Chapter 6 - I've Been There Before

She really got involved! She was not supposed to help Ruby!

Grace was filled with regret.

"Hey, i'm asking you, cleaner.'

Grace only had to nod.

The cynical voice laughed happily, and said to Ruby, “Have you heard? A cleaner is better at looking at the situation than you, having a good self-knowledge.' He grabbed the bottle of wine and put it on the table again, “Drink ¡t all. Otherwise, call Gloria over.' Gloria was the one who interviewed Grace.

When it came to Gloria, Ruby was a little scared. Her family was poor and she came to Royal club as a waiter because of the high salary. lf

Gloria came here, then she would lose her job.

"don't call Gloria!" Ruby grabbed the bottle of wine on the crystal table. "! drink!" She said. Before drinking, tears came down.

"Wait a minute." In the darkness, a low voice sounded unhurriedly. Grace turned her back to the dark corner, and when she heard this voice, she began to tremble violently.

Panic crawled under her eyes, and her breathing began to heavier.

"Turn around. In the darkness, the voice commanded.

Grace felt her legs were too heavy to move. She said to herself desperately, "Not to me."

"I say it again, turn around. You, the cleaner."

Grace felt like she was punched. She knew she had to do it. Her teeth were trembling up and down. She wore heavy clothes, turned around hard.

The atmosphere was very weird. At this time, everyone discovered that something was wrong.

The cynical boy pinched his fingers to his lips and whistled happily, "What a game we have today."

A man on the sofa shouted, "Ingemar, shut up, don't disturb me watching the show."

"Fuck, Humbert, youre so fucking bad.”

Grace s eyes were full of fear, she wanted to escape!

Three years in prison, one thousand and ninety-five days and nights, her life was filled with untold suffering. She never dared to have any unreasonable thoughts about Caden after coming out the hell on earth. What left was the unforgettable fear and dread of this man.

Even though she still had obsession and love for this man, these feelings had been buried in her heart long ago, and wouldn't come out again.

"Look up.' The voice ordered slowly. Grace moved one by one with his orders.

The light was dim, and the man, hiding in the dark corner. She did not dare to look closely when she came in, no wonder she didn't notice him.

Caden was like an emperor, sitting gracefully in the corner of the sofa, with his slender arms resting on the armrests of the sofa. His chin was rested on the back of his hand, which looked very elegant. But he wore a pair gold-rimmed frames glass, stared at her like a hungry wolf, as if he would tear her apart anytime and anywhere.

After three years, not only did he not be stained with the traces of the years, but he became more dazzling after the years.

That face, hidden under the dim light, seemed to be plated with golden light. He sat there, exuding a breathtaking charm.

But... she didn't dare to take another look at him! She buried her head in the thick clothes hurriedly.

Caden sneered, smiling coldly, and said in a dangerous voice, 'Long time no see. don't you say hello?"

Grace's face was pale, "Mr. Shaw.”

Grace tried to restrain the fear in her heart, pinching her thighs with her fingers, trying to keep her expression as calm as possible.

But her every move had long been seen through by the man on the opposite sofa.

Caden squinted and looked at Grace... Had it not been for seeing her at Royal Club today, he would have almost forgotten this person.

She had changed a lot. lf it wasn't for the waiter who accidentally said, “Grace'', he wouldn't recognize this woman.

The lights in the room were dim, and he could only get a general look at her. Even so, Caden had to admit that Grace had changed so much that he hadn't expected it.

"When did you come out?" Caden asked indifferently.

Grace was anxious, with no color on her face. Suddenly, she raised her head, and looked at the opposite man imploringly... 'Please, don't say, don't mention my imprisonment in front of so many people, please.'—These words were clearly written in those eyes!

Caden raised his eyebrows. All of a sudden, he raised his finger, pointed at the wine bottle in Ruby's hand, sneered at Grace and curled his lips, "I know what you want to say. As long as you can drink all this bottle of wine, I will agree to your request.'

Grace looked palely at the bottle of vodka in Ruby's hand.

BOLS vodka was one of the famous vodkas in the world, with a degree about forty degrees. Grace stared at the bottle of vodka. She looked

pale and opened her mouth wanted to say something.

The man on the sofa, like a hunter, teased with the toy under his feet. He stared at Grace playfully with his black eyes, “My patience is limited."

Listening to the familiar voice, Grace looked paler.

"I can't drink.”

As soon as she finished, Grace felt more freighted. She was about to be burned by that tangible gaze. The palm of her hand, in a corner he couldrt see, clenched into a fist quietly... She looked like a death row prisoner waiting to be sentenced, waiting tormented for the final sentence.

"Mr. Shaw, you, please forgive me." In order to live, Grace could abandon her self-esteem and begged for mercy on the ground, "Please, let me go, as long as you don't let me drink, I can do anything.' She wanted to live, and only if she lived could she repay her debts.

Yes, she owed a lot of debts. The creditor was definitely not Wallis.

The man concealed his profile under the dim light. With a fleeting surprise, Caden said blankly, '!ts just a bottle of wine. In order to not drink it, you kneel down so easily? Grace, where's your arrogance and dignity that you used to defend?”


Grace, who kept her head down, showed a hint of mockery and bitterness on her face.

What was dignity? Could dignity be eaten? Could dignity keep her alive?

She kneeled, not to escape to drink a bottle of wine, but to—livel

She closed her eyes in pain. As soon as she closed her eyes, humiliating faces appeared in front of her. There was only one exception. But that girl, because of her, because of her, died in a dark and damp prison!

A young twenty-year-old life, at a fancy age, just withered in that dark and humid place.

It was all because of her, because of heel

This was sin, debt, which could never be repaid!

She didn't owe Wallis. The one she owed was the girl who stood up bravely to protect her in prison, but died in the prison for unknown reasons!

Grace couldn't stop trembling. She seemed to see the girl lying in her arms covered in blood again, shouting 'Grace.' As she died, she told her hometown and her dreams in the best voice that Grace had never heard in her life.