Chapter 3 - I'm A Quadrillionaire

Pearl Warner had been a lobby manager in this eight-star hotel for more than three years. She had seen a lot of rich people and she had also seen a lot of them with a net worth of billions to tens of billions of dollars. After all, the people who could enter this place would at least be worth something.

Even though they could refund the money in the membership card and there were a lot of big conglomerates who would receive their guests here so they would top up to ten million dollars, this was the first time she had seen someone top up 100 million in one go. This person must have a net worth of tens of billions. If not, he would not have the courage to do this.

Although the people on the World’s Billionaires were top-ranked celebrities who were worth tens of hundreds of billions, after Pearl got into this circle, she learned that there were many invisible rich people in this world. The ones on the World’s Billionaires list might not even make up 1% of the actual figure.

Most of the rich people were very low-key, and this one in front of her was obviously one of them. Furthermore, he was definitely one of the richest ones.

He was so young, so he was definitely the superb son of an invisible family.

To be honest, when she first saw David, Pearl looked down on him. The clothes on his body might not even be worth 200 dollars in total. There were so many people like that on the street.

When the front desk said that David wanted to top up 100 million into his membership card, Pearl immediately figured David had to be here to pull a prank on them.

However, because of her professionalism, she still cautiously entertained David and even let him pay. She even wanted to see how David would act when the payment failed. Besides, she was ready call

the security at any moment, but she did not expect the payment to go through. This showed that she really could not judge a book by its cover.

Pearl had already got into contact with the upper-class and she yearned incessantly for that status. She even dreamed about becoming one of them.

Even though a lot of nouveau riches hinted at her, Pearl was not interested in those chubby nouveau riches. Besides, most of them only wanted her body, and from what she knew, those people who hinted at her were not really rich. They were all tactless and impulsive fake nouveau riches.

She hoped to be favored by a real nobleman. These people were mostly very low profile and this young man in front of her was obviously one of the best among them. He did not even bat an eyelid when he topped up 100 million dollars into his meal ticket.

This person fit her requirements. He was young, rich, and low profile. So, she decided to depend on him and decided that this would be the best chance for her to turn her life around. She could not miss this chance. Furthermore, she was very confident in her own qualifications.

Meanwhile, the receptionist who called the manager over with the walkie-talkie was feeling extremely remorseful now.

If she proceeded with the order for David, this would be her business. However, after she called the manager over, she could only watch from the sidelines.

After Pearl came back to her senses, she said to David, “Sir, please show us your identification card. I’ll help you with the membership procedures.”

David handed his identification card to Pearl.

To be honest, he could already see the other party was just being perfunctory.

They did not even ask for his identification, so how would they register a membership for him? It was clear that they did not believe he would top up 100 million dollars since they only asked for his identification after the payment went through.

However, David did not care. He had been looked down on for the past 20 years. Plus, the other party was pretty nice about it. If this was somewhere else, he might have already been kicked out by security.

“I am a student from South River University. From this day on, I will be eating all three meals here. Prepare the best ingredient as per your professional standards for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. If I don’t show up, just throw it away and continue to prepare the next meal.”

After David said that, the people in the room became fearful. If they were to use the best ingredient for all three meals, just his meal alone would cost hundreds of thousands every day.

Plus, they were supposed to just throw it away if he was busy and could not come. This was so extravagant! One could not even call him a nouveau riche. He was a god-tier billionaire!

Moreover, he was even a student at South River University. He was so extravagant at such a young age, so was he set to become the legendary top-tier handsome and tall rich man?

Everyone was starry-eyed when they looked at David. They all wanted to depend on this rich man. It would be fine even if they had to sacrifice something to do so.

They did not have excessive expectations to marry a son of a top-tier rich family like this. However, they would get a lot of benefits if they were able to curry some favors with him.

At this moment, if David gave out even a small hint, these people would probably line up to climb into his bed.

“Alright, Mr. Liddell, we will do so according to your wishes.”

After the membership was done, David was brought into a luxurious private room.

“Mr. Liddell, this is the best private room in our hotel. We will bring you the food soon. This is my name card, so please call me if there’s anything you need my help with. I will provide you with the best service.”

After Pearl said that, she handed her personal name card to David. This was not the official one from the hotel, but instead, she made this one herself and would only give them out to the people who fit her requirements.

David took Pearl’s name card.

When he took the name card, Pearl seemed to accidentally use her fair and thin hand to run across the back of David’s hand, causing shivers to run down David’s spine.

‘What a soft hand! This woman is so good at seducing others. What a minx,’ David thought in his heart.

Soon, the table was filled with food.

All of the world’s best food was here. There were lobsters, abalone, Alaskan King Crab, bird’s nest, tomahawk, foie gras, jamón, caviar, and so on.

Every one of those dishes looked amazing and appetizing.

There was also a Lafite from 1983.

All of these cost approximately over a million dollars. David could not eat all of it, but he did not care.

Now, he was so poor that money was all he had. If he could not finish them, he would just throw them away. He had all the money in the world!

David took a bite of everything on the table.

It was an eight-star hotel indeed, as everything smelled, looked, and tasted great.

“Mr. Lidell, how’s the food? Are you happy with them?” Pearl went behind David and asked while bowing slightly.

Since they were at a close distance, David could feel Pearl’s hot breath on the nape of his neck. It felt nice.

“Pretty good. This place lives up to its reputation of an eight-star hotel. Everything smells, tastes, and looks great. I am very happy!”

“That’s great, Mrs. Lidell. Please enjoy your meal and don’t hesitate to call out to me if there’s anything you need. I won’t disturb your meal anymore.” Pearl decided to leave when she thought it was almost time.

“Ms. Warner, look, I can’t finish all of the food and I keep feeling like something’s missing if I don’t have a beautiful woman accompanying me as I enjoy such good food. Will you do me the honor of dining with me?” David asked.

David truly felt that Pearl was not bad. She had a hot body and a cute face, plus, her outfit accentuated her natural advantages. Her scent could also arouse a man’s hormones. Any of her unintentional gestures would tickle his senses. Hence, it would be the ultimate pleasure to dine with such beauty.

“Um…Mr. Lidell, this is not appropriate! Plus, it’s working hours for me,” Pearl said hesitantly.

She wanted to eat with David because this would be a chance to strengthen their bond, and she would honestly kill for a chance like this. Even though she was a lobby manager, she had never eaten a lot of this premium food before.

However, she understood that a woman should be reserved, and could not reveal herself fully. Hence, keeping her distance would be the best way to flirt with him.

The seduction of a fully naked woman was never as great as a woman wearing a see-through shirt.

Her working hours was just an excuse. The boss would even praise her if they knew she was dining with a VIP of this status.

Besides, she did not decline. She only said it was inappropriate, and this answer would trigger David’s competitiveness.

Sure enough, David spoke.

“What’s inappropriate about this? Come to me if your boss scolds you and I’ll go to him. If it doesn’t work, I’ll buy the hotel and make you the boss,” David said arrogantly.

“Then, I will accept your request.”

Pearl stopped being reserved and immediately sat down to open the wine for David. If she continued to make excuses, she might enrage David, so she had to handle this situation just right.

As for what David said about buying the hotel and making her the boss, she only smiled and thought nothing of it.

What a joke. This hotel would cost more than 15 billion if he wanted to buy it. Even though she had high hopes for David, she did not think David had this ability.

Now, there were a lot of people with net worths of billions, tens of billions, or even hundreds of billions. However, most of them obtained their wealth from stocks or other virtual items. There were not a lot of people who could directly take out tens of billions of dollars with a wave of their hand. Those people were the real aristocrats.

If David really bought Golden Leaf Hotel and made her the boss, she would be hell-bent on staying with David. She would even die for him.

David did not know what Pearl was thinking at this time. If not, he would buy it directly. This was nothing. He would buy it even if it was 30 billion, let alone 15 billion.

After this, the two of them finished this meal while chatting happily.