Chapter 10 - I've Been There Before

There was an ATM machine on the opposite side of the community. She inserted a bank card into the ATM and looked at the number of deposits displayed on the machine's screen. Grace gritted her teeth and fiercely took out two thousand dollars from it.

With the money, she called a taxi, Go... lt happened when she got in the car, she was anxious to escape, but didn't think of a place to escape.

"Where to go?” The taxi driver urged impatiently.

Where... Grace stayed for a while and suddenly realized that this world was so big, but she had no place to go.

"Would you like to leave? Get off if you don't leave. I have to catch the next business trip. The driver frowned and gave Grace a disgusting look...Unlucky, he ran into her on the first business today.

”...m sorry, I haven't figured out where to go." Grace said slowly, facing the grumpy taxi driver, she did not resist, and even made a humble apology, which made her look very coward.

The kind people were always deceived by others. The old says was always right. When the taxi driver saw that she was so coward, he directed his anger because of losing money from playing mahjong at her.

So, Grace was yelled at by the driver, You stopped me before knowing where to go. You are jerking me on purpose. You are so uneducated and have no morals! Get off the car, now Just get out of the car and don't delay me making money. How unlucky I am! Why did I meet you, such a bastard?"

Being scolded like this. She was angry, but... the three years of jail had already made her have no temper.

Eyelashes fell, and then she raised her head and apologized warmly, 'l'm sorry, l will get off the car now.' In fact, she just wanted the taxi driver to give her a minute or two to think about where she should go.

Unexpectedly, he didn't care about her at all.

The driver stunned for a while. After driving for more than ten years, he had never encountered such a temperamental soft guy. Seeing that

Grace opened the door slowly, the driver suddenly raised his hand towards Grace...

"No! don't hit me!"

The driver was stunned, looking at the front passenger seat holding her arms tightly around her head. The woman panicked and called, "No! don't hit me!" He spitted, "You are crazy, I Just want to open the door! Unfortunately, how did I meet a lunatic woman today."

With that, he started to open the door and said, “Get out of here!" Maybe it was because he felt uncomfortable after losing money, maybe because Grace was too coward. The driver was even more rude to Grace, and could even say such words as “get out".

Grace couldn't walk fast, got out of the car slowly, and was yelled at by the driver, "Hurry up, are you lame?”

Grace felt a shock, then raised her head very seriously, looked at the driver, and corrected, "I'm just slow, not a lame."

The driver was stunned, "You are crazy!" He drove people away after cursing, "Hurry up, I was really unlucky to meet you today. No wonder I didn't go well today, and I could lose so much with a small bet."

People could find a stick if they had a mind to beat the dog.

"Hey, give me." The driver grabbed Grace's wrist and stretched out the other hand towards Grace. Grace looked puzzled, "What?"


"But I didn't take your taxi in the end." Grace was even more puzzled.

The driver rolled his eyes and was very impatient, "You have gotten in the car, right? You are so unlucky. don't I have to wash the car when l drive back? Doesnt it cost me money †o wash the car?"

Seeing that Grace was not moving, the driver curled his eyebrows and urged, 'Hurry up, are you annoying if you are slowing down!"

"But I...'

"Damn it! One hundred, quickly."

Grace's face turned ugly when she heard it... Are you a robber? One hundred?" She wanted to refute the driver like this so muchi

However, the three years of jail life had long since polished her temperament without a trace of edges. The arrogance she used to be when she was the lady of the James family, the dignity once belonged to Grace, had long since vanished

Suddenly, there were car lights flashing not far from the left. Grace looked up subconsciously and found four black Audi coming towards here.

The license plates were very interesting. For the four cars, the mantissa was from "1" to "4". The street light flashed on the front windshield of the leading car. Grace squinted, vaguely distinguishing the face of the man in the driver's seat of one of the cars...Kirk, that was Shen Yi, Cadens inseparable belonging under!

For an instant, panic appeared on her face.

"Hey, give me money... hey? Why do you sit in? I told you to pay money."

"Hurry up! Leave here, I, I, I will give you money!" In a panic, Grace took out several banknotes from her coat pocket and handed them to the taxi driver in a hurry, urging the driver pleadingly, 'Please, drive! Come onl"

"Why are you doing...' Before the driver finished speaking, he saw that there was a lot of money in front of him.

Grace trembled and took out all the money from her pocket, 'Please, I'Il give you all, please, hurry up and drive, hurry up!" As she said, she turned her head in horror and looked back... They were closer...

"Hurry up! Hurry up! Don't you think it is enough money? l have more! I have more! I†s in the bank card! Please drive quickly, and I will take it to you when it's safe." She was already flustered, her eyes filled with panic. She looked pale, as if encountering a ghost.

The taxi driver looked at Grace's eyes like... no, just looking at a neuropathy, but when his gaze fell on the lot of banknotes in Grace's hand, the driver curled his mouth... for the sake of money.

The driver snatched the banknotes in Grace's hand, 'Sit down."

With a sound of the engine started, the taxi started to move forward. Seeing this, Grace was about to breathe a sigh of relief...

A hurried taxi wiping the ground came in from outside, and then the taxi driver beside Grace scolded, "Damn it, nothing went well today. Hey, these people come for you, right? Did you steal or rob something from them?”

The driver took an annoying look ¡in the passenger seat, then suddenly stopped, and swallowed everything when he reached his mouth. The woman in the driver's seat next to him were trembling, circled herself and looked forward in horror and despair.

That look was even more terrifying than meeting death.

Immediately, the woman moved, closed all the windows quickly, and shrank herself into a ball, as if she could avoid those people in that way.

"Hey, are you silly...."

The driver wanted to ridicule, and the window was knocked on from the outside. "Miss .Jame, please get out of the car.' Grace's face was pale, she just buried her head deeper, pretending that she couldn't hear and see.