I've Been There Before

I've Been There Before

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Read I've Been There Before by Hannah. Genre: Chinese novels. Read the full novel online for free hereSummary She finally escaped away from him. The man pulled a long face and gave an order, “Put her on the wanted list." "What crime has Miss James committed?” “Shes a thief.”Did she take anything valuable from you?” Alas, it is necessary to put her on the wanted list? “She's stolen my heart.”   Key: i've been there before novel i've been there before novel grace james i've been there before novel hinovel i've been there before chinese novel i've been there before novel by hannah i've been there before novel read online free i've been there before book i've been there before novel grace and caden
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Chapter 1 Send Her to the Prison

"It's not me. You believe me!" Grace .James stared at the people in the car stubbornly. The heavy rainwas pouring. The windows were wet by rain, but it could vaguely see the stern face in the car. Gracestood outside the car tremblingly. Through the window, she shouted loudly, 'Caden Shaw! You at leastlisten to my explanation!" The car door suddenly opened. Before Grace could be happy, a strong force pulled

Chapter 2 Everything Is What Mr. Caden Meant

A trace of surprise flashed across Cadens' eyes... Did she still work hard to maintain her dignity now? Yes, she was Grace. This woman had always been arrogant. Even if he refused her love confession,she didn't show any weakness. Caden caught her delicate chin quickly. "Ouch... It hurts!' Caden caught her chin hard, as if to crush her chin. Grace almost burst out tearsbecause of pain. Caden did not show any

Chapter 3 She Is Released from the Prison

Three years later. The gate of the women's prison in City opened. A woman slowly walked out after a short while. The woman looked ridiculously thin with the white dress in her. The dress was the same as that daywhen she was sent to the women's prison three years ago. With the dress in her, she was like puttingon a big sack. She walked slowly, step by step towards the platform more than 100 meters away. She

Chapter 4 Ran into An Affair

Grace had been working in Royal Club for three months. When the night came, in the prosperous and over-exhausted city, feasting and revelry made peopleindulge in it. Grace had just cleaned up the vomit of a drunk lady. Although her movements were slow, she actedquickly. She lighted the incense again and placed it in the corner. The mop in her hand swept through the independent sanitary compartments. She cam

Chapter 5 Get into Troubles

Grace had lingering fears, but before she could be rejoiced, she suddenly realized that she was beingintimately hugged by a strange man. "Ah...' Grace was panicked. Except for her brother, she had never been hugged so intimately by anyman...including...him. Franklin Gordons face turned dark. He stretched out his other hand, and quickly covered Grace'smouth. “Shut up! You are a weird woman! Normal people wil

Chapter 6 Aren't You Going to Greet Me

She really got involved! She was not supposed to help Ruby! Grace was filled with regret. "Hey, i'm asking you, cleaner.' Grace only had to nod. The cynical voice laughed happily, and said to Ruby, “Have you heard? A cleaner is better at looking atthe situation than you, having a good self-knowledge.' He grabbed the bottle of wine and put it on thetable again, “Drink ¡t all. Otherwise, call Gloria over.' Gl

Chapter 7 Kiss Her

"Grace, what do you want to do after getting out of prison? l want to go to Erhai Lake, the beauty ofErhai Lake is clear and clean. The water birds there are very cute, the fish and shrimps in Erhai Lakeare very delicious. The sky is bluer, the water is clearer, even the sunshine is warmer than this city. "1 will work hard to make money, make a lot of money so that I can run a small homestay there. I don'tw

Chapter 8 Franklin Intervened

lngemar was about to speak when Humbert interrupted him without a trace. The slender eyes flashed,“She, she angered Caden. Do you see the wine on the table?2" Humbert pointed to the whiskey on thecoffee table casually, 'Caden said she had to either drink up the bottle of wine or perform a kiss inpublic, just as a sideshow."”Oh~" Franklin responded, walked slowly towards Grace, glanced lazily at Caden on the

Chapter 9 His Rage and Humiliation

"Miss .James, now, in order to beg for mercy, she humbled and humbled herself to kiss a servant underthe public. You say, if .Jafar knows that, will he feel shamed?” Jafar was Grace's father. Grace shook, her face instantly pale. But in the next second, she remembered something, and retortedhim with pale lips, "There is no Grace in the James family. I am just a prisoner." Looking at thehandsome face that wa

Chapter 10 Fleeing and Being Caught

There was an ATM machine on the opposite side of the community. She inserted a bank card into theATM and looked at the number of deposits displayed on the machine's screen. Grace gritted her teethand fiercely took out two thousand dollars from it. With the money, she called a taxi, Go... lt happened when she got in the car, she was anxious toescape, but didn't think of a place to escape. "Where to go?” The