Chapter 8 - I've Been There Before

lngemar was about to speak when Humbert interrupted him without a trace. The slender eyes flashed, “She, she angered Caden. Do you see the wine on the table?2" Humbert pointed to the whiskey on the coffee table casually, 'Caden said she had to either drink up the bottle of wine or perform a kiss in public, just as a sideshow."

”Oh~" Franklin responded, walked slowly towards Grace, glanced lazily at Caden on the sofa,. Then he touched his chin cynically,

"Mr. Shaw, you really know how to have fun. lÝ you want to watch a hot kissing scene, you might as well let me be the leading actor. It's not that I am bragging. lf my kissing skills are the second, no one dares to be the first. "

As he said, he stretched out his long arms suddenly to pull Grace, who was confused, into his arms.

Grace couldn't react, and her whole body slammed into Franklin's arms. In the next second, her lips were warm, and her eyes widened.

She... was kissed?

Her face became hot instantly. She felt hot from the roots of the ears to the toes.

Franklin was surprised at the matte and softness of the small mouth covered by his thin lips. The touch... that was so fucking good!

Originally, he didn't want to kiss deeply. In a mischievous mentality, he just prepared to touch her lips quickly, but didn't want to be seduced by the touch on her lips.

When he was going to deepen the kiss, someone took a strong force to snatch the woman in his arms.

Franklin didn't get the sweetness he expected, and looked dissatisfied with the person who took Grace away.

"Caden, return her to me.”

Caden looked gloomy. His eyes were sharp, “She offended me. No one can take her away until I calm down."

Franklin raised his eyebrows and looked at Caden. They were also friends and foes since childhood. Even if he later went abroad with his parents and Caden stayed in the country, their relationship had not changed.

Then, the woman Caden cared about...Franklin was very curious, and glanced at the woman who was pulled behind by Caden. He was surprised to find that her ears were red.

Suddenly, it occurred to him that it was the first time this woman was even hugged by a man. lt might be her...

“Hey, is this your first kiss?”

Grace's face was even redder than a monkey's ass. The ears were red as if they were bleeding. Needless to say, her blushing face was the answer.

Even Franklin himself hadn't noticed that he was in a good mood at the moment.

Raising the corners of his lips, Franklin looked at Caden with a smile, "If I have to take her away?"

Ingemars shouts were heard all around, and the whistle sounded one after another, 'Humbert, get your phone and record it! Franklin provokes

Caden because of a woman. This news must be able to sold to the magazine at a high price! It must be the headline news tomorrow!"

Humbert poured a glass of whiskey on his own, raised his eyebrows and ridiculed Ingemar, the one who was with an excited look, "I can guarantee that if you do this, the front-page headline tomorrow will definitely be the reappearance of an unknown naked body in the river."

Caden naturally saw Grace's flushed face. Suddenly, he felt that this shy expression was very annoying.

His sharp eyes fell on her lips coldly. He squinted, was thinking about something.

Watched by Cadens unscrupulous eyes, Grace titled her head in embarrassment, trying to avoid this unexplained gaze.

Caden was angry. He clenched Grace's wrist hard. He bent over and carried the person on his shoulders like a sandbag. He strode out the door under the stunned eyes of Franklin, Humbert, Ingemar and others.

Franklin was the first to react, turning angry with shame.

"Stop!" He chased up immediately.

lngemar opened his mouth wide, still didn't understand the facts before his eyes.

Humbert stood up from the sofa suddenly, ˆWe are going to see some fun.' Regardless of Ingemar behind him, he chased up. Ingemar finally reacted and stood up, "Wait for me! How can you enjoy a good show alone? It's better to enjoy with others."

Ruby°s face turned pale, and her feet seemed to be glued to the ground, unable to move. All she knew was... it was over, Grace was hurt by her this time.

Feeling guilty, but she didt know what to do.

lf she told Gloria, then she would be done. lf Gloria knew that it was because of her rude words that caused such a big incident, she would no longer be able to be a waiter here.

On the one hand, she was guilty, and on the other hand, she was afraid that if Gloria would now something, and then she would suffer. Ruby hesitated, struggling inside.


"It's okay, it should be okay. Grace is just a cleaner. Master Shaw is just angry and there is no need to embarrass a cleaner. Yes, it should be okay.' Ruby muttered to herself, constantly persuading herself. Such self-deception made her feel less guilty.

Franklin chased out quickly. Caden walked in front, suddenly turned to kick him with his slender leg. After his neat and unrestrained movement made Franklin retreat, he quickly stepped into the elevator that was close at hand quickly.

Franklin wanted to chase after him again, and the elevator door in front of him closed tightly!

"Fuck!" Just a little bit. Franklin was so angry that he slammed a fist on the elevator door.

lngemar and Humbert were really good partners and arrived on the scene one by one.

Ingemar relished an argument and irritated Franklin, "Fuck, isnt i†? The elevator has stopped on the 28th floor! Hey, Humbert, look, what is Caden doing? Bring a cleaner to the 28th floor?” Under the sixth floor of this building was an entertainment club, commonly known as a nightclub. It was just that those who came to the Royal Club for consumption were either rich or noble. And people with high status were naturally elegant.

And above the óth floor was the hotel.

Why was it designed like this...? Everyone could understand the reason without any explanation.

Humberts slender eyes flickered and sneered at Ingemar, “The cleaner is also a woman. ls there such a fuss?”

lt was okay not to say this. When he said it, Ingemar couldn't help but whined, "“How unique ¡is Cadens taste? I†s too weird." Bring a cleaning lady to hotel2 Ingemar clucked, thinking about the figure and appearance of the cleaning lady, and couldn't help but shiver.

"Shit!" Franklin hit the elevator door with another punch when he heard the words. Then he pressed the elevator button desperately.

"Hey, Franklin, dort you still want to catch up? You may not know it as you just† returned home. The entire 28th floor here belongs to Caden.

You can't go up without a key card."

Franklin's face darked.

The speed of the elevator was extremely fast. After a small sound, and the door suddenly opened. Caden stepped out of the elevator quickly, carrying Grace, bypassing the living room skillfully and striding into the bedroom.

Grace only felt dazzled. In the next second, she was thrown mercilessly on the Persian long-haired carpet by Caden. “Ouch~" Before she could react, there was a sharp pain in her jaw. She was forced to open her eyes and Caderfs handsome face was very close to her.

"Grace,' the man's cold voice sounded slowly. Grace trembled involuntarily. The man's voice continued, “Grace, you really broadened my outlook today.'