn, a nouveau riche appeared in a nameless stream. I need to see this.”

“Wait for me! I’m going too!”

Viewers poured into Cheri’s stream immediately. The number of viewers increased from 200 to a thousand plus, and the number kept increasing.

“Thank you for the World Stars, Mr. Lil Match! I’m so grateful!

“Kisses! Cheri loves you!”

Cheri was so excited she did not know what to say.

However, the effect never seemed to stop.

[Lil Match gave streamer Cheri World Star x666]

[Lil Match gave streamer Cheri World Star x999]

[Lil Match gave streamer Cheri World Star x1314]

Finally, David stopped at 1314 World Stars, and it was also because he was tired.

Meanwhile, Cheri’s stream blew up. There were now 100 thousand people in her stream.

“F*ck me, Lil Match is such a baller.”

“Lil Match is so formidable!”

“Lil Match, my man, do you still need footmen?”

Cheri was a little stunned.

How much was 1314 World Stars?

If this was converted into money, it would be more than 2.6 million.

If she got half of it, it would be 1.3 million.

She looked at the person who sent her the gifts and saw it was a person named Lil Match. He had been following her since a long time ago, but he had never given her anything. She did not expect him

to give her so much today.

So, Cheri quickly privately messaged him.

Cheri: [Thank you for the gifts, cutie. Can I follow you on Instagram?]

When David saw Cheri’s message, he sent her his username.

After a while, Cheri followed him.

Cheri: [Thank you for the gifts, cutie.]

David: [You’re welcome. I’ve been listening to you singing for so long and I’ve never sent you anything. I feel bad so I make up for all the times I didn’t give you anything in one go.]

Cheri: [Thank you for the support, cutie. If I have time, I’ll sing for you privately. My name is Claire Potter. What about you?]

David: [I’m David Lidell.]

The two talked about some random things while Claire kept on thanking David the whole time.

David walked to the french window that was 3 meters tall to look at the night view of River Leeds outside the window. It was bustling, and yet, very charming and beautiful.

Then, he used his phone to snap a few pictures of the night view and posted them on his Instagram.

His caption: [The night view on River Leeds is still so charming.]

David rarely posted on his Instagram. However, he was in a great mood today, so he could not help it.

After he posted the pictures, David was a little tired, so he lay on the luxurious bed that was 4 meters wide and fell asleep.

David had fallen asleep but the people on TikTok could not.

Especially those popular streamers.

Even though they were popular and the top three would make up to millions of dollars in a single stream, it was the guilds who gave them the money, while the streamers would not get a single cent. In reality, the streamers had to make money from the dummies that were not from any guilds who would send them money.

Just now, someone gifted a small streamer with more than 2.6 million in her stream. Plus, a small streamer like that would not have guilds to back her up. So, the person who bought her those gifts was definitely a big shot.

Why did they not get such a gigantic money bag?

With that, those popular streamers started to look into Cheri’s streams, trying to see if they could get that big shot to join their side.