Chapter 7 - I'm A Quadrillionaire

Claire was lying in bed in her dormitory and she could not sleep.

Tonight, her three roommates went on a blind date with the boys from the male dormitory.

She found an excuse and said she was not feeling well so she did not have to go. In reality, she did not join this kind of activity. After all, her family background was not as good as the other three. Her family had basically used every penny they had to send her to music school. Sometimes, she would still go because she could not find an excuse to say no.

Right now, she was glad that she did not go. If not, she would have missed out on this big shot’s gifts.

He directly gave her 2.6 million. Even those popular streamers rarely encountered situations like this, let alone a small streamer like her.

Before she ended her stream, there were people from guilds contacting her. They said they wanted to partner with her and they would help her go up the ranks. They even said they would contact two popular streamers to collaborate with her so that Lil Match would be triggered. With his generosity, he might even give them tens of millions.

The guild knew the temper of this big shot. What did big shots care about the most? Their reputations of course. They could not embarrass themselves in front of their favorite streamers. As long as they could target this weak spot, then this big shot would keep giving out gifts.

Of course, the guilds boosted streamers on the rankings to scam the gullible. Claire would not get a penny of this, and might only get a percentage of the money the gullible gave her.

However, Claire rejected them. She did not want to scam David out of his money like this. Finally, she was even threatened. The other party told her that they would make her lose her job as a streamer.

Claire did not know if she would regret her decision. Plus, she also did not know if this was just a spur of the moment thing for David.

Besides, she needed to think about how she could appropriately improve her family’s living conditions with this over one million dollars she got from the donation, which was what she was allotted.

Because of all this, it was all but destined that she would lose sleep tonight.

In the meantime, David’s Instagram was blowing up. The photo of River Leeds that David posted had gotten more than 100 comments.

He managed to get a really good angle, so it was clear that he took this photo from a unit above the 30th floor in South River International Residence.

Where was South River International Residence? It was the most expensive property in South River Province. One square meter would cost 200 thousand dollars minimum, so a small unit would cost 50 million at least.

And David just posted a photo taken from here!

Comment 1: [David, where did you steal this photo from? The angle is superb!]

Comment 2: [Dave, are you working as a part time cleaner here? Can you refer me to that job? Maybe I can make some nouveau riche friends there.]

Comment 3: [Dave, are you a sugar baby to a rich woman? Do you still have any contacts? I don’t want to work hard anymore.]

There were all kinds of comments, but no one asked David whether he bought a unit there.

It was already late morning when David woke up the next day. After he washed up, he walked to the window and looked out at the scenery of the River Leeds. David still felt as if he was dreaming.

“What should I do today?

“Right, I’m going to buy a car.”

Suddenly, David remembered that he still did not know how to drive.

‘What should I do then?

‘Should I find a driver?

‘Having a driver is not as fun as driving the car myself.

‘Plus, do I even need a driver if I’m buying a sport’s car?

‘Isn’t that such a colossal joke?’

If he went to get a driver’s license now, he would only get it in at least one month.

David felt that he could not wait another month.

Then, David remembered that there was a skill column in the system and he could add whatever skill he wanted freely.

So, David pulled up the interface.

He had another lavish point. Since he topped up ten million on TikTok last night, he had spent a total of 500 million now. Hence, he had another lavish point.

David clicked the plus sign behind the skill column and entered ‘driving’.

Then, the system started loading.

A few seconds later, David felt that he that his brain had suddenly been filled with knowledge, and it was all about driving.

He knew where the brake was, where the accelerator was, and where the clutch was.

He also knew how to start the car, how to change gears, how to turn, and how to reverse the car.

It felt as if he had driven a car before and it all felt so real.

David was excited.

This system was amazing.

Right now, he wanted badly to have a car in front of him so he could try it out.

After he left his home, he walked to the Golden Leaf Hotel.

When he was at the door, Pearl came to welcome him.

“Mr. Lidell, breakfast is ready. Please come with him.”

David figured that Pearl was very professional because she knew to behave within the norms.

Last night, she was calling him darling on Instagram and it felt so intimate. Yet, today, it was Mr. Lidell.

David figured it was good for her to have a clear distinction between her work and private life.

After breakfast, Pearl purposely got close to David when they were walking out of the hotel. She whispered in his ear, “David, darling, don’t forget our appointment.”

The beautiful woman’s breath landed on David’s ear, and it turned him into jelly. He cursed silently in his heart, “You minx!”

David spent another hundred of thousands to change his outfit.

As the saying went, apparel made a man.

After David changed out of his cheap clothes into branded clothes, his appearance changed beyond recognition. Plus, he also added four lavish points to his body last night.

He looked more refreshed now, and seemed completely different from yesterday.

He looked like the son from a rich family.

If he wore this to the showroom, he would not be ignored for a few minutes in the lobby.

After he changed his clothes, he walked to a Benz specialty shop.

He had his eyes on a Benz G-Class the moment he went there. After he paid, he drove away immediately.

Since he changed his outfit, none of the salespeople looked down on him and then got a slap in the face when he swiped his card to pay.

David did not feel awkward driving the brand new Benz G-Class. At that moment, he felt that the system was truly amazing.

However, he had a question. He knew how to drive, but he did not have a license.

How would he get one?

It seemed that no one around him had this ability.


David figured that Pearl might know how to get him one. After all, she was a lobby manager in an eight- star hotel, so she should know a lot of powerful people.

Hence, he drove to the entrance of Golden Leaf Hotel and called Pearl.

“Darling, you’re missing little old me?” Pearl’s charming voice came from the other end of the phone.

“Miss Pearl, I need your help,” David said, going straight to the point.

“What can I help you with? Just tell me. I will do it as long as I can.”

“Can you come out for a chat? I’m outside the hotel in a new Benz G-Class on the left. The one without the license plate.”

“Alright, darling. Wait for me, I’m coming.”

In less than 5 minutes of Pearl hanging up the phone, she appeared outside David’s car.

Pearl asked after she got into the passenger’s seat, “How can I help you?”

“I want to get a driver’s license. Do you know anyone who can do that? Money’s not a problem,” David said directly.

‘Driver’s license?’ Pearl was curious. How would a super rich child like David not have a driver’s license at this age? However, since he did not say anything, she did not ask.

“This shouldn’t be hard. When do you want it?” Pearl asked.

“As soon as possible.”

“Give me your identification card. I’ll snap a picture of it.”


David took out his identification card and handed it to Pearl.

After Pearl took it, he snapped a picture of it before sending it to someone.

Then, she made a call.

“Hello? Girl, I’ve sent you a picture of an identification card. Can you ask your husband to get a driver’s license for me as soon as possible?

“Alright, okay, I got it. Thanks, girl. Thank your husband for me too.”

Pearl hung up and told David, “The soonest you can get it is this afternoon.”

“Alright, thanks, Miss Pearl. How much is it? I’ll transfer it to you.”

“Don’t talk about money. Since you’re showing me so much respect by calling me Miss Pearl, then don’t be so courteous with me.”

“Alright, are you free then? Go to a place with me.” David stopped being courteous.

“I’ll make time even if I’m not free if you’re the one asking.”

“Alright, sit tight. Let’s go.”

David started the car and left Golden Leaf Hotel.