Chapter 9 - I've Been There Before

"Miss .James, now, in order to beg for mercy, she humbled and humbled herself to kiss a servant under the public. You say, if .Jafar knows that, will he feel shamed?” Jafar was Grace's father.

Grace shook, her face instantly pale. But in the next second, she remembered something, and retorted him with pale lips, "There is no Grace in the James family. I am just a prisoner." Looking at the handsome face that was close at hand, this was the face she dreamed of, but now, she avoided like it was a snake.

"Mr. Shaw, Ïm just a prisoner. Please forgive me. Let me go." She suppressed her fear of him, trying to be humble and humble. She just wanted to live peacefully.

What was dignity? Coming out of that dark hell and finally seeing the sun, she couldn† bear to give up the hard-won warmth.

Caden narrowed his eyes dangerously, his eyes filled with anger... How could the humble woman in front of him had been the Grace who entangled with him, even if he gave her a cold face, she could ignore it, rushed towards him like a fish to water, burning all her passionate.

Caden grinned his teeth. Cadens anger was inexplicable, and even he didn† know why he was angry.

The man's eyes were cold, his sharp gaze locked her lips tightly. There was still a trace of Franklin mark on it—when he pulled the woman away forcibly, Franklin's teeth left a tooth mark on her lips accidently.


"That was your first kiss just now?”

",. What?” Grace was dazed, but blushed subconsciously.

An unspeakable anger surged in his heart, Cadens expression getting colder and colder. Suddenly, he pulled Grace's arm, pulled her up rudely, and strode towards the bathroom.

"Let go of me, please, let me go."

Grace begged for mercy humbly.

She was dragged away by Caden, her legs were bad, she bumped and swayed a few times to fall. The man in the inexplicable anger didn't care about the feeling of the woman behind him.

Grace was pulled into the bathroom by Caden. Before she could stand firmly, she was severely dragged by one hand to the pool. The man behind her turned on the faucet, and Grace's head was slammed into the splashing water. ' She coughed violently

Caden couldn't hide his anger, his black eyes were filled with angry. He scrubbed the woman's lips without saying a word.

"Mr.... Shaw." She coughed, "l was wrong, wrong, let me go, l know it was wrong...please!" The sound of running water mixed with the sound of choking coughing, there was a woman begging for mercy over and over again.

And the man, without saying a word from beginning to end, scrubbed her lips indifferently over and over again. Until her lips broke and became red and swollen, the man let go.

After getting free, Grace held the black marble and coughed quickly. She looked embarrassed at the moment. Over the head, a cold voice came, “Tell me, how did Franklin kiss you just now?”

”...' Grace raised her head in shock, half-opening her lips. What was the problem? How should she answer?

Was he trying to humiliate her? Grace turned her head with embarrassment, and said nothing... This was probably the most violent resistance she could make now.

Caden was too cruel! Must she be so humiliated?

And the man in front of her narrowed his eyes...hide? She dared to hide from him?

The slender fingers stretched out suddenly, pinching her chin, forcing her eyes to look at him.

Suddenly, Caden lowered his handsome head and leaned towards her slowly. The distance between them got closer and closer, and Grace's eyes widened.

Closer, closer...

He was so close that he almost kissed her. Her heartbeat sped up a second.

His lips were close at hand and they were almost touching hers...

Suddenly, the man in front of her avoided her lips and leaned against her ears. The thin lips pressed against her ears, he sneered. She heard his humiliating mockery, 'A woman like you, do you think I will kiss you?”

Grace felt she was in the midst of a cold winter, and the color was pulled away from her face instantly.

He looked at her, evoked a cold smile, disgusted, "I think you are dirty.'

The last straw that overwhelms the camel! She felt dizzy and collapsed to the marble floor.

He was the devil!

There was a shadow over her head, she knew it was Caden.

She curled her legs and warned herself desperately not to provoke the devil. "don't irritate him and it will be fine."

She must live, live well.

Grace, with her head buried in her chest, couldn†t see the anger of the man standing in front of her.

Caden looked at the woman in front of him condescendingly, and couldn† connect the poor worm in front of with Grace in his memory.

With complex eyes, Caden said coldly, 'Beg me, maybe I will let you go.”

A pair of sharp eyes stared at the woman on the ground. lt seemed that he was looking forward to something. He didn't even notice it.

Grace shuddered in her shoulders and then laughed at herself. What was dignity? She was just a criminal with the number 926. She was no longer the Grace, so why did she need dignity? Living was the most important thing.

In front of him, Grace knelt down, 'Mr. Shaw, I beg you, please treat me as a fart, let me go."

Caden was shocked! His face turned to be gloomy instantly and anger raised in him. Sụuch humbleness, this woman had already lost her dignity! She was so degrading!

Unable to tell how he felt, the man slammed his fist on the opposite mirror sullenly, and roared furiously, "Get out”

Grace was delighted, as if she had received an amnesty, struggling to get up, limping and fleeing away.

Behind her, Caden stared at her back with cold eyes. The handsome profile face was covered with a layer of frost.

"Damn woman" With a punch, he hit the mirror again.

Grace was fleeing for her life. Regardless of t her bad leg. The elevator was going down, and the door opened with a sound. This was the basement floor.

She didn't return to the club again. As soon as she stepped out of the elevator, dragging her legs, she hurried out of the building.

"Go to the Nanwan community.' She stopped a taxi. She was usually reluctant to pay the taxi fare, but today, she gritted her teeth and paid out the taxi fare.

As soon as she got home, she took out a cheap luggage bag from the bottom of the bed immediately and quickly packed her few things.

Must leave!

He came!

He hated her so much, he would not let her go!

She must leave right away!

She must live, there was not so much time to consume with him, she still had a lot of things to do.

Taking advantage of the darkness of the night, a limping figure quietly walked out of a low-rent house in Nanwan Community.