Chapter 5 - I've Been There Before

Grace had lingering fears, but before she could be rejoiced, she suddenly realized that she was being intimately hugged by a strange man.

"Ah...' Grace was panicked. Except for her brother, she had never been hugged so intimately by any man...including...him.

Franklin Gordons face turned dark. He stretched out his other hand, and quickly covered Grace's mouth. “Shut up! You are a weird woman! Normal people will instinctively call out in shock if they fall. You didn't scream when you fell, bụt now yoưre screaming!"

"You, let me go first.”

Seeing her stammering and suspicious appearance, an idea occurred to Franklin, 'Hey, you screamed because I hugged you, did you?” Franklin looked at the woman in his arms and her expression was abnormal for a moment. The corners of his mouth couldn't help but twitch.

”,.„.lf seems to be so." As his eyes rolled, Franklin smiled weirdly, 'Hey, woman, haven't you been hugged by a man like this?"

Franklin thought that the woman's reaction was very interesting. Looking at the red ears of the woman in his arms, he wanted to do something mischievous. His hand that hugged Grace's waist deliberately tightened.


Franklin looked at the blushing face of the woman, as if he had found something interesting... There were still women who would blush after being hugged around the waist these days! What a novelty! So funny!

Franklin was very excited.

Hugging Grace, he deliberately pinched her waist. This feeling of touching the fabric was weird. Franklin didn't care about gentleman's demeanor. He stretched his fingers to the hem of Grace s clothes and quickly reached into her clothes. This touch made his heart tremble.

"What are you doing?"

Grace struggled to push Franklin away. Franklin looked at Grace with a stunned look, "Your waist.... He didn't know what to say. In the touch just now, did he touch the waist of a normal woman?

Franklin was a lover of the masses. There were so many women he had been with. Among them, there were many international supermodels and celebrities, but the waist he touched just now was thinner than the thinnest waist among the women he had been with. She was so thin that he could encircle most of her waist with one hand!

"You... He moved his lips several times, wanting to say, “It turns out that you wear so many clothes because of this on a hot day”. When he saw the pain in the eyes of the strange woman but she still pretended to be calm, when he saw her expression that she wanted to accuse but still pretended to be humble, he didn't know what to say.

Many years later, Franklin couldrt forget the look in Grace s face at this time. He still couldn't understand how a person's eyes can be both ostentatious and humble, mixing two completely opposite emotions together.

What kind of things had she gone through to give her the two completely different emotions?

Grace pushed Franklin away and ran away. She couldn't run fast at all, and fell down within several steps. She didn't care at all. She propped up, supported the wall, and moved away from Franklin as

quickly as possible.

Her thoughts were messed up... As if the most unbearable thing was discovered.

After being released from prison, she wanted to live a peaceful life, to have a full meal, to have a place to sleep and to be self-sufficient. She hoped that she could save some money to go to Erhai Lake. She hoped that she could see the clarity and blueness that could never be seen in the prison.

She could no longer withstand any storms.

Franklin wanted to help her, but as long as he walked fast, the woman seemed to walk faster. She held on to the wall, half-dragging her body in a panic.

Franklin had no choice but to slow down.

Room 606.

Grace knocked on the door and walked in.

As soon as she entered, she noticed the strange atmosphere in the private room. In the dim light, several guests were sitting on the sofa, next to several barmaids.

Only a pure girl stood in front of the crystal table in the room.

She knew this girl who was a new waitress named Ruby Cater. She lived in the same dormitory as Grace and was a student of S University.

"Grace...' Ruby called her suddenly with a crying sound. Grace was startled. Her whole body tensed for a moment.

The seven or eight pairs of eyes in the room all fell on Grace. Grace had no choice but to bite the bullet and said, “I am the cleaner." When she spoke, she exposed her rough voice.

Several people in the room frowned in dissatisfaction.

Grace had been working in Royal Club for three months. She knew she should talk less and do more. She was just a cleaner. Even if someone was dissatisfied with her voice, no one would actually make difficult things for her. But for Rubys matter, apparently Grace didn't understand what

happened. Her meddling might not be all right.

Along the way, she hung her head, bypassing Ruby, and walked to the bathroom in the room. The VỊP room was equipped with a bathroom.

The cleaning tools in the bathroom were complete. They were placed in a special cabinet and would not affect the beauty of the bathroom.

Grace came out with a mop in one hand and a bucket in the other.

She just hung her head and swept the floor. But Ruby's eyes for help projected at her from time to time were ignored by her.

Three years of jail life taught her not to act blindly, but to remember who she was. Otherwise, if these men were not happy, she would be worse than dead.

She was not Ruby. Although Ruby s family was poor, she still had parents and was a student of S University. Grace was now just a woman who was released from the prison!

She was nothing. She couldn't withstand anything. She couldn't have any abilities to help others.

"Sing this song, you can go." A man said to Ruby.

Grace quietly looked up. Ruby bit her lip, as if she was humiliated, '1 don't...'

Graces mop was suddenly unsteady. The mop swept through Ruby's shoes. Ruby was startled, and forgot what she was about to say, and looked at Grace.

Grace raised her head and apologized. "Im sorry. Ruin your shoes."

This seemingly unintentional episode attracted the attention of several men in the room.

Grace heard Ruby angrily say, 'I am not a barmaid. I don't sing. l'm just a waitress serving tea and water!"

Grace regretted what she had done... She shouldrt help Ruby.

Grace didn't know how Ruby chose. But if it were Grace, she would not completely offend these playboys because of a song. In the VỊP room of Royal Club, their status was not low, so how could they allow a little waitress disobey them?

lf Ruby didn't give these men face, how could these men easily let Ruby go?

They had seen all kinds of women. Seeing that Ruby was pure and beautiful, they wanted her sing a song. lf Ruby sang the song obediently and left, these men would not embarrass her again.

It seemed that Grace couldn't let Ruby know this, but attracted the attention of the guests in the room.

Grace thought to herself, “Clean up quickly and leave quickly. No one knows what will happen. I helped Ruby just now. If I offend the guests in the room because of it, l would get myself into trouble. It is better to leave this room as soon as possible.

"Unwilling?" This time, a cynical voice sounded, "Don't want to sing? All right, after you can drink up the bottle of wine on the table, you can also go.

"I don't drink! I'm not a barmaid!"

"Hahaha, don't drink?" The cynical voice smiled, "Working at Royal Club, no matter you are the waitress, or the cleaner, as long as the guest asks you to do it, you just need to do it obediently.'

When Grace heard the cynical voice mentioning the term “the cleaner”, she had a bad feeling for no reason. In the next second, the hunch came true.