Chapter 4 - I've Been There Before

Grace had been working in Royal Club for three months.

When the night came, in the prosperous and over-exhausted city, feasting and revelry made people indulge in it.

Grace had just cleaned up the vomit of a drunk lady. Although her movements were slow, she acted quickly. She lighted the incense again and placed it in the corner.

The mop in her hand swept through the independent sanitary compartments. She came to the last compartments. Here was the place for cleaning tools and the place for her to take a break when she was free from work.

Everything looked orderly.

The waitress who let her come here ran away a long time ago, but Grace didn't care. After cleaning up the mop bucket, she sat in the cubicle and started dazed.

'Grace, everything is what Mr. Caderrs orders..

'Grace, you are nothing anymore. The proud family background ¡is gone. The charming beauty is gone. The excellent education background is gone. You are just a criminal nowf'

'Grace, be obedient. Don't resist us. Mr. Caden ordered us that we must take good care of you.

'Grace, why do you need two kidneys as a prisoner? Take out one to save people, just to make atonement for you.

“Grace... Give up. don't struggle...

Those voices were like curses. Those faces were distorted, terrifying and extremely ugly. No matter how hard Grace tried to drive them away, they still appeared in front of Graces eyes.

"Grace, come out, the six-story. VIP room 606." The compartment door was suddenly opened from the outside. A waitress frowned and urged Grace to hurry up. “Hurry up. The top female model in the club doesn't put on airs like you.'

Grace was usually taciturn. She would do whatever others asked her to do. Even if she knew that they deliberately bullied her, she never retorted or refuted. This was an open secret that everyone knew in the club. Anyone who was in a bad mood could find Grace to 'relieved" his bad mood.

“The barmaid is in charge of private room.' Grace only told the truth, but after the waitress heard it, she treated it as Graces refuting. She was immediately angry, holding her chest, "The guest vomited. You let Luna sweep the floor?”

Luna couldn't sweep the floor, but Grace could. The waitress didn† care if this would hurt Grace.

Sure enough, Grace didn't refute. She just said “Oh”. Her dull look made the waitress next to her look down on her even more.

Grace lowered her head, followed the waitress and entered the elevator. She was suddenly pushed out of the elevator. Grace was puzzled. The waitress glanced at Grace disgustingly. "You go up by the safe stairs. It†s not high. I†s only 6 floors,' the waitress contemptuously glanced at Grace, "To help you lose weight."

In fact, Grace was not fat, not only not fat, but also ridiculously thin. But every day when she went to work, she was wrapped in a thick layer of clothing which made her look cumbersome.

Obviously, the waitress was deliberately making things difficult for Grace. lÍ it were others, they would quarrel with the waitress. But this person was Grace, and the waitress was very sure that this fight would not start.

Sure enough, Grace had gone up the stairs obediently. When the elevator doors closed, the waitress curled her lips in disdain. Grace was really useless.

In the dim stairwell, only Grace's footsteps could be heard.

This was a safe passage and an escape staircase. Generally, people didn't walk up and down here, but took the elevator. The light was dim and ambiguous. In addition to escape when necessary, there was another use, having an affair.

Grace walked slowly, climbing upstairs step by step. When she reached the fifth and a half floor, she was tired. Stopping on the stairs to rest for a while, there was a sound in her ears, as if panting... Grace was shocked. She looked up. Sure enough, at the corner, a man pressed a woman on the stairs. He kissed the woman ambiguously.

From Grace's point of view, she saw the woman is back and the man's side-face.

She just felt unlucky. She really saw an affair. Just when she was about to retreat, the man's closed eyes suddenly opened, staring at her playfully.

Grace's heart was beating so fast. She stared at the man. The man noticed her sight. Even more horribly, he held the back of the unknown woman's head, and kissed the woman more fiercely, but his dark eyes which were shining brighter than the stars fell on Grace jokingly.

Grace trembled. Dropping her head, she was about to turn around to go downstairs.

"Stop." Grace heard the sound coming from behind. She was so nervous... She didn't want to cause trouble. She couldn't know what these people with the power would do to her.

After thinking about it, she turned around and bent down respectfully, 'Sir. I'm sorry to disturb you. I'm really sorry.' Grace said, pointing to the safety door leading to the sixth floor, 'lm the cleaner who was called to clean up the room 606. Everything is purely coincidental. Please forgive me to disturb you."

The man seemed to hear something interesting. He was startled by her rough voice, 'Are you a cleaner? So young?” A pair of evil eyes looked Grace up and down, "You’re going to the private room 606?” Grace just wanted to say "yes”, but the man waved to her, 'Come on. I'll take you there.'

What? ...Grace looked at the man inexplicably. After hesitating, she followed him.

Grace knew the woman who was with that man. She was a new female model called Queena. Queena saw that the man walked into the safety door and followed him.

The man suddenly stopped, turned around and said to Queena, 'l said to take her, but I didn't say to take you. You don't need to follow."

Queena acted like a spoiled child to the man, "Mr. Gordon, don't you like me... As she said, a cheque of appeared in front of her, and the man named "Mr. Gordon '' said with a smile. 'Can you go now?”

Queenas eyes lit up, and even the strong nasal noise was gone. She took the check and thanked the man cheerfully.

Grace looked at it clearly. Although Mr. Gordon handed Queena the check with a smile, the smile in his eyes was obviously a mockery. As if perceiving Grace's gaze, Mr. Gordon suddenly raised his eyebrows. His eyes which were incomparably evil and enchanted fell on her face, "Fall in love with me?”


Mr. Gordon had muscular strength all over his body. At some point, he had already approached Grace. Grace herself was not tall. As soon as Mr. Gordon approached her, it made her look shorter.

Mr. Gordon squinted his evil bụt enchant eyes. He looked down at the black head that only reached his chest. He suddenly bowed and pressed

to her ear, "Really fall in love with me? You love me or my money?”

Grace only felt a breath of warmth in her ears. Suddenly, her ears turned to be redl! Instinctively, she took a step back quickly, but forgot that her leg had been injured. She retreated too quickly and in a hurry. Staggering and losing her balance, she was about to fall down.

A big hand on the waist suddenly appeared and hugged her in time.