Chapter 2 - I'm A Quadrillionaire

David was still contemplating the genuineness of this super lavish system when the door of the infirmary was pushed open.

A beautiful woman in her thirties came in wearing a white coat.

This was the doctor overseeing the university’s infirmary. Her name was Christine Shelton, and she was 32 years old. She had been married for a few years and she did not have kids yet. Furthermore, her husband was the boss of a small company.

However, it was rumored that her relationship with her husband was not good, and they were in the middle of filing for a divorce.

It was rumored that in order to work with a much bigger company, Christine’s husband asked her to drink with his clients. Furthermore, he even spiked her drink so that she would spend the night with the company’s boss.

Eventually, Christine found out beforehand and she ran back to the campus while he went to the restroom. Then, she stayed on the campus and never went home. Recently, she began looking for a lawyer to file for a divorce with her husband.

“You can leave now that you’re awake. After you go back, remember to eat more food that will help with replenishing your energy and vitality. Your body is weak, and you can’t let this go on. Be more optimistic. Don’t let trivial things affect your mood.”

Christine saw David had opened his eyes in the bed and said to him.

“Thank you, Dr. Shelton. I got it.” David got up and walked out of the infirmary shakily. He was still feeling a little dizzy right now.

“Sigh, are students nowadays so infatuated with love?” Christine sighed sorrowfully.

Then, she thought about her husband. When they were in university, they were also crazily in love with each other.

However, he drugged her and did such a terrible thing for the sake of his company. If she did not find out in advance, she could not imagine what would happen to her. Until now, she still could not understand why he would do such a thing.

As David was walking on campus, a lot of students were pointing at him and making remarks when they saw him. It was because he was famous now.

There were a lot of couples getting together and breaking up at South River University, but this was the first time in history that a student vomited blood and passed out after breaking up. Moreover, with Leo deliberately telling everyone about the matter, David became famous in South River University in just half a day.

However, David was not in the mood to care about this. After he walked out of campus, he felt thirsty, so he went to the vending machine next to the university to buy a bottle of water.

When he was about to pay, David instinctively wanted to use the balance in his phone to pay. However, he suddenly remembered the binding of the super lavish system from earlier. Therefore, he decided to try it out to see whether it was legit.

With that, he chose to pay with his fingerprints.


[The super lavish system successfully paid three dollars.]

A bottle of mineral water rolled out from the vending machine.

“It works?”

David grabbed the bottle of water in his hand and murmured.

Then, David saw the information on the interface.

[Host: David Lidell

[Balance: 9999999999999997 dollars

[Body: 15 (Weak)

[Mind: 28 (Normal)

[Skills: Can be added freely, needs to use up lavish points

[Lavish points: 0]


David burst out laughing suddenly.

The super lavish system was real.

If that was the case, from now on, he would be richer than anyone else in the world.

‘The richest man in the world? Pah!

‘The World’s Billionaires by Forbes? Pah!

‘All of you don’t have as many zeroes even with your wealth combined.

‘From now on, I, David Lidell, will change the way I live.

‘I’ve been living too aggrievedly for the past 20 years. Over the next few decades, I want to live my life brilliantly and enjoy my life. I want to live my life without a care in the world.

‘I want to get back at all of the people who looked down on me.’

After David calmed down, he went to the eight-star hotel near the campus, Golden Leaf Hotel, and was about to have a meal. He was a bit light-headed from hunger as he was walking.

This was the most luxurious hotel in South River province, and it was also the most expensive place around.

When David and Sarah walked past this place back then, Sarah said she dreamed about having a meal there.

“Sir, how can I help you?”

After David walked through the door, a tall and fair attendant approached him.

“I’m here to eat,” David answered.

“May I know how many of you are there?” The attendant asked politely.

“Just me.”

“Please come with me, sir.” The attendant gestured to David.

David thought the attendant would take him to the restaurant, but he did not think the attendant would take him to the front desk.

“Sir, do you have a member card?”

The receptionist at the front desk asked.

There were a few of them behind the front desk. The receptionists looked like air stewardesses. They were about 170cm and above, and they all had fair skin and long legs.

“No, I don’t,” David answered.

“Sir, I’m sorry, our food is all high-quality and they’re all imported from overseas. Plus, we dispose it if we can’t finish them on the day itself to ensure freshness, and that’s why the price of our food will be much higher than the ones outside. If you don’t have a member card, you’ll need to pay a certain deposit before you dine.”

“How can I get a member card?”

“Sir, if you top up one million dollars, you’ll be a normal member in our hotel. If you top up two million, you’ll be a premium member, and if you top up five million, you’ll be a VIP.”

“I’ll have one then.”

“Sir, may I know how much you want to top up?”

“Why don’t I top up 100 million first?”

“S-Sir, I beg your pardon? I didn’t hear you clearly just now,” the receptionist asked with a slight stammer.

“I said top up 100 million for me.”

“Sir, are you sure?”

“I am sure.”

“Sir, please wait a moment. Our manager is on the way now.”

Then, the receptionist took out a walkie-talkie and said, “Ms. Warner, are you around? Can you please come to the lobby?”

The receptionist felt that David was here to cause trouble because he did not look like someone who would take out 100 million to top up his membership card. That was why she called the manager over.

“Got it.” A clear voice came from the walkie-talkie.

Soon after, a beautiful woman in her twenties walked over while donning a black suit.

This beautiful woman clearly seemed a rank higher than the rest of the receptionists no matter how David looked at her. It was no wonder she was the manager.

“What’s the matter?” The beautiful manager walked to the front desk and asked.

The receptionist from earlier whispered into the manager’s ear.

“Sir, may I ask if you want to top up 100 million to your member card?” The beautiful manager asked David.

“Yes,” answered David.

“Are you sure you want to top up 100 million dollars?”

“I am sure.”

“Sir, may I know which bank you will be paying with?” The beautiful manager started to operate the computer at the front desk as she asked.

“Whichever is fine.”

“How are you going to pay?”

“I’m using my fingerprint.”

“Alright, sir, please confirm whether the amount is correct. Then, click confirm and place your finger here.”

The beautiful manager turned the computer to David to let him look at the amount.

David looked at it and confirmed that it was 100 million. Then, he clicked confirm and placed his finger on the scanner.

Three seconds later…

A machine at the front desk rang.

“Payment successful…

“Successfully received 100 million dollars.”

In that second, the six to seven tall receptionists, including the manager, took in sharp breaths.

They changed from looking at David in disdain to admiration.

It looked as if they wanted to swallow David whole.